Friday, July 30, 2010


Besok nak gi MTV World Stage camne wei?!
Aku nak lompat-lompat!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

LENOVO What’s Your Idea of FUN contest

About two months back, Lenovo organized a contest on twitter which required us to vote for our idea of fun and tweet a slogan using the hashtag #LenovoFUN.

I gave it a shot and I won.

I went to pick up the winning prize late yesterday evening from the Lenovo office in Damansara. I won Isetan shopping vouchers worth, well, let’s just say enough to last for a year. Hehe.

Pictured here with Mdm Hui Hui. Picture credits to Miss Ella Ng of LenovoMY.

So how am I going to spend the vouchers? Wisely. I’m reserving some for the festive season so that I can take my mum and siblings for a shopping spree. What a relief, a little weight is off my shoulder. Now I wouldn’t have to worry so much about the festive season expenses. Thank you so much Lenovo for making this idea of fun a dream come true. You rock my socks. =D

And hopefully, I can get something special for you too. *winks*

*Follow Lenovo on Twitter at @Lenovo_MY to receive updates on their products.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Munchy’s Sound of Muzic

Listen up people. There’s a new contest in town. You don’t have to come up with a creative blog posts (I know you hate having the same people win the contests – no pun intended), and you don’t have to write creative slogans (again, you hate them on Twitter). All you gotta do to win some prize is use your mouth and make some beautiful music to the sound of MUZIC Water Jungle!

You haven’t heard of the MUZIC Water Jungle?? What a pity! Here, let me play you the TVC. (Err.. please click the PLAY icon to play the video. Heh.. )

Or you can download the song here.

Now that you know how it sounds like, go record a video of yourself making some music! Here’s what else you can do to ‘enhance’ the sound of music from your mouth: use props! Like your mum’s frying pan, or your daddy’s ashtray, or your own pails from the dormitory.

Video should not be longer than 30 seconds and DON’T FORGET THE MUZIC WAFER PACK! It must be featured in your video submission.

So what’s the prize like?

Stage 1 Prize: Video Submission
Top 20 finalist will win a Munchy’s hamper worth RM50 each

Stage 2 Prize: Rank & Vote
3 x iPad 32GB for 3 finalist with the highest number of votes

There are also prizes for the voters. Woot, woot! 10 lucky voters with the most accurate rank of the top 3 finalist will walk away with an iPod 8GB each!

So what are you waiting for, go make some noise so I can steal your idea after watching it! Submit your video by the 5th of August, 2010 to qualify. Voting will be between 11th to 31st August, 2010. For more information, log on to

Friday, July 23, 2010

#Maxis10 Happy Ending

Late this evening, I received a very pleasant e-mail regarding the Maxis10 Reviewers Programme. Ah yes, you guessed it right, I get to keep the phone! I am stoked and I am absolutely happy that they have found my reviews to be worthy of keeping the phone!

I would like to thank Maxis for the opportunity given to review the Samsung Galaxy S. It is definitely one of the best Android phone in the current market. In fact, I have received so many positive feedback from friends and family about the phone. I bet they would envy me NOW THAT I AM THE OWNER of the phone. Hehe..

Also, congratulations to all the #Maxis10 reviewers. I honestly think we all did a great job in the review. In fact, every one of us were unique in the way we write the reviews. So, kudos to all! I'm gonna miss our tweets about the phone using the #Maxis10 hashtag. I have definitely learned a lot of tips and tricks on the Samsung Galaxy S. *sob sob*

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who has lend their support. Mmuaah mmuaah~

* I just got news that the car needs to be towed to the workshop for further inspection. Sigh.. One point to #Maxis10, ZERO to Falkor.. T__T

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meet Rocky and Button

Oh look, I found out what else the video on Samsung Galaxy S can do!

A black and white video effect

And a sepia video effect!

Woot! Two super nice effects! Although between the two, I love the sepia effect more. I think if Indie artistes plan to have their own music video at low cost, they can just consider shooting the video from this phone! Go old school with black and white effect or dramatic with sepia effect. LOL!

By the way, that's the hamsters I bought for my lil' brother. He was bugging me for weeks until I finally decided to get him the pet. But it looks like I am having more fun watching and filming them. I'm planning to get a bigger cage though. Look at how that female one climbing up and down the cage. And maybe to get her that wheel thingy to ride on too. Err.. anyone know how much I should budget for all these?? Huhu..

* I want to keep the phone! RAAWWRR!!
* Thanks to the boyfriend who had helped me upload these two lovely videos on Youtube.

Monday, July 19, 2010

#Maxis10 Review Wrap Up

So this might be goodbye. My sweet two-week affair with the Samsung Galaxy S might just end anytime soon. I would like to thank Maxis for giving me the opportunity to review the Samsung Galaxy S. I have never done a gadget review before so I hope Maxis is happy with all the reviews that I've done so far.

And I would also like to thank the #Maxis10 bloggers for all the tricks and tips on using the Samsung Galaxy S. For a gadget noob, I've learned a lot during this two week ordeal.

Despite the plasticity, noise from video recording, lousy message notifications and no camera LED flash, the phone still leaves a very strong positive impression on me. If you are not impressed with the HD videos, have you seen any other phone screen as beautiful as the super AMOLED screen of Samsung Galaxy S? Or swype texting that will get you so addictive; you will swype on every touchscreen phone you come across?! As a matter of fact, I am blogging this from the swype keyboard! Sheesh. This is one phone I wish to continue using.

Samsung Galaxy S is an easy and fun to use Android phone. Read all my previous reviews under the Maxis10 label.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

What I dislike about the Samsung Galaxy S

Message notification
Apparently the message notification doesn’t go away if you press the HOME key after reading an incoming message. After reading a new incoming message, you MUST press on the BACK key. I find this quite ridiculous as the BACK key will become a two-step process if you did reply to the incoming message. Here’s a video of what I mean.

Sorry about the video quality. This video was taken using a HTC Hero. Lalala~

Why wouldn’t the message notification go away if I press the HOME key instead of the BACK key? My boyfriend’s rational is that pressing on the HOME key does not close an application immediately so the message app is still running in the background. If this is the rational that Samsung uses, then this is bizarre. It’s ONLY a notification. If the phone is so intelligent with the SWYPE keyboard, why can’t it be intelligent enough to identify that the notification has been read??

Customized message tone
Unfortunately, if you want to have a customized message tone, you have to place the song/sound file under the Notification folder before retrieving it under Settings. As a matter of fact, I didn't know this could be done until I asked for help from fellow #Maxis10 bloggers via Twitter.

What a tedious way to get a customized message tone. But I also found out that this is an issue of Android OS.

Answering calls
To answer a call, I have to slide with my fingertip the ACCEPT icon from left to right. To reject a call, slide to the opposite direction. I know, BIG DEAL. But I still don’t favor this form of answering mode.

You have to slide the ACCEPT icon over to the green dot on the right to answer the call.

Noise from video recording
I think I’ve mentioned this in two of my previous reviews. The noise from the background while recording a video can be distraction. It would be great if Samsung can improve this bit by filtering the background noise.

Black outs
It may be running on a 1Ghz processor, but I still get black outs every now and then. The black outs can happen between 2 – 6 seconds, seems like a quick one, but it is still worrying. It makes you wonder how long this phone will last in the long run.

Samsung KIES (Phone to PC sync software)
Uninstall this if you have just downloaded (yeahh, they didn’t provide the CD) and installed it. It’s unstable. You are better off connecting via the mass storage. Oh wait, that didn’t work for me either. Screw this!

I know that they are trying to make the phone as light as possible, but the back cover turns out to be very plastic. And instead of just showing off the pattern of carbon fiber, they should have replaced the material with carbon fiber itself which is also known for being lightweight.

Picture credits to

No flash
Yup, sad to note that the camera has no LED flash. But I can still turn a blind eye on this because it can still snap great pictures at night despite not having a flash! Hehe..

Oh well, there's always room for improvement!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What I like about my Samsung Galaxy S

Personalized home screens
You get seven home screens with Samsung Galaxy S so you get to put a lot of widgets and apps that you use on daily basis on the home screens!

Each screen can be personalized so you can have one screen dedicated to Internet (Browser, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Emails, etc), one for music, one for calendar/daily briefs and one for photos. You can even have one screen dedicated for your boyfriend (put his contacts details, picture folder of you and him, the Direct Message widget so you can just touch and send message from the screen itself, etc). Hehe.

Super AMOLED screen
This feature you cannot deny lah. Super AMOLED screen is fantastic. You have to see it, feel it, and experience it, to believe it! The color display is so lively that you just want to show off to all your friends. Haha.

This is another feature that will make anyone impress. Without having to lift your finger, you can type a message by just drawing the path of the word you intend to type. Swype will try to identify the word you type and if it is unable to identify, it will list you some choices. Below is my attempt at typing the word ‘Help’. Notice that I didn’t even start from the letter ‘H’? Yeahh, I didn’t and it was still intelligent enough to identify the word I intended.

Do you also know that this is the fastest way to type on a touchscreen? PROVEN through a Guinness World Record in March 2010 by a Swype intern named Franklin Page. He managed to input 160 characters in just 35.5 seconds using Swype. Oh wai~

YOU MUST LOVE WHAT THE CAMERA CAN DO TO YOUR PICTURES. With so many modes to choose from and at 5.0mp, this brings down all the smartphone household names like iPhone and Blackberry.

Must you NOT love the super nice video quality especially when viewing it on your Super AMOLED screen? O_o Besides this, read how Sapiensbryan views his video on his TV screen without having to transfer it to a CD or DVD. Yup, we’re talking direct output here. :)

Pinch and zoom
I know you could do this on most of the touch screen phones but yeahh, I love to find blackheads on my nose in my pictures and zooming into websites for no particular reasons but simply thrilled at the pinch and zoom feature on the phone. Haha!

Music player
Although I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I don’t really like the audio quality while recording video, I beg to differ on the music player because it is awesome! I usually can’t stand music played without the earphone because the sound projection is just bad, but with Samsung Galaxy S, I don’t have to play my CDs in the car, I can just play the songs out from the phone. For more review on the music player, go over to Keeman’s blog.

Must forgive me for loving the fact that I can wifi from this phone because my Corby cannot, okay? I can even turn my Samsung Galaxy S into a wireless modem so my brother and I can enjoy surfing the net from several laptopSSSS. But the downside is – how fast can a mobile internet be?? LOL! Then there is the internet browser that loads fast and easy to use. For someone who loves to give her shout outs, the Twitter and Facebook widget is very useful too.

I know I have a lot of nice things to say about the Samsung Galaxy S. Fret not because tomorrow I will reveal to you some little things that I think Samsung ought to modify, improve and fine-tune.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Photos from Samsung Galaxy S

Cita-cita bila dah BESAR nak jadi photographer. Tapi hampa,umor je besar (sakit ati weii tengok nombor tuuuu!!), badan tak besar-besar lagi. Sudahnya, korang layan je la gambar2 dari pertunangan rakan Sekepet yang aku amik gune kamera Samsung Galaxy S. Show off giler wei aku aritu! HAHAHAHA!! *gelak jahat*

Camwhore kat bilik Pek yang bersinar2 dgn kaler Pink. *tension*

Dari kiri: Sudah tunang, Sedang menanti, Masih malu2 nak cari pasangan idup.

FAIL. Cincin tunang pun taktau jari mane.

Efek 'Vintage' dari kamera Samsung Galaxy S memang terbaekk!

Sodap2 hantaran dia!

Konon nak amik gambar gothic. Boleh la kan? Har har har!

Gambar outdoor yang sebenarnya depan umah Aina jek! Heh.

Amacam, cantik tak gambar2 yang aku amik guna Samsung Galaxy S nih? Aku memang ada bakat photography kan? Heh heh..

Nota ibu kaki: Tak sabar nak tunggu aku Aina kawen.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Nuffnang Sharing Session

First of all, yeahh, Netherlands lost to Spain in the finals. I’m still mourning so please do not add insult. As a matter of fact, if Spain had lost, I would’ve congratulated them anyway in the name of spirits of the game. Why can’t you Spain hardcore idiots do the same too?

Moving on, last Friday I attended the Nuffnang Sharing Session at Pak Li Kopitiam in Setapak Indah. Although invites were sent out to 20 bloggers, less had turned up. YOU who did not turn up will be in “Naughty list” and will be banned from any invites FOREVERRRR!!!!

Okay that was an exaggeration. ;p

For those who do not have the slightest idea what a sharing session is, well, it’s a session where you share your foods with everyone in the kopitiam. LOL, NO! *although it is encouraged* It’s a session where you share your ideas and passion on blogging. Friday night’s guest blogger was Eyriqazz and he spoke about his passion in blogging and how he made some (if not much) money and friends through blogging.

I also had the chance to meet two nice individuals, Justin and Hana. Thanks for being such a great sport. I’m not a very chatty person in the beginning so it’s nice to have you both to come over and start a conversation with me. Haha..

Oh, since I had the Samsung Galaxy S phone with me, I can’t help it but to snap, snap and away! Here are some pictures I took (all except one are food-related pictures, LOL).

They definitely have some sense of humor!

Hainanese Chicken Chop - gravy taste like tomato paste :p

Nasi Ayam Lemon

Snowy Ice - Kacang Merah

Eyriqazz Sharing Session

Overall, the food was OK la. Hahaha.. But since they have wifi in the premise, I don’t mind sitting there a bit longer. I was updating Twitter and checking Facebook in between conversations with the bloggers. Hoho~

I wanted to take a video of Eyriqazz giving his thoughts and ideas on how to improve blog traffic but I reckon it was going to be a pretty massive file so I think the best way is; you guys can just head to his blog for more tips on blogging, okay? Haha!

But you know, tangan gatal, so must take at least one video that night and so here is Robb of NuffnangMY explaining about CPC and CPM campaigns for you NOOBS. LOL.

It's recorded on HD video format oh yeah and by the way, I still hate the noise from the surrounding due to poor audio quality. It’s like vuvuzela, annoying but you can’t do anything about it. Samsung better improve on the audio quality if they want the HD video feature to stand out as one of their selling features.

And then when everyone was about to take group photos, the phone battery died. Yeay. You doing great Galaxy S. 7 hours and you’re down??!! #$%^@&*!!!

I will grill the phone in another post. Sigh.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Belanda story on HD video

Netherlands has secured its place in the World Cup finals! I am happy, excited, and freaking out! LOL!

So anyway, my boyfriend and I went to a restaurant last night to have our dinner but unfortunately the restaurant did not serve his favorite drink, the Durian Belanda juice. He was frustrated and he thinks that the restaurant hates the Holland (Belanda) team for beating Brazil in the quarter-finals so out of resentment they don’t serve Durian Belanda juice anymore. Here is a video of his so-called theory.

The voice not so clear eh? You can barely hear what he's saying. I recorded this using the Samsung Galaxy S phone that I just got. He was only about 70cm away from the phone. As a matter of fact, the video recorded more noise from the surrounding than his voice. Yes, he spoke softly (but he is definitely NOT a soft spoken guy okay) but I wished that the video recording could have captured his voice more than the surroundings. So the audio is a bit of a let down.

What I do like about the video is it captured quality video at night, and under a VERY low light. When the video is replayed in the phone, the combination of the HD video quality and the super AMOLED screen makes you want to download Madagascar 2 rightaway and watch it on your phone! Bright, vibrant, smooth and captivating. In fact, when I loaded the video onto my PC and watch it in full screen, it still did not fail to impress me.

So +1 to the video quality and -1 to the surrounding noise captured on audio. I won’t give a verdict just yet as there will be more videos to record and upload!

By the way, I am planning to try out the navigator on Samsung Galaxy S. Read what @tekong has to say about it.

Get Samsung Galaxy S from your nearest Maxis store at just RM 1,699 now! RRP:RM2,599

Monday, July 05, 2010

[Galaxy S] Warm Up

This is a warm up post of the many coming posts on Samsung Galaxy S, so let’s just take a tour of the specifications and features of this phone. Since I hate technical terms and it just doesn’t get to me when people use all this mobile jargons, I’m gonna try and make this sound as simple as possible and maybe get you excited a little bit on the Samsung Galaxy S.

The Samsung Galaxy S is the latest Samsung phone running on Android 2.1 – the most latest and an outstanding OS. Inside the phone is Samsung’s homegrown 1GHz processor – so this phone is expected to be very fast in response. So far, if I compare this phone to *cough*HTC Hero*cough*, Galaxy S definitely loads application faster and is more responsive to touch inputs. The Galaxy S also has 8GB/16GB internal storage.

The size of the screen is 4 inch, making this phone the largest super AMOLED screen in the market currently. It is said to be 20% brighter, 80% less reflective in direct sunlight, has a better color representation and more responsive to touch. And I pretty much agree to all of it. My brother and boyfriend are both impressed with the phone display as well.

Measuring at a very slick 9.9mm thin, it is probably the thinnest smart phone in the market. It is very light too although I find the back cover a bit too plastic for me. Actually that’s quite typical from Samsung because my Corby is quite plastic from the back too. The back cover actually has a very similar carbon fibre-like (material mostly found on car exterior) pattern. It would be awesome if it was the REAL DEAL.

Other notable feature is the SWYPE technology where you only need to drag your finger along the keypad to type your messages. You don’t have to lift your finger from letter to letter. It is claimed that you can type 30% faster than your normal typing speed. I’ve tried SWYPE but I’m still slow FML. Haha!

Picture credits to Swypeinc

Then there is the 5.0 mega pixel camera that also shoots HD video at 720P. I am definitely impressed with the picture quality as you can see below. There are many different settings for the camera which I will explore another day. I’ve also taken a video of my hamsters but have yet the time to upload it onto my PC. Will review the video quality on another day as well.

Have I mentioned that I love the sound quality? Yeahh, that’s pretty unbelievable (this coming from Samsung).

And ouhh, of course it’s Wifi enabled. Which stupid *cough cough* smart phone doesn’t allow Wifi anyway? LOL!

For more technical specifications of the phone, read it at
Get Samsung Galaxy S from your nearest Maxis store at just RM 1,699 now! RRP:RM2,599

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sweet Updates!

Haluuuuuu!!!! *super excited mode*

First of all, I just want to say,


and, and,


I couldn’t feel any better now. I’m super excited that Netherlands won over Brazil. In your faces too Brazilian fans! Haha! Now that Netherlands will be in the semis, I wish them all the best and please make us proud. I love you Oranje!

Now, on to a more awesome, grande, super exciting news, if you've been following me on Twitter, you will know that I’ve been selected by Maxis to review the Samsung Galaxy S for the next two weeks! So, in the next two weeks, please be ready to read lots and LOTS of ranting on the Samsung Galaxy S on my blog!

Among the bloggers who were selected to review the Samsung Galaxy S by Maxis.
From left: @marc_ky, @runningandrew, @tekong, yours truly, and @ariffshah
Pic credits to @ariffshah's bro. Heh.

For those who have not heard of Samsung Galaxy S, this is the latest android phone in the market, running on Android 2.1 and is integrated with Samsung’s own Touchwiz 3.0 user interface.

Pic credits to my Samsung Corby!

My first impression on the phone? Nais! It's light and slick!

To get real-time updates on the Samsung Galaxy S, follow me on twitter @atreyustrange. There are 9 other bloggers who were chosen too and you can follow us using the hashtag #Maxis10. We will be updating you A LOT.

Get Samsung Galaxy S from your nearest Maxis store at just RM 1,699 now! RRP:RM2,599

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