Monday, November 24, 2008

ONE reason why I WON'T GIVE UP my seat

Because they refuse to accept it.

It had happened soooooo many times that I am finally deciding not to ever be polite again. So, if you see a young lady going up bus no T633 who carries a black bag with earphones stuck in her ears, please DO NOT EXPECT her to give up her seat for ANY elderly in the bus (except this one old lady who always accepts my seat with her weak smile. *smirk*). Call me rude, call me disrespectful. Sometimes when I want to be the polite person that I AM, I just can't help feel annoyed when the elderly refuses the seat I offer to them in the bus. What's even worst is, sometimes the elderly rejects the seat quite rudely. Who's rude again?? Yeah, the ELDERLY. I guess, old folks have ego too, huh?

So, to everyone who STILL insist that youngsters should give up their seats for the elderly, think again. Maybe these youngsters are tired of rejection too. I, for one, always doubt if I should give up my seat because I dislike staring pairs of eyes when the elderly rejects. I know it's not public humiliation, but it is a humiliation to my humbleness.

And therefore, I do not wish to be bothered anymore. I'll take the bus tomorrow (IF I'm not late, else, "TAXI!!"). And when I go up the bus, I'll take my seat, look down, and continue reading
Leaders Talk Leadership. Psst, I did not see that old lady standing beside my seat.

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Anonymous said...

Sound rude but i agreed wit u....
They have 1 kind of attitude...
Everythin they do is rite..n when we want to correct them...we r rude...huh~

My grandpa has dat ego too...

cik bit said...

or maybe they want 2 b considerate..
s dey know we also tired..
but they dun want 2 spoil us
so reject rudely..
showing LOVE by reverse (defensive elderly)

C i k P i N said...

really aa??

hw cme i nvr encountr dat kind of situation??

most of the time, the elderly will be pleased n smile warmly wen i offer them seat..

it must be u r not approaching them nicely like i do..wahahahaha..

atreyu strange said...

bley blah la wei ngan situasi ko tue. ko naek bus, setahun SEKALI. takyah citer arr. siott.

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