Saturday, February 27, 2010


You've given so much, and you've tried every way to satisfy certain people, but all you get is more responsibility to feed their ever-increasing desire. Are they blind or are they ignorant?

I work my ass off for others. I don't live in my own world where all the money can be spend for ME ONLY. I envy people who can live like that. But I know I cannot be disgruntled. I am thankful to God for letting me earn and have my job. I am thankful to God for making me as tough as I am today. But I am upset, God. Very upset that some people are not appreciative for what I do for them. I am not asking them to repay me. Not at all. I don't want their money because they don't have any. I give them what I have because I know how difficult it is being penniless. But all I'm asking is for them to understand that money does not come easily. And when money comes, save some. Not spend like it's some sort of liquid.

I wish I could say, "Enough!". But this is responsibility. But this is also tough and very stressful.

If money is happiness, then I am sad.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I was craving for Nasi Kerabu last week and thanks to the boyfriend, I had my cravings satisfied on Sunday! Although I did complain about the the rats I saw on one of our visit to the stall, I must say it was quite good. *Or izzit because of the rats that it tasted good?! @#$%^&*

Blue coloured rice is a must!

One day later, I was craving for Kung Pao Chicken. =.=

Kung Pao chickenTooooooooooooo delicious!!

So now, how lah, the boyfriend?

Kim Possible's Puppy Pout

* All images courtesy of Uncle Google.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Manic Monday 2: DON'T Whack Your Boss!

I don’t know about you, but I woke up hoping that it’s Sunday again but to my dismay, it’s Monday! Sigh.

But THANK GOODNESS, the boss did not come in for work today! Apparently, she’s over the sea. Yeay!

Ouhh, you’re not feeling as relaxed as I am? Your boss came in to the office with a bad mood? Did your boss perform a post-mortem on work progress and find you least improving? You’re so annoyed with your boss you feel like whacking your boss?

Here’s where you can do it without harming any soul!

How to play the game:

STEP 2: Wait for the boss to walk into the office. Imagine that’s your boss.
STEP 3: Let him talk while you browse around your cubicle to pick up a suitable object.

Objects around your cubicle that turns orange when you mouse over can be used.

STEP 4: Click on the object and enjoy the moment. I suggest you start with something light for your view such as the monitor. Stapler on the desk is way to harmful for first-timers!
STEP 5: When you’re done whacking, click on CLEANER to start all over again and pick another object!

So, don’t go let out your frustration on another colleague, your spouse, the girlfriend or the boyfriend. Let out your frustration through means that will not torture another person; mentally or physically. Hehe.

*Bloody crazy ai tel yu!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Thanks to Luvly Mya, I have finally installed the LinkWithin widget without further procrastination! What's that? Ouhh, it's that thing were you get to see a few related posts below each post in the form of thumbnails. Get it?

All you gotta do is, go to LinkWithin's website. Find the box like below. Fill in the details, and it will prompt you to install the widget.

From then onwards, just follow the simple steps as given by the site. Like seriously simple wtf.

And walaa! Here is an example:

Ouhh, you might wanna customize the text that appears above the widget because surprisingly, the automated text would be "Anda mungkin juga meminati:". Ehh, in Malay language? It probably recognized my blog as a Malay blog or something? Whatever it is, I changed mine to "Have you not fallen asleep bla bla.." to add more personalization to this blog. If you wanna add your own text, just go to Blogger Dashboard>Layout>Page Elements>your LinkWithin widget, and add the line below to your HTML code. Eh, this one for Blogger aaa..

Okay, done. Let's grab some lunch people! Ikan masin with sup sayur. Wah wahh!!

*It doesn't matter where the widget is in your Page Element, somehow it'll appear below your post.

Friday, February 19, 2010

An Honest Testimonial about Kotex Style

This is not an advertorial nor a campaign. I just wanna share with you the choice of sanitary pad that I use because I am totally satisfied with this choice!

Kotex Style has been in the market for several years now, but back in high school, I’m pretty sure it’s not on the shelf yet. So in the past, I’ve tried many other brands. Some are cheap, some are expensive. The expensive ones are normally good, but hey, I was a school-goer and OBVIOUSLY I have other things to spend on.

People who are familiar with the way I live my life knows that I can hardly sit still, not doing anything. If my limbs are not moving, my mouth will certainly do. Haha. So, I kinda hate it when my period comes because I feel confined to move freely and if I do, it comes along with discomfort. I have to do a regular check up at the toilet to see if everything was OK coz I kinda feel wet and dirty down under. This is especially annoying if I am preparing myself for a game, tournament, or simply exercising.

A year ago, I came across Kotex Style and decided to give it a try since it wasn’t overpriced. What’d you know, I loved it! It was very comfortable because it breaks down your heavy flow and absorbs it underneath the upper layer. So you won’t feel wet or damp down under at all. You feel dry and most importantly, secured!

Also, I use to have a problem with pad leakage. Hate when that happens especially at night because you wake up to a horror of seeing blood stains on your pants. So, whenever I get my period, I have to resolve to practicing only two sleeping positions. I can’t do much of freestyle sleeping. In the morning, I wake up feeling dissatisfied with my sleep as if it has been disturbed. Now you guys know why your girlfriend’s get PMS during the menstruation period!

But after using Kotex Style’s slim wing, the problem had NEVER occurred!

Talk about satisfaction. It never felt better!

Note:- Kotex Style comes in two options only: Slim (Wing, Non-Wing) and Overnight (Wing only).

* Like I said, this is not an advertorial, but JUST IN CASE any Kotex representative reads this and feels like I deserve a year supply of Kotex Style Slim Wing, you are more than welcome! Haha!

[To whom it may concern] If it's compulsory for new users to connect the site to their Facebook, then be it. But if you're gonna force the existing users to do so, it's not gonna happen. Put it this way, if my ancestors came to Malaya as Hindus and then forced to convert to Islam after independence, not many will hang around. Some will just leave the country. I for one, will leave.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY Break

Today is Wednesday; and I am experiencing the Wednesday Blues. How about you? Oh, you’re still on holiday? You memang lebey! Hukhuk..

Anyway, I hope it’s not too late to wish Happy Chinese New Year to my Chinese aunties, uncles, cousins and Malaysians. I hope that the Year of Tiger will bring more joy and prosperity, great health and ggrrrrreat fortune!

And more thanks to Chinese Malaysians; we have two public holidays dedicated for them, thus giving me more time to enjoy the long-stretched-weekend! Ehehehe…

Now here’s to share with the world what I did during the CNY break.

Ome got Engaged!

Congrats babe! Sorry we were ALL late. Blame it on the boyfriend, please. Heh.

She is not Ome.

She is not Ome either.

Here’s Ome. No, not the one with the flowers again! Haha!

Fireflies Kg Kuantan

Before heading back to KL from Kuala Selangor where Ome’s engagement took place, we stopped at Kg Kuantan to watch fireflies along the riverbank. At RM 40 per sampan (max. 4 person, but kids can nego-nego lah), you get to watch thousands of fireflies flashing their lights in a synchronized manner. It’s like watching hundreds of flashing Christmas trees.

They; who enjoyed the most.

The fireflies are such quite creature. It felt so calm to be WITH them. No words can describe how I felt that night. Not even Owl City’s lyrics! It was just an innocent feeling. Aah, I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

Surf Bike in Taman Tasik Perdana

It was a boring Monday morning when the boyfriend suggested that we go for a movie. Since the GSC online ticketing was not available temporarily (server always down eh!), we made our way to Berjaya Times Square only to be disappointed that the movie tickets for Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief was sold out. What a waste of our parking fee!

Disappointed and annoyed that we have not been able to watch ANY movie together for the past one month or so, we finally decided to kayaking in Taman Tasik Perdana. But upon reaching the lake, we changed our decision and settled for the surf bike.

It was fun and a great work out for the lazy bumps! LOL!

Sg Gabai Waterfall, Hulu Langat

This trip was totally UNPLANNED of. My butt still hurts from sliding down the rocks. Haha!

So, how was your Chinese New Year break?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cuaca panas, entri pun panasszzz!!

Aku perasan ramai bloggers dah pasang iklan Nuffnang (NN) kat blog diorang. Yang pasang Innity pun dah semakin ramai, tapi blog picisan mcm aku mana layak lah kan. T__T

Aku jugak perasan ramai bloggers yang suka meninggalkan komen atau mesej chatbox kat blog yang dilawati yang berbunyi lebih kurang begini:

"Nuff tdo"


"Jom klik2 nuff!"

"Hai, dtg bertandang dan dh klik iklan tu".

Bagi bloggers yang dah biasa dengan NN, aku rase korg tau kan mesej mcm ni merujuk kepada iklan NN yang perlu diklik melalui kempen CTR (click-through-ratio) untuk mendapatkan sedikit earning.

Aku nak tanya korg lah kan, adakah korg klik iklan NN kerana earning semata2 atau sbb korg btol2 minat ngan iklan tu?

Kalau btol lah korg minat ngan iklan tu, korg mesti perasan kebanyakan blog dapat iklan yang same, so xkn tiap kali korg masuk blog yang baru, korg still nak tgk gak iklan tu? Mcm menipu kan?

Aku tak cakap takleh klik lgsg, aku klik iklan NN jugak nak tau pejadah diorang nk promote. Tapi klu tiap blog korg masuk pun nak klik, korg mesti tak fikir lgsg perasaan advertiser tu sendiri kan? Diorg tumpang letak iklan kat blog kita sebab diorg harap iklan tu boleh memberi informasi/ mempromosi produk diorg/membuat pengumuman/bla bla bla.. Tapi kita, jahanamkan promosi diorg! Diorg bayar kita tanpa was2 sebab diorg ingat mmg ade unique visitor yang giler babeng unik yg klik. Pdhl, orang2 blkg tabir jugak yang klik sana sini.

ETIKA. Mana pegi etika kita? Ape nak jadi ngan bloggers skang, sume pun mengejar cash out semata2?

p.s. Sblm komen, sila fikir masak2 ttg apa yg aku tulis kerana ini teguran ikhlas dari aku.
p.p.s. Entri ni tidak bertujuan menghentam mana-mana pihak mahupun individu, tetapi adalah baik jika kita berfikir bersama apa yang kita lakukan.
p.p.p.s. Tibe2 cuaca jadi mendung. Dem.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Manic Monday 1: Boyband


* Am planning to start a "Manic Monday" segment for people with Monday Blues like you, and me. It's a segment to take your mind off the Monday Blues... Well, at least for a few minutes! Haha! Remind me to do so next week! Lol!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

Dream Proposal: Falkor SK Project

Hi, my name is Falkor. My owner is Atreyu. She's a lazy, good-for-nothing biaatcchh who doesn't understand me at all! Erk.

It's the first week of the month, I've just settled some payments and right now, I'm just so effing broke. I can't wait for March to come to start off with this proposal that was first drafted and inspired by the boyfriend LAST YEAR. Haha. IF ONLY I won a lottery or found money stashed in a bag somewhere in the toilet with a tag that says 'For Jen'- okay G.R.O.S.S, the below is so gonna happen to my Falkor!

Stage 1
  • 15” rim and new tire
  • Spark plug
  • Relocate Gas Paddle
  • Plug Cable

Stage 2
  • GreenCool Tinted [Approx. RM200]

Stage 3
  • Slotted and Drilled Disc Rotor (front) [Airline, RM280]
  • Twin pot Disc Rotor (rear) [Drex, RM450]

Stage 4
  • GAB adjustable absorber [Drex, RM1700]
  • Gabriel absorber [Zenden , RM -]
  • GAB sport spring [Drex, RM420]

Stage 5

Seriously important for safety reasons. It saved the bf, saved Melvin, saved an SNC member - and it's uber cool too! Lol!
  • Ultraracing Front Strut Bar
  • Ultraracing Rear Strut Bar
  • Room Bar
  • Rear Lower Bar

Stage 6
  • Custom complete exhaust system [Weng Heng, RM800]
  • Mythelogy Crank Pulley [Stella]
  • Works Cam Pulley [Stella]

Stage 7
  • Works Fuel Pressure Regulator [Drex, RM360]
  • Pivot Voltage Stabilizer + Grounding wire

Stage 8
  • High cam [-, RM1200]
  • Polished Throttle Body + PDT [Busu, RM250]

Stage 9
  • High Compression Piston [Busu, RM800]

Stage 10
  • Paint job: Spectra Blue Mica

Oh well, reality check, it's just a DREAM. I am not gonna win any lottery, and definitely no chances to stumble upon a bag stashed with cash! How can I redeem luck? By running after a tiger?? Sob sob.

* If you're not stupid, this entry is for a contest. Again, the condition is; IF you're not stupid.

Monday, February 01, 2010


What a late update. But, it's never to late to wish Happy Thaipusam to all my Hindu family and friends, and Happy Birthday Lord Murugan.

I did not follow the chariot procession this year because it fell on a working day, but we went to Batu Caves on Saturday to join in the celebration. It was a really hot Saturday morning, crowd was pouring in, chantings were high, and DSLR was at every corner. But I wasn't carrying one. Haha.

Was hoping to see some Indian rempits and Indian mak nyah with their anak ikan tapi tak jumpe. Haha. Ok, that was mean.

But seriously, I found many last year! Erk.

* Shoot, what a short update. And lacking the emotion to blog.

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