Friday, March 26, 2010

Here’s a funny thing

When I was younger, I use to hate taking medications in the form of tablets/pills. Whenever it’s time for medication, I will secretly, throw it away in the sink, flush it down the toilet bowl, crumple it with papers and throw it into the dustbin or hide it away between the kitchen shelf, tv cabinet or just about anywhere with enough space for a tablet to hide!

Yes, I refused the tablets and pills because I just can’t get it down my throat! To swallow one blahdee tablet will take me a full glass of clear water. It takes skills to swallow it down okay, and too bad, I don’t have that skill. I suck at taking tablets!

Tablets I hate the most.

Once, I was caught red-handed by my mum for trying to dispose the tablets by spitting it out into the sink. Another time, my dad found it in the drain and behind the kitchen cabinet. Damn lah. Dah la no skills at swallowing the tablets, want to dispose the tablets pun kena tangkap!

But that was then. Now that I am older and mature (perasan!), I STILL HATE TAKING TABLETS!!! I just can’t seem to get it down my throat in one mouthful of water. I still need ONE FULL GLASS of water, sometimes more. And when I’m done with the tablet, I feel so bloatted weh!

Pills in capsules, I'm okay.

What’s more embarrassing is my mum still monitors me when I am taking my tablets. And I was home last weekend when my mum said to me, “You know your lil’ bro took his flu tablet in one sip of water?” Sigh… Perli habis!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How low will you go?

I’ve been wanting to blog about this but never had the time as there were just so many other things to write about.

A couple of days back, I was listening to one of the hottest music station and in their usual morning show, the DJs brought up a topic on “Interview Nightmares”.

I know I had one interview nightmare a few years back but that’s another story altogether. =.=

Anyway, there’s this one caller’s ‘nightmare’ which really took me by surprise. She revealed on air that her interviewer was hitting on her during the interview. Hitting as in mengorat, not pukul okay. As if that’s not bad enough, the interviewer told her if she wants the job badly, SHE MUST SLEEP WITH HIM!

What a nightmare, right?!

But guess what? Because she wanted the job so badly and it has been her childhood dream to work in this well-known giant company, SHE SLEPT WITH HIM.

Surprise, surprise. Now, you’re thinking WHY is it a nightmare when that is exactly what she wanted?

Well, at the end of it all, after all the promises by the interviewer, SHE DIDN’T GET THE JOB.

In my honest opinion, what she did was PURELY DISGUSTING and ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH! How low will you go to make that dream come true? I know I won’t go THAT low.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hot Air Balloon

Kinda late to post this up but I just want to capture these moments in my blog. I was there on Saturday evening. Damn jealous looking at those VVIPs and media photographers getting the chance to go on a free fly. I should do more networking from now on. LOL.

So yeahh, here goes nothing.

Free fly session

Tethered hot air balloons

Night glow session

Fireworks display

Were you there?

Monday, March 22, 2010

No sweat!

I’ve been talking about Project Alpha for the past few weeks and you’re thinking, “Why the heck would you be bothered to talk so greatly of Project Alpha when ONE, you’re not the featured blogger, and TWO, you seriously think by mentioning Project Alpha every where, you’d finally be noticed and get a chance to be the next featured blogger in Season 3???”

Wahh, damn harsh wei your thinking! LOL.

But psst, how would you like to be featured as a guest blogger in Project Alpha Season 3? Oh yes, Season 3 got auditions wei! See, there lies a chance at the end of the tunnel… WTF.

ANYWAY, if you wanna be a guest blogger in Season 3, just come up with a video (60 seconds or less) in your most creative way and say why you should be on Project Alpha and get your friends to ‘Like’ it! Looks like an easy task, but hey, there are so many creative bloggers out there who would just go the extra mile to show cast a really good video so if you plan to audition, make something damn appealing okay? No, not stripping! Uhh, puhleez! Maybe you could show some of your crazy moves like, dance to a beat, or do tai-chi while cooking or sing while juggling apple on your head – wahh, crazy idea!

I’m thinking of submitting a video too. If you ask me, no sweat lah brader! If you want me to dance, sing, juggle apple on my head and tai-chi at the same time oso no sweat lah brader! You just wait for my video okay. I just need to spray on Adidas deodorant (to keep me fresh coz my moves are tough and only tough people can do it okay) and I’m ALL READY to make my moves! Yeahh!

Oh wait, I don’t have a video camera to begin with. Zzzz…

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at

Sunday, March 21, 2010

[Twitter] Having followers is serious business yo!

So there's this person in Twitter that I use to follow, and recently she posted several tweets mentioning something like "I will know if you unfollow me after I follow you back. then 100% i will unfollow you!". I got a bit annoyed because she thinks it's super important for others to follow her when she follows you. So I took the first step to unfollow her simply because I think it is inappropriate to force people to follow you. And soon when she found out that I unfollowed her, this is what I got in reply.

What the..??!! Can someone explain how I ended up as being the cheater here? Come to think of it, great sense of humor she has! LOL.

So tell me, how does the number of followers represent you in Twitter? You have more power? You become super duper awesome? Or you can go invisible if you hit the highest number of followers among your friends???

Foot note that will not self-destruct: To whom it may concern regarding THIS TWEET, sorry friend, I can't tolerate your friend.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair!

Brothers and sisters, mums and dads. Uncles and aunties, nieces and nephews. Neneks and atoks and all the orang kampongs! Come, come join me at the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair happening this April 2010! Details of the event are as below:

“But why, WHY must we go? What’s so interesting about the event!” they retaliate.

Uhh, well, unless you think you’re the MOST UNLUCKY PERSON IN THE PLANET, there’s more than a reason to go! There’s gonna be lucky draws and they’re gonna give away cool gadgets worth up to RM15,000!

Neneks and atoks can also wrestle in the Sumo Wrestling game (in air bag suits okay!). Mums and dads, if you can’t settle it in bed at the dinner table, you can take it out at the Gladiator Battles. All you kids and orang kampongs sekalian, there’s just too many exciting fun fair games to begin with!

So, must go right?

Good! Please roll-on a Gatsby deodorant before you come. *Cough cough*

Now, if you don’t know how to take the bus, you can take the Monorail to Imbi station. Are we clear? If everything is good to go, then see you at the street fair!

If you need more details of the event, you can go to this website: There are online games to play too! I bet you can’t beat my brother’s score at the rope skipping, can you?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunset in Port Dickson

Looks good, huh? No? C’mon, this has to be good since I used a camera phone that has only 2.0megapixels. And yes, it’s the camera phone that I won more than a month ago, thanks to Nuffnang and Samsung.

Of course I have done some editing to accentuate the lighting effect but despite the editing, I am satisfied with the capture quality. Very minimal motion blur despite the fact that we were jumping when we took the shots. The shots were so much better than using my Sony Cybershot that Sony claimed has anti-motion blur function. No, I am not complimenting because I HAVE TO, but because it is THE TRUTH.

Here’s another cool image captured using the Panorama Mode on my Samsung Corby camera phone! Honestly, I was surprised with the results. I kinda underestimated the capability of this camera phone! Like seriously look down. LOL.

Last but not least, sunset in Port Dickson.

* We’ve not done crazy things in awhile, so here’s a good start. It was a great weekend gateway.
* And Falkor behaved well, didn’t he? Hehehe…

My Favourite Surfing Spot

Back in the days when I was still studying in the university (why does this make me sound so old???), I was a regular visitor to the library. Just ask any of my pals, I visit the library almost every night! I would walk to the library from my room along with my laptop and notes.

So you’re thinking that I’m a bookworm and I get good grades due to all the studying I get to do in the library. Well, sorry to disappoint you because you’ve thought wrong!

I’m a regular at the library because that’s my favourite spot to cuci mata sebab banyak laki hensem worr surf. You see, the university campus is quite a new one and thus there were no internet facility to our college rooms just yet. If I want to use the internet, I have to either go to my faculty or the library. But I love the library more because I get to hit three birds with one stone. Why three? Haha. You do the thinking okay!

It’s quite ironic why I love the library when in actual fact, I dislike places that are too quiet! But to save my sanity, I multitask in the library where I’d have my laptop in front of me, plug in my headphones, play some head banging tracks, while going online and become a stalker on Friendster and Myspace (Facebook was not famous yet), and once in awhile I’d look at my notes and try to make sense of my own handwriting, haha. Oh damn. Just reminiscing back to those moments make me feel like going back there again!

My favourite surfing spot: CAIS, UNI***

It was sometimes tiring to go back and forth to the library every night just to go online but there wasn’t so much option compared to how and where we can surf today. We have Maxis, Digi, UMobile, P1Wimax and so much more that offers internet on the go! Just subscribe, get the portable modem, plug it in, and you’re good to go online!

Portable Modem: Wiggy by P1Wimax

Students these days are so privileged. Again, this makes me sound old. Sigh...

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why America, WHY???!!!

Voted out: Lilly Scott

Feeling so emotional right now. Uhh. Voting doesn't work right in any place! Be it in general elections, Akademi Fantasia or American Idol!

Despite all these votes that doesn't make sense, you're gonna get what you've always wanted Lilly - a recording album. I'm pretty sure of that. Uhh, but I just cannot get over the fact that I won't be seeing you on American Idol anymore! You've always been the one I waited for on the show! Sob, sob...

I hate you Katie Stevens.

p.s. No wildcards ke?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dasar Pemalas!!

Dia takde A.
Dia takde F.
Ni baru betol pass with flying colours.

So korang, sebagai burung kakak paling TUA dalam adik-beradik nih, ai nak kena buat ape?
Ai buntulah!

On a lighter note:
Orang tua jek yang fikir dapat semua A tu TERAMAT penting. Orang muda dan vogue macam aku kita, tade hal lah kalau tak score all As! Ni Amalina, take note of what I just said. I think you're in a lot of pressure. Frankly speaking, you're in deep shit! LOL!

* Gantikan 'ai' dengan 'aku'. Kepala baru lepas kene psiko baca satu belog nih. Pergh.
* Duhh, I know you read this blog!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Aiman Tak Kesah, Tapi Aku SANGAT KESAH

Awal pagi Sabtu lepas aku naik Broga Hill dengan CikPin, Kamsiah dan Abdul. Agak hampa bila kabus tebal sangat sampai tak tercapai impian CikPin nak tengok sang suria terbit.

Makin hampa bila kabus dah mula beransur pergi, aku perasan lalang2 Broga Hill nampak macam terbakar. Patutlah ramai budak kat Facebook Broga Hill Lovers macam kecewa sejak dua menjak ni. Mungkin cuaca panas siang hari tak dapat diterima oleh lalang2 tue. Tak seronok langsung feeling tu. Kalau ade fire hydrant kat atas bukit tu, dah lama aku berusaha cabut kepala fire hydrant, biar lalang2 tu dapat air, melalui proses fotosintesis dengan jayanya dan menjadi hijau semula!

Tapi, ko gila ke ada fire hydrant kat atas tu???


Tapi kehampaan aku tak berakhir kat lalang2 tu. Meneruskan perjalanan ke puncak bukit Broga, aku perasan sesuatu yang buat aku menyentap, tersentap dan disentap. Memang aku rasa darah aku menyirap naik ke kepala ah masa tue!






Ok. Dah lega.

p.s. Sape kenal mangkok hayun ni, suh dia baca belog nih. Mangkok hayun camni takkan lepas punya dari kutukan aku!
p.p.s. Sentap habis uolls!

Monday, March 08, 2010

I Just Love Good Smelling People

Ever been in a crowded area and suddenly your nostril catches something that smells so good that you start to turn around hoping to find the source of the smell only to find out it came from a cute guy sitting across you? Don’t you have the urge to get near him and tell him how good he smells?

I must admit, I have done it before. Hehe. Not that I am trying to hit on him or anything, euww, so not my style! But I just feel the need to compliment him for making an effort to smell ‘right’. You know, just to make him feel good about himself. You never know if it had been a bad day for him, so a compliment can really cheer one up. Well, at least that’s how I would feel if I am sad and down. I’d definitely feel good if someone walks up to me and say something nice and beautiful.

You don’t have to wear the most expensive perfume to smell good. Even sometimes, the most expensive perfume can be quite irritating to my nose. Well, that’s perhaps because I like fresh smells. In terms of brand choice, I’d go for Guess, Davidoff, DKNY or Hugo Boss. Anyone can pull off a good smell with these brands. But not many guys can pull off a good smell with Dunhill! I mean, this is soooooo NOT a teenagers’ type of perfume, so when I sense a teenager wearing this, I just HAVE TO roll my eyes (once, twice, oh well, make it thrice!). I mean, this is like an adult perfume, so if you’re a teenager, act your age lah!

If you’re worried of not being able to pull off a good scent with perfumes, wearing the right deodorant is just as good. The boyfriend isn’t into perfumes either. On most of our casual outings, he just slaps on deodorants and he’s good to go! Smells ‘right’ too. Haha. So guys, for deodorant recommendation, try the Adidas Action 3 For Men Anti-Perspirant deodorant.

Adidas Action 3 Anti-Perspirant Spray

6 different ways to smell ‘right’. LOL. My best bet, Fresh. Even when you’re sweating like a pig, you’d still get the cooling protection. If you have sensitive nose, just slap on Pure. It’s unscented, so it brings out the best of your body odor. Err, provided that you have taken a shower in the last 24hours lah! Haha!

Ouh well, as long as you don’t stink like a fish aquarium that has not been washed for a month, IT'S ALL GOOOOOOD! It’s enough if you’re simply using baby powders too! It doesn’t come out as too strong, but it compliments your own body odor. It makes you smell neutral. And most importantly, you smell just ‘right’. LOL.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Apejadah Glomobi nih??

Masa aku balik umah kat Shah Alam dua minggu yang lalu, mak aku komplen yang adik laki aku ade download something masuk fon. Mak aku suspek, adik laki aku nampak iklan Glomobi kat tv tu. Dah tu, kene tolak kredit sampai RM 4. Yang lagi menarik, apa yang didownload tu, kitorang taktau sebab takde ape pun yang masuk. Tanya adik, dia tanak jawab. Tanak jawab atau taktau apa yang dia tekan? Ntahlah. Mak aku dah tegur adik aku masa tu, jadi aku malas nak amik port sangat.

Ari rabu lepas, mak aku SMS. Mengamuk dah orang tua tu. Haha. Kali ni, kredit kene telan RM 4 lagi. Aku suspek, tiap minggu kredit ni akan kene telan. Mak aku tanya camne nak stop benda tu. Aku suruh dia check nombor penghantar SMS tapi dia cakap takde. Takde atau taktau nak check? Hehe, ntahlah. Nak suh dia tengok iklan tu untuk dapatkan nombor termination tapi takkan dia nak masak, makan, mandi, tidor depan tv sampai nampak iklan Glomobi tu kan.

Aku pun cari lah solution kat internet. Masuk website Glomobi, godek2 jap, pastu jumpa nombor 5 digit. Ah, tak lepas nak beli Toto. Eh eh, that’s not the point!

Aku pun SMS mak aku.

“Try STOP and send to 33388”

Mak aku pun try. Dan berjaya. SMS pemberitahuan berhenti melanggan sudah pun diterima.

Oh, ape point citer nih? Ahh, aku cuma nak menyatakan ketidakpuashatian aku terhadap iklan Glomobi yang terlampau mudah menipu mempengaruhi budak kecik macam adik laki aku yang berumur 10 tahun tu. Dah tu bila dah langgan, apa yang dilanggan pun kitorang taktau. Kredit nak tolak tiap minggu sampai RM 4. Kat satu forum yang aku sempat baca semasa mencari solution utk terminate, ada budak tu tak sedar kredit kene tolak sebab pakai postpaid. Tiba2 hujung bulan, mak ayah dapat bil sampai RM 300. Semuanya gara2 melanggan benda yang ntah pape macam ni.

Bila nampak iklan ni kat tv, korang nasihatlah terus adik2, mak dan bapak korang supaya jangan terpengaruh dengan iklan ni semua. Kalau nak sangat lagu pelik untuk henpon ke, SMS kuar bunyi chipmunks ke, meh sini, bagi aku lagu, aku tolong buat remix FREE bagi kat korang.

Oleh itu, jauhilah televisyen. Eh, apakah.

p.s. Minta dijauhkan dari komen pasal budak kecik ni tak patut bagi dia pegang fon. There’s a personal reason why my brother has to have one. Thanks.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

From Paris with Love

True or False:

Yesterday was Wednesday - true. Movie tickets are cheaper - true. Aunt has travelled to Singapore - true. I can leave home at whatever time - true. And I can come home at whatever time - true. Yes!

And since all of the above is TRUE, I went to a movie last night. Haha, WTF right?

I wanted to watch Percy Jackson but the boyfriend wanted From Paris with Love. Although I do not know what the movie is about and I do not like John Travolta (no reasons needed), I agreed to his movie choice because he hardly makes request. See, I’m not that fussy. Heh.

from paris with love
Overall, the movie was boring. It’s about this one guy Reece (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers), who has been doing low-level spy work for the CIA (I think) and hopes to be promoted to like some special agent unit. Quite important to note that he has a *supposedly beautiful French girlfriend.

So anyway, to break the grounds and become a bona fide agent, he was assigned to partner up with special agent, Charlie (I keep typing Richard instead of Charlie, WTF) Wax for this one big mission; something about drugs and dealers and leaders in the underworld okay fine let’s save the world! Wax's (played by John Travolta) character is a total opposite of Reece. Reece is so much in love with his girlfriend, while Wax is madly in love with his gun.

In the first few hours of meeting Wax, Reece was exposed to smashing, shooting and killing from one place to another. Well basically, Wax was doing all the killing and smashing while Reece was just standing by counting hours to his promotion. Lol.

And the next thing you know, the mission isn’t about drug after all!

Okay seriously, it was a boring movie. I was so restless in the cinema. I wasn't focus. Cliché action buddies (one overplayed his character, another just tried to make sense of the whole drama until the last 10mins of the movie), stupid one-liners, recycled jokes, bad plots, anti-climax, ahh, you just insert everything there is in a boring movie here lah! The movie was made as though on one fine day, no let's make that midnight, the producer, director and scriptwriter went for a teh tarik at the mamak stall and decided that they should make a movie together and drafted some action plots (a few shooting spree, insert bazooka here, carry a vase full of cocaine and drop it to scare people away bla bla), and the next thing you know, they submitted their first draft as their final movie proposal. @#$%^&!!

Last but not least, remind me again why they named the movie “From Paris with Love” because love did not pull through as a vital element in this movie. Not even when Reece shot his *supposedly French girlfriend dead at the end of the movie. Shyt, did I mention that I’d be spoiling the story for you? Haha.

Oh well, unless we consider Wax’s love for gun as pure love. WTH.

2.5 out of 5.

*Supposedly – because I personally don’t agree, haha!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 1

What’s Project Alpha? Trust me, I was asking the same question half-a-year ago. It was on the blogs, on the radio, in the papers and on the tv. On some videos that I manage to catch, I see Jojo Struys with a bunch of people who do not look like celebrities. I even thought to myself, why the hell is Jojo hanging out with people who aren’t cool at all???

Haha. Ok, that was a bad joke!

Project Alpha is actually Malaysia’s first TV show about real-life bloggers. We get to see who they are, what they do, how they live life, and how they can inspire others. The first season featured 7 bloggers (i.e. the bunch of people who do not look like celebrities): Kennysia, Sixthseal, Fourfeetnine, Nicolekiss, Redmummy, BeautifulNara and Budiey. I personally like Fourfeetnine (Audrey), Redmummy and Nicolekiss. Why? Simply because they are females lah! Haha. Yeahh, I can be pretty sexist! If Project Alpha was made into a competition between bloggers, I would vote for the girls too! Lol!

From left: Nicole, Audrey, RedMummy & husband

But seriously, I watched the show because I get to see them play dress up! Nicole’s fashion is normally simple and casual; probably because she travels a lot, but I like it nevertheless. Eh, I like her voice too. Very feminine. She gets excited when Jojo asks her about her blog and the places she had traveled to. Audrey’s hair is always looking neat. And RedMummy; she’s a hot momma! They got style and I sooOoO envy them! I don’t want to be them, but I watch to get some fashion tips from them. You see, I have NO STYLE. *sob sob*

Anyway, Project Alpha is back with Season 2! Featuring 7 bloggers again: KY, Niki Cheong, Ninie, Cheesie, Shaolin Tiger, Klubbkidd and you wouldn’t believe this – AZWAN ALI.

With Azwan Ali being featured, I’m pretty sure more people are gonna watch.

And as usual, the girls rule! But I wonder why the number of featured female bloggers has decreased???

* Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Run Falkor, run!

Hello everyone. It’s that dreadful Monday again, isn’t it? I know, I had a wonderful weekend too, so it’s really frustrating that I have to wake up this morning thinking about the work ahead of me today. Why can’t work just work it out by itself? Why do I have to do all the work? Oh. That sounds stupid. Blame it on the blues. *yawns*

Anyway, Mondays aside, I’m actually excited to tell you, you and YOU about my weekend! It started off as a boring Saturday morning (don’t ask about Friday coz I was at work – ouhh, I just told you, #$@%^&*!) when the boyfriend suddenly called and suggested to hunt for a new set of shoes for Falkor. Of course I agreed because I just want to be with the boyfriend Falkor needs it badly. So off we went to Rawang along with Syed!

Saturday 27 February, Rawang, 4:00 p.m.

The first shop we visited gave us the shivers. We negotiated for a set of rims but because he started the price too high, we walked away, and while we were about to drive away, the foreman came knocking on the windscreen and offered a cheaper price. We bargained. He said wait, let me ask the boss, he came back, he agreed to our price but with some conditions of course. We said no, and he went in again, he came back, and said last price, we told him we want to look around first. We were about to drive away AGAIN, when he came knocking the windscreen AGAIN and said that if we decide to come back, we won’t get the same price. We said thanks and this time we REALLY HOPE and PRAYED he won’t come knocking on the windscreen again. Thank God he didn’t, haha.

A few shops later, we decided that we will go to Klang on Sunday for more choices. But the best bargain we had was at RM900 (after trade-in) for a set of 16” P1 rims and Nankang tires. WTH.

Sunday 28 February, Klang, 3:00 p.m.

After looking around for more than an hour around Klang shops, the boyfriend and I became fond of Advan RS rims since we first saw it but 15” stock was not available in most shops. One shop told us they have it, but to our dismay, the stock is in Penang and will arrive in two weeks time. Since we are not that desperate for Advan RS, we settled for a set of SSR rims instead. In fact, the deal for SSR rims was far greater so we went back to the shop which offered us the SSR rims.

For RM1,200 (after trade-in), we got a new set of Yokohama C-drive tires and SSR 15” rims with installation at no additional cost. Even the wheel nuts we rembat! Haha!

SSR 15" rims *imitation, cough cough, who doesn't*

Guys will be guys. Satisfaction that comes with dissatisfaction. Go figure!

It’s a great offer and I am satisfied with the choice of tires and rims. They are comfortable and smooth on the road; perhaps because the height ratio is bigger. The boyfriend feels that the tires are quiet too.

Now start running Falkor! We gotta keep you fit to drag! Perasan.

* Between Rawang and Klang, there is not much comparison in price tag. But in terms of choices and good tyres, waste no time and just head to Klang!
* Weekend was also spent eating seafood in Tanjung Harapan, camwhoring in i-City, and watching drag battle in Cyberjaya, but that's another story altogether!
* Tinkypoo??!!! WTH!

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