Friday, November 07, 2008

November Babies

A few days ago, I was in a training room and feeling sleepy when I started making a list of friends and families who will be celebrating (or has celebrated) his/her birthday which falls in the month of November. I have wished a few of them, and a handful more to wish in the next few weeks of November. It’s a long one.

1/11 – Catherina, my ex-colleague.
3/11 – Shih Li, my pen pal from the days where we correspond through letters and cards!
5/11 – Baby cousin, Adeeb!! You’re a year older yet naughtier! Happy Birthday!!
7/11 – Matt, NO comment is needed. Pik Chai, ex-roomate. Damn nerdy. Still is. Haha.
8/11 – ?? I kinda remember someone’s birthday on this date… Who aahhh…
11/11 – See Keat, miss you during Diwali. Huhu.
12/11 – Kak Zatul, she will be celebrating her 1st birthday as a wifey!!
13/11Bit, Sepeket.
14/11Pini, Sepeket. And my sis, aku kasik ko present 2hb Disember, as requested.
15/11 – Yoe, indigenious chick. Miss your thick accent.
18/11 – Eny, ex-coursemate. No where to be found now. Haha.
25/11 – Diraj, great cousin, love the attitude!
27/11 – Aunty PJ, no comment as well.
30/11Ammar, you need a COLOURED SHIRT.

I could not come up with a better card, my apologize all. Have a great biological year ahead~

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cik bit said...

aku da wish kn beday ko ari 2??
nnt aku wish lg skali..
sangat sempoi la kad..

atreyu strange said...

Sori la wei. Aku bwat kad tu tergesa-gesa sbb aku dh ngantok time tu. Huhu~

BantaL Busuk said...

tanx la aci!!~
u r so sweet..
BUT i'm sweeter..and younger..

Sweet Thinker said...

sy sambut bday setiap 18hb. xde name pun kat c2. haha.

pos kan wa novel itew. hehe!

Aimar said...

stella punye birthday ko jgn lpe lak..

atreyu strange said...

stella kau tu bukan nyer lahir bln november! lalala~

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