Sunday, November 16, 2008

Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa

Just by watching the trailer, I'm pretty sure many would want to watch this movie. The trailer found on youtube was already cracking me up, let alone watching the whole movie. Well, unless, you don't like animated movie, plus you're too emo (WAAAAYYYY MORE EMO than I am) to go to the movies.

Slotted at 1.50pm, the cinema was totally packed with kids, teenagers, adults, and parents. The seats were all taken up, right down to the seats nearest to the screen! Gosh, I wonder how their neck would feel. Worthy? Hehe.

The movie gave a good start with the selling song EVERYONE knows from the previous Madagascar. Duhh, I don't have to remind you which song I'm refering to, do I?

So the movie is about Africa. How did they end up there? Let's just let EVERYONE ELSE who writes a review spoil that for you. In Africa, Alex met his long lost parents. Alex (or Alakay, so it was his real name) found out that his daddy, is Alpha Lion, whereas daddy, was proud to find out that his son is King of New York. So to speak.

As Marty joins all the other zebras, he soon feels that he wasn't unique after all because they are alike. Gloria, who had made the decision to join the breeding program (IF they have landed in NY instead) finally found her love (or so she had thought), Moto Moto. Melman became the witch doctor and was later convinced by the other giraffes that he has a terminal disease that they believe is the curse of witch doctors.

Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private (the Penguins if you didn't know that), they are of course, always trying to fix situations, and by fixing means, stealing parts from others, recruiting monkeys as labors and bossing around. Haha. Oh yeah, and marrying a stick figure? Darn hilarious!

  1. Any scene with Melman. I don't like Ross in Friends, but I love Melman. David Schwimmer's voice is PERFECT for Melman! I think Melman's sweet. Ouhh, I probably love his character because I've been wanting a giraffe? Huhu.
  2. The scene where Moto Moto submerged from the water. Darn, he was cracking me up with his macho moves! Or so he thought! Haha!!
  3. Having to see Alex being beaten pretty mean-ly by an OLD lady!!
  4. When Melman was telling Moto Moto off how to treat Gloria the right way. Gosh, Melman, you're SHUUU-WITTTT!!!! (And she loves orchid. Aaaaaahhhh....)
  5. When King Julien thinks he brought the water back! LOL. Superstitious!
  6. The scene where Zuba joined in to dance with Alex in the jungle, surrounded by New Yorkers and a really MEAN granny! You kick ass granny!
  7. Any moment that cracked me up. Apparently, too many to even recall now. Huhu.
  1. Can't think of any!! Hehe.

I'd give this movie a 4.15 out of 5. Haha. A 2 decimal rating system introduced by a dear friend, Nok. It's a good movie for anyone who needs a good laugh. Oh yeah, the soundtracks were awesome too.

Worthy of the money you pay (especially when it's not yours). Lalala~

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cik bit said...

nmpaknya aku la sorg2nya yg blom nonton..
uhuhuh..saya mmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuu

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