Monday, November 17, 2008

Madagascar 2 Soundtrack

Since I am a fan of MUSIC, I always pay attention to the songs being played in the movies I watch. And if there's any that caught my attention, I am sure to download it. And these are my several BEST tracks that I picked up from the Madagascar 2 OST.

1. The Traveling Song
- Played during the scene when a bunch of fishermen saved Alex from the ocean, in a wooden box, with fish stuck in his mouth. Adorable.

2. I Like to Move It
- Need I say more? Huhu.

3. Once Upon A Time in Africa
- Hans Zimmer, you're the genius!

4. Big and Chunky
- Raise your hands up if you love Moto Moto!! This is definitely for you, Moto Moto fans!

5. Alex on the Spot
- Played during the dance scene between daddy and son. No difference from "The Traveling Song", except it's more upbeat and shorter, suited for the scene.

Enjoy. ;)

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