Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why Strange?

Why Atreyu? Huhu. I've been asked about the name several time. Yet, a few did agree that I am strange in a way.

Strange is a surname I chose to use inspired by Emily the Strange, a fictional character. Back in the days when I was in the university, I use to collect a lot of her stuffs. From bags, to badges and erm, badges, and MORE badges. Haha.

Emily Strange's character caught my attention because she is dark, mysterious and yet, strong and feminine. And she is beautiful. Ahaa. Something I wish I am. Nahh, I'm too hard on myself, so I'd like to change my statement - "And she is AS beautiful AS I AM". Hua3~

This reminds me, I used to love watching Daria. Too bad it's no longer running. I find Daria amusing because she is a smart and cynical girl who often has different views from the rest of the world, including her family. Ooh, and I especially love how she speaks so slowly, damn retard. Yet, she is SMART with the choice of words. Ahaa. I think you could still find her on youtube like this one here. Love the theme song too. Damn retard ar wei! Haha.

I think I have an issue with GIRL POWER. Really. Because besides Emily Strange and Daria, I also love Kim Possible, Samantha, Alex and Clover (the last three from Totally Spies, ehehe). Well, I prefer Alex of course. Coz she is NOT perfect in every way. She has flaws and we do too. Huhu. Ohh, and Kim Possible, she carries herself well as a FRIEND.

And I think you already know my obssession over Ashley Tisdale. Really, this is about girl power. Nothing to do with my sexuality. Lol.

So, where did Atreyu come from? Ahaa. I'll let you wonder for some time before I spill the soyabean. Heh.

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