Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where's the Drill?

Behind closed doors, the sound of the evil tools could be heard. No signs of life, only sounds of the drill. My inner thought wants me to runaway and never return. But I fought the thought and patiently sat at a corner, heart racing. I looked around to make sure that I am not alone. From children to elderly, short and tall, slim and fat, it is quite obvious that the drills do not bother to discriminate!

Number 2015 appeared in red on the black screen. I looked at the number in my hand. WHY? Why does it HAVE TO be the SAME number as on the black screen!

I stood up and with knee beginning to weaken, I forced my steps towards the door. What awaiting behind those closed doors, seriously, I prayed I would never find out!

I turned the door knob to open, and peeked. Everything seems white. A lady in mask noticed me and nodded her head. She pointed her finger towards a chair. With little strength that I have, I walked towards the chair and sat.

Then came a lady in what appears to me like a blue robe. She sat next to me. She adjusted my seat and adjusted the light above my head. The lady in mask begin to utter some numbers and the lady next to me nodded.

She reached for her instrument. That evil tool! I told myself.

Suddenly, the tool started to roar. I lie numbed to the chair. Thoughts of the evil tool hurting me begin to flood my mind. What if the evil tool sucks my brain out? What if the other instruments suddenly drills into my brain and squeezes the juice out? What if... ????

The lady moved closer to me with the tool in her hand. I stared at her and wondered if the evil tool was so evil that it might explode because the lady was having a bigger mask to cover her face. Suddenly she said, "Bukak mulut dik. Saya nak tengok berapa banyak gigi yang nak kene tampal."


The rest of the story has been censored due to viewer's discretion. The author survived the torture and is now safely surfing from her bedroom. The author would like to acknowledge The Cut Studio in Menara UOA Bangsar for treating her like a princess during her visit to the salon after the torture. She is a satisfied customer and hopes to send her mum for a haircut there tomorrow. Afterall, it's only RM19.80 for a cut and wash! *winks*

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Love Living Life. I Am Happy.

My attitude contradicts with almost everyone. And because of the way I convey my thoughts and feelings, hence, whatever I do or whatever I say, I am always misinterpreted.

I am surrounded by people who thinks that I am a tough cookie who could get through the worst pain and still remain calm. Yes, I am tough. In guarding the feelings of others, I am quick to respond/counter-attack. But in guarding the feelings of my own, I am weak and I am fragile. I have no guards over how I feel. I am passive and I don't see the point to respond to people's misinterpretation.

Consequently, when I am being perceived as having a negative persona, I would normally pick a corner to sulk over it instead of going over to that person to prove otherwise.

Sulking sucks. But when sulking is accompanied by a comforting soul, I achieve serenity and composure.

But the comforting soul cannot be there for you always, can he? Nor do you have the nerve to share ALL your problems with him, do you?

So, when he's not there for me or when I do not have the guts to discuss my problems with him, where do I turn to for strength?

No, not God. Yes, the world revolves around God but God helps does who helps themselves. God did not give us a weak soul. We on earth are the one who constantly weakens the soul.

So, where do I turn for strength?

Nick Vujicic.
Not because he is anyone special in my life but because God has created him special.

Who said that the messenger of God has to be a perfect being?

He doesn't have to. He just need to knock some senses into our enormous brains.

* I like when Nick says "It matters how you gonna finish. Are you gonna finish strong?". I felt like being knocked on the head. A HARD one too.
* Told you, people will NEVER get what I REALLY think. Sigh~
* I have HATE-fanS under one roof. Can the other bloggers top that? Haha!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You’re not going to tell on me, are you?

Firstly, I really wanna say something about the tragic car accident that had occurred two days ago. But I think, I'll let the car owner do the talking in his blog.

Secondly, although both of us are still shaken from the incident, we gave ourselves a break by going to the movie last night. Some called him CRAZY for going to the movies only two days after a freak accident, well yes, he must be crazy of me. :)

Thanks to Nuffnang, I won myself two free passes to watch the Premiere Screening of Orphan last night.

The story revolves around the life of Kate and John who had just lost a baby after Kate's miscarriage. They already have two kids; a son Daniel and deaf-mute daughter Max, but because they felt so lost without the third child (which they wanted to name as Jessica), they decided to adopt a child.

And so, Esther came into the family.

On the outside, Esther seems like an angelic little girl. But Esther isn't as sweet as first impressions suggest, and almost immediately after welcoming Esther into their home, Kate begin to notice that there is something terribly wrong with their adoptive daughter. Several tragic incidents took place in the presence of Esther and when Sister Abigail (from the orphanage) came to warn them, Sister Abigail was found murdered the next day. John however, didn't want to believe Kate, thinking that she is just paranoid or has been affected by her drinking habit.

The Positive Notes
  • Isabelle Fuhrman who plays Esther is whacking good! Because Esther is supposed to be of Russian descent, she even spoke with a Soviet-like accent.
  • A special recognition to Aryana Engineer, who plays the innocent little Max. Engineer, who is in fact hearing-impaired, played her character well. In some scenes when she removes her hearing clips, the sound drops out and the audience are taken into Max's perspective for a moment. That was cool.
  • The battering of Sister Abigail was madness. It was spine-chilling which reminded me of the brutal murder video of an elderly man by the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs.

The Negative Notes
  • The character of Esther was a bit too much of a typical Russian stereotype; cold, detail, very focused attitude with an evil persona. It's typical, isn't it?
  • Progression of scenes are slow. During the first half of the film, they focused too much on the "happy family" theme.
  • Suspends were just suspends. I wanted more brutal murder. Huhu.

Anyway, isn't it a cliche that mom always finds out something is wrong with her daughther when daddy is always the ignorant one? Heh.

3.90 out of 5 for a slow movie. Uhuhu~

* Seriously Wak Li, I didn't like your tone that night! Ergh!
* What do you want to proof to his family?
* Thank you for ignoring the call. It means the LIFE to me.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Badaling Wall

It has been a week. I am still feeling lazy from all the meetings, tracks and travelling. And this morning, I received a bad news. Ok, so it WASN'T AS BAD AS I have IMAGINED when I picked up the call at 3:45a.m. Dem you Wak Li! You SCARE THE SH*T out of me!

Ouhh, nevermind. Let's talk about my trip to the GREAT WALL first! Huhu~

So I've seen, walked and climbed the Great Wall! What a great experience! And especially when I went there ALL BY MYSELF guided by only a subway map in my hand with some notes about which bus to take. Huhu.

So these are just some notes and tips for all you future travelers to the Great Wall:
  • Reserve between 7-8 hours for this trip.
  • You can take the subway to the Jiushuitan station, and then take the bus no 919 from the Deshengmen station. Note that this bus station should not be confused with the Deshengmenxi station. You will first come across the Deshengmenxi station, but keep walking further down street, until you see the Deshengmen station. If you want some confirmation, just holler down a local and say "Badaling", they will point out the direction for you. Yes, they point, because even if they speak, they would tell you in Mandarin! Lol.
  • Bus fare costs 12 Yuan one-way. The journey from the town to the walls will take you approximately 1 hour.
  • Wear good shoes. No heels, no skirts, no dress! If you stumble down the wall, it's your fault. If you give free show to the guys, it's their pleasure. Mind you, the winds are really strong up there. Haha~
  • Your entry ticket to visit the walls are at 40 Yuan. There will be pulley ride ticket as well at 30 Yuan one-way. This pulley ride will take you to the first tower. When you reach the ticketing counter, some pushy guides will force you to buy the return ticket (60 Yuan) for the pulley ride. Unless you KNOW you will NOT make it to the other end of the Badaling wall, then you can take the return ticket. If you want to climb the walls by foot until you find the next exit, then insist on getting the one-way ticket only.
  • O yeah, bring SUFFICIENT AMOUNT of money! I almost went back empty-handed when I only brought with me a total of 110 Yuan! Thank goodness I found out that I should only take the one-way ticket for pulley ride. Huhu.
  • Climbing from where you get off the ride to the exit point will take you an approximately 2 hours with some sight-seeing in between stops.
  • Some sections are very steep and therefore might require some physical endurance. It is advisable that you carry with you two 500ml bottles of drinking water to keep you hydrated. I only had 1 bottle of drinking water with a piece of muffin and I had to ensure enough portion through out the journey. Huhu~
  • Some local tips to keep your body hydrated are fruits and especially cucumber.
  • Use caps/hats instead of umbrella because wind is quite strong when you reach the highest tower.
  • Buy your food/drink elsewhere. The vendors at the walls can really cut throat.
  • Do not forget your camera, and enjoy the trip!

It was definitely a pleasant and memorable journey for me. I wished I had more time to visit the Forbidden city too. Unfortunately, time is very jealous of my journey and by the time I rushed to the Forbidden City which is located back in the town, it was 5 minutes before closing time. Sigh~

* Thank you Lord for giving me the chance to wake up and know that he is living.
* Gift untuk Sepeket dah karam bersame Stella. Uhuk2~
* Why is it that when we purchase/subscribe, we must pay on the spot but if we want a refund, it takes weeks to get it? What kind of policy is this?! O wait, it must be the Boleh-land effect!
* If he HAD SOLD the handphone to return the money, WHY DIDN'T HE RETURN IT YET? It's SIMPLE LOGIC, mind you.
* LAME excuse dude. You know that!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Kung Pao Chicken

Ohh, the title makes me hungry~

Last night, after buying noodles from a nearby stall, I HAD to go down again to order something else. The noodle was PLAIN with 3 slices of kailan. So, I asked for an English menu, and thank goodness, they have the English menu, so I just pointed on Kung Pao Chicken.

Ok, so I stole the above picture from a chef's blog, huhu, but the kung pao chicken I had last night was DE-LI-CIOUS!!! Waaaaa~ I'm drooling over it now. Wuwu~

Anyway, I checked out of Dongdan hotel today, took the subway (I love the subway), almost got into an illegal cab, got into a legal cab, and instructed the driver to send me to Jiuhua Spa & Resort.

And I am now blogging from the 15th district hotel after attending a reception this evening at the 16th district.

O wai, I didn't snap any picture today due to the terrible air condition. I've been coughing and having some sort of irritation in my throat. The air quality is WORST than Malaysia. Imagine going through a thick haze EVERYDAY. It depresses, you know...

* Mum, I want tomyam.
* Kamu, I want ikan bakar. Ohh, and I want YOU too! Uhuk2~

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Greetings from Beijing peeps!

Ergh! It's a dreadful feeling when I could not get into blogspot today. Thanks CHINA, you're a GREAT host. Thanks for censoring so many of my favorite site. Oh btw, can you teach the Malaysian gov a thing, or two? They are MORE THAN HAPPY to follow your footstep because we bloggers don't say nice things. Haha. Ok, NO, DON'T teach them anything! Wawawa~

It was almost IMPOSSIBLE to find a proxy that could get pass China's censorship! Most proxies only allow me to view my blog, it doesn't allow me to manage the blog. What proxy I'm using? Hehe. That will be kept a secret until I get back to Malaysia! (I don't want the Chinese gov to find out and block it while I'm here!) Lalala~

Anyway, arrived in Beijing Capital Airport at almost 6:30am, and yippie, I found my way to the hotel by taking the subway! Huhu. Come to think of it, I feel safer taking the subway. I heard some people giving review about the taxi at the airport and it scares me! And the trains are fast. Something like our LRT.

After checking into a hotel, setting up connection, getting upset with censorship, taking a nap, I took the subway to Tian Anmen Square. However, since I thought I could use a tour guide (Yang Xi, I'm using you!), I decided that I should postpone my visit to The Forbidden City at the end of my trip. So then I took the subway to Wangfujing. Got to the streets and gosh, its a LOT OF PEOPLE! China is really crowded ehh. Anyway, I've got some stuffs for my mum and aunties. Unfortunately, I still haven't found anything for you and my siblings. Hmm..


* I almost miss my flight for CRYING! Lol.
* I miss you... :(

** Alignment of post is in haywire. No label assigned yet. Some things cannot be done in proxy. Sigh~

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Proposal

Ouhh, I'm a week late to write a review of The Proposal since I watched it last Thursday thanks to the boyfriend. Anyway, loved what you wore that night. *winks*

The Proposal is a romantic comedy starring the infamous Sandra Bullock as Margaret Tate, a Canadian who is an editor-in-chief in Manhattan. Alongside is her charming assistant, Andrew, potrayed by Ryan Reynolds who slaves for Margaret.

Despite all the success and attention Margaret gets in the publishing firm, she has neglected her visa that has expired and therefore is forced to return to her native Canada. Refusing to deport, she quickly cooks up a marriage sham with her assistant Andrew, whom is left with little choice. And in an effort to avoid speculation from a nosy agent ( I believe his from the immigration dept), they set off to Andrew’s hometown in Sitka, Alaska to meet his parents and his really cute and funny grandmother.

The Good:
  • When Margaret and Andrew impulsively confesses their fake engagement. What follows for a half-minute or so was really cracking up the cinema – fake intimacy, pure horror on Andrew's face and his attempt to understand the puzzled situation his in.
  • Laughing. LOL, it's a COMEDY for crying out loud! One of the scene that I could most remember is the morning-in-bed scene when Margaret cries "What is that?!" and Andrew blandly replies, "It's the morning". Ouhh, and can you imagine your boss in her pyjamas running for her handphone that got snatched by a bird? Heh.
  • I now realize how small Alaska town is when I saw this movie. There was this guy who works at a grocery store during the day, the village minister during the weekends, and a stripper at night! WTF. Haha!
  • Grandma played by Betty White. If there’s one reason you should go see The Proposal, it has to be for Andrew's grandma. She seriously got me at “Do you prefer to be called Margaret or Satin’s mistress?”. LOL! And when she faked a heart attack (woops! spoiler alert!), it was witty grandma! And yes, she makes me miss my grandma. Sigh~

The Not So Good (Bad):
  • The couple lacks the chemistry and I find it least romantic. They are both good with their own character but not what goes on between them.
  • How fast the relationship grew between the two main character is absolutely obnoxious. I don't believe in love story such as Titanic and I certainly didn't expect it in this movie either. Behold these two people who hate each other at the beginning of the movie, and suddenly starts to have feelings for each other throughout the film. Ouhh, what a shock, huh?
  • Awkward argument scenes between father and son, and wife and husband. Anne Fletcher (the director) might have thought, oh well, lets have some typical family problem scene, so lets throw this plot in, and ouhh, that plot too! And ta-daaa... LAME!

So Ryan Reynolds may NEVER be a blockbluster moviestar, but he can work some decent scene to his best. I love how he could make a joke like, "It's like Christmas in a cup" while maintaining his flat facial expression, which leaves the rest of us in the cinema bursting into laughter.

Lets leave out Sandra Bullock out of this, shall we? WHO THE HELL doesn't know her already!

There's nothing to the film that makes it new or original but I am left satisfied and was occupied with enough laughing matters. If you're looking for a distraction from reality, this is your easy way out. It's a 4.05 out of 5 for you. Seriously, I think I'm being generous (OR blinded by Ryan Reynolds).

* And you, she wasn't REALLY naked on screen, was she? Maybe we should rent a dvd. Haha!

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