Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aku takut..

Kau takut tak?

Pasukan kental Netherlands bakal bertemu gay-gay dari Brazil pada 2 Julai. Aku takut gila! Rasa macam taknak tengok. Taknak tau keputusan. Taknak tau Belanda gol! Taknak tau Brazil gol! Taknak tau kalau kena masuk pusingan penalti!


Netherlands bucuk (gedik sial), sila jangan hampakan peminat-peminat kamu yang sudah sekian lama menanti kamu menjulang piala dunia tu. T__T

Bunkface - Soldier <-- Lagu ni untuk kau orang kat sana tu. Walaupun suara Sam tak se-best mana dah (erkk), tapi kau orang layan la lirik dia k (gedik lagi). Hukhuk..

* Kan best kalau dapat tengok Bergkamp dan Kluivert main lagi. T__T
* Robben, sila berhati-hati. Kau dah dapat kad kuning aritu.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

MTV World Stage 2010 anyone?

I missed the MTV World Stage last year because I was in Beijing. I pretty much thought that it would not return to Malaysia ever again. But what do you know! MTV World Stage 2010 will be happening right here in Malaysia on the 31st of July! This year’s line-up includes Bunkface, Tokio Hotel, Katy Perry and Wonder Girls. Not as interesting as last year but what the heck, I’m game for it!

And what’s more interesting is I have got my passes to MTV World Stage 2010.

So how did I get my passes?

I won it. LOL!

The passes will not be on sale, so you gotta win them through various methods. One way to win it is via the MTV Asia World Stage website.

The passes will be given out at different time slots daily on the website. The time slots will be announced on the countdown clock on the HOME page. When the countdown strikes zero, you need to spot these two icons: ‘Junior’ or ‘Bee’; which will appear randomly on the top or the bottom of the site during these specific time slots.

Spot either one of them: Junior (the naked toyol) or Bee.

If you spot the icon, click it and answer a simple question about MTV World Stage (or the artists performing) and submit your details. If you get the answer correctly, a verification email will be sent to you to verify your personal details. Then just verify it, and walaa, you’ve just won yourself a pair of passes to MTV World Stage 2010!

It seems like an easy task but it’s not! I only won the passes during my Nth attempt. ‘N’ because I don’t know how many times I’ve tried previously! Your chances are pretty much slim because Junior and Bee does not land on each and everyone’s page. If you search in Twitter using the hashtag #worldstagemy, you will be overwhelmed by the frustration and angst of aggravated fans. Some has been trying since Day 1 of the contest and still have not won.

So how could I have won the passes?

I admit, I just got LUCKY.

There’s pretty much nothing you could do to ensure you WILL win the passes because the icons (Junior and Bee) will randomly land on someone’s computer screen. All you could do is click on every link in the website and pray that Junior or Bee will land in YOUR page.

Contest ends July 17, 2010 so you still have plenty of time to get lucky on the game! Meanwhile, STOP BEING SO WHINY. You might just win if you loosen up a bit.

* FlyFM is the official radio station for MTV World Stage 2010, so they will be giving out passes on air soon! Source: FlyFM on Twitter
* You can also head to Sunway Pyramid on 17 & 18 July for the MTV World Stage roadshow to score express lane passes. Source: KLue website

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

She’s Out of My League

I don’t know about you but I realize that there are way too many romantic comedy movies this year. One after another, bringing in star actors and actresses from all around the world, but all with a cliché: It will either be about A who likes B but A thinks he/she can never get a shot at B OR A meets B at the most inappropriate place and in the most inconvenient way, they start to hate each other but they keep bumping into each other and they would soon fall in love.

Oh, and most the time, one of them will have a returning ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or is currently engaged to the most annoying/useless/shitty person.

Introducing She’s Out of My League with two of the above cliché.

Meet Kirk (played by Jay Baruchel), the guy who works at the airport, not as a pilot but a Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) officer. Sounds like a cool job, huh? Naahh, basically that’s the guy who would scan you at the gates.

Now meet Molly (played by Alice Eve). Molly is a hot chick. She is also a party planner. While at the airport, she accidentally left behind her i-Phone and got Kirk to hold on to the phone for her. The next day, Kirk went to a party hosted by Molly to return the phone and he got into a mess at the party so Molly felt sorry and invited him to hockey game the next day and so yeay he got another date. *oh man, what a lazy sentence!*

At the game, Kirk found out that Molly is really into him. He got nervous and later consulted his crazy/psycho/mad friends. And they came up with the equation of "She's a hard 10, you're a 5, no way can a 5 date a 10," which is pretty much the basis of this movie.

So, does a 5 deserve a 10? I’ve mentioned before, the storyline is what we’ve seen time and time again. So forget the storyline, just sit back and enjoy a good laugh. The movie somehow reminds me of American Pie so that’s good enough. In fact, what I like about the movie is I enjoyed every character. Watch out for Stainer, one of Kirk’s best buddy – he is a wacko but a very interesting guy with a great sense of humor. Devon (also Kirk’s best buddy) on the other hand reminds me of Disney. Haha. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it’s his hair. Or the blue coat. Or Aladdin and Jasmine? LOL! Oh, and Kirk’s family! I couldn’t stop laughing at their expression when they first met Molly!

It isn’t a must-see movie (how often can you actually recommend a romantic comedy movie as a must-see LOL) but if you’re left between the movie ‘Knight and Day’ and this, go for THIS. I’m serious. I watched ‘Knight and Day’ last night and I was grumbling the whole time! Well, that’s another story altogether.

And by the way, this movie is a little too sexy for the kids, so it's for the 18 and above. *winks*

* Thanks to R.AGE for the invites!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Karate Kid


Here I am again with another post overdue. Heh.

Long, long ago (since this is an overdue post), I went to the premiere screening of The Karate Kid thanks to maybe-you-know-maybe-you-don’t-who. Now to skip long introduction and get to the point, here are some thoughts at the end of the movie:

Movie title
They say it’s a remake of The Karate Kid in 1984 but it appears more like a tribute or an acknowledgment of the legendary movie. This 2010 movie has nothing to do with Karate to begin with. It was KUNG FU all the way.

Jackie Chan
I never liked this guy. Personal grudge. Next!

Jaden Smith
Isn’t he the sweetest thing?! But I think he overplayed his character in the first scene where he was about to leave for Beijing. Probably he wanted to leave a good first impression but boy, you tried too hard! BUT as the movie progress, I think he became more comfortable and it seemed more natural for him to play the character. He's funny, witty and cute!

I thought the storyline was pretty obvious and laid back. Fight scenes were not too heavy for the heart or brain to accept. I heard some people leaving the cinema expressing their disappointment that there were not enough fighting scene. Hey, mind you again, this is NOT and has NEVER BEEN an action movie, okay? So if you’re expecting some shirt-soaked-in-blood scene, you’re at the wrong hall dude. This is for the kids, for the free-spirited teenagers, and for the working adults who just want to get their mind off work. Yeahh!

But one scene I can never understand is when Mr Han (Jackie Chan) talks about his past. I could not relate the importance of that scene to any part of the movie. Probably the directors thought, "Hey, let's play some emotions and show that there can be a special bond between Mr Han and Dre Parker (Jaden Smith)" and "Ohh, let's make Jackie weep like a baby!" and "Ahh, let's make Jaden pull Jackie to that corner and start practicing Kung Fu and whoosh, Jackie stops weeping!". Well, the directors thought WRONG. That scene was LAME, period. It wasted a good 15 minutes, thank you.

Minus that one LAME scene, I enjoyed the rest of the movie. I won't say it's a GRRREAT movie, but it's still worth watching! I'd rate this as 3.85 out of 5. Unlike Bounty Hunter, ergh, I won't even bother to conclude that movie in a single post because it’s just not worthy! Plus, this is Jaden Smith's first big screen appearance! If you have enjoyed watching Will Smith in the past, you will enjoy watching his lil' son. Jaden is so much like daddy! *winks*

* Going for the premiere screening of She's Out of My League tonight! Yeay!

Monday, June 14, 2010


This is crazy! My aunt just called her aunt in SINGAPORE using MY INTERNET LINE and they spoke for 30 MINUTES, and she was laughing and giggling on the phone with her aunt, and I was just standing by her side waiting to update my Facebook status, and AND she just COMPLETELY IGNORED ME!!!

I’m fed up! Blame it on iTalkWhoa! WHY SO CHEAP LA WEI?? 9 sen per minute to call Singapore?? No wonder my aunt can’t get off the headset! RAGE RAGE RAGE!!

WAIT. Is there anyone here who is still not aware of iTalkWhoa??? If there are, WHOA, where have you been??! Check out my previous post on iTalkWhoa. It does wonders. You can read/send e-mails, update twitter, chat, send SMSes, and call anyone, anywhere at a very cheap rate! All you need is to top up your iTalkWhoa with iTalk prepaid card.

Anyway, after raging alone, haha, I called the boyfriend to vent out my anger. Psst, I called him using the iTalkWhoa portal! Heh. Only 18 sen per minute to call any fixed or mobile line ANYWHERE in Malaysia. Gaaahhh.. No wonder my aunt so happy calling Singapore! It has a cheaper rate! Mana boleh ni!

The call interface; simple.

So we talked and talked like there’s no tomorrow and suddenly I realized, hey, the call quality is not bad, eh? The boyfriend said he heard some noise coming from my end, but he was still able to hear me clearly. I also told the boyfriend that calling Singapore only costs 9sen per minute. He gasped because his mum uses iTalk card too but the cost to call Singapore is at 10sen per minute. I chuckled because I know for a fact that calls made via a phone and the internet differs by 10% in cost!

Here’s how it is:

Using the phone to make a call to Australia will cost you 33 sen per minute (fixed line), whereas using the iTalkWhoa portal to make the same call will cost you only 30 sen per minute (fixed line). You could save a lot by using the portal! Imagine if you spoke for an hour on the internet. You could save RM1.80! *if my maths is not rusty lah.

Anyway, look at some of the rates above. Pretty cheap, huh? Call China at 11 sen per minute. Yeah, I know why I keep emphasizing on China in my last two posts about iTalkWhoa. I’m just so frustrated that iTalkWhoa did not exist back then when I was in China! Else, calling back Malaysia will be so cheap! Ok, ok, I know I went to China for only 7 days, but STILL! I miss the boyfriend home! =.=

Ergh. Gotta go. My aunt wants to call her aunt in India pulak! Sheesh. So many aunts all over the world!

Oh by the way, above are only few of the countries that you can call via iTalkWhoa. For a full list, log on to today! Cewahh. Like advertisement gitu!

Ok, cao. Need to go rage at that corner nao!

Friday, June 11, 2010

I just don't get you meleis

I was blogwalking and someone posted results of a contest organized by you-know-who. Three names. All Chinese. All whom I have visited their blogs in the past. And rest assure, they DESERVE THE EFFING WIN. They are a talented lot and definitely most creative. I envy them big time for being so imaginative with their entries. At times when I see them entering contest, I had to crack the juice out of my brain to beat them. And most of the time, I fail. Haha.

BUT YOU KNOW MELEIS. They see the races more than anything. I was EFFING ANNOYED when I saw some racist comments on that post simply on the basis that the winners were all Chinese. I don't know what goes through their effing mind. What, you meleis expect some kind of quota in the contest as well ke? C'mon la. If you don't deliver a good contest entry, you expect the organizers to make you a winner just to please you meleis???


Stupid meleis.

* Siapa yang makan cili, dia yang terasa pedas. Kalau tak rasa pedas, kau diam je, ok?
* Credits to Obefiend for the term 'meleis'. I do not want to be the subject of your "So Some F*cker Stole My Blog Content #XXX" series. LOL!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Break Free with DiGi party

I know, this post is way over due! But I can’t help going through a difficult phase as a blogger. I open my blog everyday feeling annoyed that I can’t think of any new post. Even if I have it drafted, my hands will itch and delete it soon after. Gaahh.. Can’t make up what’s wrong with me lately!

So yeahh, we had a DiGi party on the 29h of May at Ecoba, PJ Trade Centre. We were supposed to play dress-up but I didn’t. Apologies to Nuffnang and Digi for not adhering to the theme of Prisoners and Villains. Hehe. We were rushing from one place to another and we even thought that we were late for the Digi party. Turns out, we were among the earliest. LOL. If only I knew, I would have shopped for an outfit somewhere nearby!

During the party, we were expected to mingle around with the other bloggers who came. But because I was just so shy *haha* and embarrassed that I didn’t follow the party theme, I just sat at a corner with the boyfriend, enjoying drink and a casual chat. Sad case, I know. LOL.

We were also divided into teams for some activities. I was in the team Chicanos Burritos. In the first activity, everyone scattered at the park to find some missing lock codes to unlock our beloved emcee of the day, Miss Julie V.

One of my team members found 1 missing lock code. Unfortunately, another team found more than 1 lock codes, so they got the prize.

In the second activity, we were given three tasks via a Blackberry which we kind of ‘rented’ from the organizers with a certain amount of ‘deposit’. LOL. The three tasks were:

Come up with a team war cry using three keywords:
Freedom, RM68 and Smart Plan

Beg for mercy and ask for freedom

Perform a group prison dance
Guess who lead us on this? The boyfriend. LOL!

SURPRISINGLY, WE WON the second activity. We were such a laid back team, we were just having some fun, most of us didn’t even adhere to the party theme, didn’t even get to know each other closely, and WE WON. Haha. We got a really cool MAGLITE torchlight which I have bundled with my car key.

As promised by the organizers, two prizes were given away that night. Miss Debbeh won a HTC Legend for the best dressed. She did a great impersonation of Cruela DeVil from 101 Dalmation. Menjiwai watak aitelyu!

As for the best pre-event blog post, Jolyn won and walked away with a BlackBerry 9700!! T__T

In short, it was a great night. All you Chicanos Burritos dudes and babes, though it was a short meeting, it was a sweet one. See you all in the next event! LOL!

* All photos credit to Tian Chad. *He so nice let me steal all his photos!*
* Blog is now injected with Netherlands header in support of my favorite team since 1998. Go go Oranje!

Friday, June 04, 2010

May Blessings

The month of May had been a month of blessings. I participated in quite a number of contests and I’ve won several. I scored passes to concert, movie screenings, and indoor/outdoor events. I got some goodie bags too. Yeahh, I know, lucky me. But rest assure, not everything is about LUCK. I got to a point where I became a bit frustrated because people only acknowledge the LUCK that I have, and not my EFFORT or TIME spent to come up with something creative as most contest requires you think creatively. But nevermind lah, not everyone sees opportunity the way I see it. *chant to calm the frustrated soul*

I’m not here to brag, but I just won something – again. Yeay me.

I know it’s June, but I should still consider this as a blessing in May because the first winner notification came in May. And here is the winning post. Nothing to be proud of, really. I was merely doing my best. Why bother joining a contest when you don’t want to win, correct?

Quoting the boyfriend who said "God will pay for all the suffering you went through", I didn't know that God pays cash. LOL! I have an extra 2k in my pocket now (yes, taken!) but I plan to split it half with the boyfriend. I’m not being generous here. He simply DESERVES it. He had been spending a lot for me; always trying to help me out financially and he had taken some burden off me especially with Falkor’s need. I know he doesn’t expect any kind of repayment from me but I feel obliged to do it because it simply is the right thing to do. In fact, he needed a new phone (current phone problematic) but didn’t have extra cash to get one because he had been spending money on the car (Falkor). So this seems like the right decision. With the extra money that he has now, he can buy himself a phone. He takes off my clothes, and I take off his. He takes off my burden, and I take off his. Boy, I must really love you. :)

* A huge thanks to Nuffnang and Sloggi.
* Congratulations to all the other winners. Let's flash 'em bra.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Rasa nak baling kerusi

Aku tak tau kenapa bila aku nampak pengkid je, aku mesti ada satu perasaan macam nak baling kerusi kat diorang. Lagi membuak-buak perasaan tu kalau diorang tu bajet macho depan aku. Aku tak tau la korang perasan ke tak, tapi kebanyakan pengkid badan diorang kecik je. Kalau tenyeh dahi dengan jari pun boleh tumbang agaknya. HAHAHA.. Ok, itu kalau pengkid badan kecik. Heh.

Masa aku kat sekolah menengah, aku memang suka simpan rambut pendek giler babi. Yer, macam lelaki. Jadi ramai jugak la lesbian yang ingat aku ni pengkid. Ciskek btol. Abis semua nak buat aku jadi kakak angkat la, adik angkat la. Lepas tu mintak no fon umah, setiap ari nak tepon tanya dah makan ke, dah mandi ke, dah berak ke, tak study ke. Mangkok, dah ko tepon ganggu aku nak study apesal?! *Bajet study*

Penah sekali, budak lesbian ni tepon umah, aku suh kazen aku angkat dan bagitau yang aku takde kat umah. Bile bapak aku terdengar yang aku tak nak layan kawan tepon, aku pulak yang kene marah! Tension sial malam tu! Tak pasal2, aku kene paksa tepon lesbian tu balik pastu konon2 borak dengan dia. Borak ape kalau aku setakat jawab, "ya tidak mungkin belum ok baik".

Tapi aku tak paham kenapa lelaki bila jumpa mak nyah, takde pulak rasa nak baling kerusi? Malah, melayan kerenah mak nyah tu. Siap pegang2. Pegang ape, jangan tanya, aku pun tak nak tau. Heh. Korang tak geli ke??

Ntah apa aku merapu malam ni. Ok lah, boleh mulakan makian dalam kiraan 8,3,2,1.

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