Friday, May 29, 2009

Bahasa SMS

Aku nak tanya lah kan, korang rase ok tak kalu aku nak wat proposal gune Bahasa SMS untuk pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik?? Wakakaka!! Aku bukan ape wei, aku selaku kaki blog hopping nih agak pening2 la sebab aku pasan banyak muda-mudi skang suke giler gune bahasa SMS mase menulis blog. Ahh, bukan setakat blog la, kat forum pun belambak dengan penulisan gaya SMS. Perkataan yang pendek, MAKIN pendek jadinya.

Korg nak gune bahasa SMS, biar dalam SMS sudah. Dah name pun bahasa SMS. Tapi kalu kat blog tu, agak2 la wei. Takkan tak cukup space kot.

Contoh perkataan yang susut suku kata:
  • Aku --> Ak
  • Tetapi --> Tp --> P
Adeihh. Kalu bleh jadi pendek lagi, aku rase korg mmg bedah perkataan tu abis2! Contoh-contoh ayat yang aku copy secara haram dari belog-belog yang aku malas nak namakan di sini (paham2 sendiri sudah):

"Satu hari die ajk ak g cc. Ak ty die sal nk g cc. Die ckp nk wt surat."

"Psl uwit memanx ley wat aq benganx...dulik pew aq...."

"Avam Joe bkn pe, p dh pening laks nims. Sakit ati pom ade pk bnda tows!"

Hek. Sepatah dua je yang aku paham. Yang lain tu, HARAM aku nak paham! Bace slow2 baru leh phm. Adeiyaa... Aku pening apsal aritu dorg bising giler kalu PPSMI diteruskan. Korg tak bising plak pasal bahasa SMS yang terang-TERANG dah menjatuhkan dan memalukan keindahan serta kesucian bahasa Melayu?? Giler buta hang, hang dan HANG yang pi demostrasi hari tu. Ntah2, mase nak ajak org gi demo tu pun ckp camni, "Jom p demo bgkg ppsmi. Ajk kwn len." Ergh.

Kat SMS aku layan la. Kat YM pun aku tak kisah sebab semua tu berunsurkan perbualan. Tapi kalu kat blog, takkan nak bincangkan sesuatu topik pun guna bahasa SMS?? Fail lah korg nih!

Bahasa SMS semasa menulis blog benar-benar membuatkan aku luak lalu menutup tab blog anda. Jadi, belajarlah menulis dengan ringkas, tapi mudah difahami orang ramai, terutama kami-kami yang dah lanjut usia.

Dem. Aku TER-mengaku. Hahaha!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

On Drugs

Aaaa, not that kind of drugs!

For the last two years, I've been on clean record with NO MEDICAL LEAVES used. This year, I've failed to live up to my own expectations as I've taken 3 days of my medical leaves.

In just a week, I've taken two medical leaves for a pain I wish not to disclose here. Heh. Well, it's enough to just say that the pain was agonizing. I hope my condition will get better.

Nevermind, I deserve them anyway.

After days of fighting the pain, finally last night, I went to a really cool place with Aimar. It's so nice to just chill and chat like we used to when we were friends. I'd like to go there again, and this time, with my family. Aah, don't worry, you are family too! Huhu.

I don't have much to say, really. Off to bed now. It's gonna be a long day tomorrow. Sigh~

Monday, May 18, 2009

She's my mum, she's my tailor!

This post is about my mum. No, nothing lovey-dovey here.

My mum is a tailor who does her sewing from home. Since my mum just moved to Shah Alam, she lost all her customers back in Kuantan. Thus, she needs some sort of advertising to promote her service.

When I was young, I was into Bharatanatyam, a classical indian dance. My mum sew all my Bharatanatyam costumes, which is made out of silk saree and involves heavy pleats on the front. Err...I'm not showing of my skills here (which I doubt I have any now), but it's an example of what my mum could offer as a tailor, and trust me, it's a complicated one! Huhu.

Give her your measurement, or a sample, and she can produce the top, pants and skirts that you want. My mum also sews baju kurung, baju kurung kedah, Punjabi dress, saree blouse, curtains and many more. In fact, all my baju kurung were tailor-made by her.

It will take between 1 to 2 weeks to complete your dress, but it also depends on what you're asking for. Two nights ago, I asked my mum to complete a simple top for me to attend a friend's engagement the next morning. And she completed it in 2 hours 30 minutes! Maybe I'll post a picture of it later.

So, give my mum a call at 017-2076558, leave me a comment, or e-mail me. This service is available in the Klang Valley. If you're not from the Klang Valley, yet you're interested, you can still buzz her. I'm sure we could arrange something for you. In fact, my mum had posted a dress to a friend of mine in Sabah before.

The price? Very reasonable!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Being a Good Listener

Listen up girls!

This is a gentle reminder to girls (who are rational and mature) to STOP whining and go gossip with the others! Ahaa~

One week ago, an old friend (who only calls when she is in a mess) called me. Apparently, she just broke up with her boyfriend. She was crying and WHINING over the phone (I wonder why I never called any of my friend then). She was complaining that her now ex-boyfriend had been avoiding her for the past few days and she couldn't understand it. She even saw him at an event and he was talking and chatting happily with a group of friends as though NOTHING happened while she ran back to the toilet to control her tears.

Half way through the conversation, I stopped her and asked,

"A***, who asked for the break-up?"

"I did."

"So, why are you whining as though he is at fault for avoiding you?"


"You're good at many things, A***. You play notes by ear, you studied medicine, and yet, simple things like this, you, ergh. You asked for it. Many girls makes this mistake. I've been there too. But you have to remind yourself that you made the decision, not him. When he attempted to get back, kau jual mahal pulak. A***, you know me, and you know I cannot tolerate this. You're very lucky that he attempted to get back with you. Sape suruh kau jual mahal. I never got that, A***. I never..."

*Indirectly, I was saying, PADAN MUKA KAU!*

(silence, well, more like sobbing at the other end)

"I don't know how you're going to digest whatever I said. Or maybe you don't want to. I'm being frank, I hope you understand. I would like to listen to your problems. I want to be a good listener. But what is a good listener if I only encourage you to hate yourself or hate him more."

There was silence between us for almost a minute. I don't know how she would react to my advise. At that point, I thought that I've said too much. In my previous relationship, I was the one who asked for the break-up. My now ex-boyfriend agreed to break-up and surprisingly went TOTALLY silent for the next few months. When I asked for the break-up, I thought I was being rational and all. But after the break-up, I sort of regretted it and started calling and texting him. Unfortunately, he was VERY firm (or so, I thought) with his decision to move on. When I realize that I will not be accepted by him ANYMORE, I moved away from every memory I have of him.

No matter how much I begged, I never blamed him for not accepting me back into his life. No matter how bad I felt, I never stopped him from moving on. Because I knew that I deserved it in every way. I ASKED FOR IT. So, why would I want to stop him from moving on, catching up with life, or better, turning onto a new leaf.

Finally I told her that I was gonna hang up and maybe she should call me when she is sober. She agreed and ended the conversation with a simple thanks.

Two days ago, she rang me. And yes, she was sober. She begin to admit her mistakes and she begin to understand how a guy would feel after a break-up when she consulted a guy friend. Before, she was holding on to so much grudge over her boyfriend, now, she is prepared to face the decision SHE MADE.

I've learnt that being simply a good listener isn't always the best option (errr... is it an option???). If you're only listening but you fail to identify the right reactions to the crisis at hand, you're actually making things worst. You might lead her to think that whatever she thinks is correct.

Being a good listener comes with great responsibility. Kawan semasa suka duka doesn't mean that you should agree to all the reactions your friend gives during a crisis. You're suppose to lead, give good examples and criticize. So that she won't end up thinking that she is the only person going through hell while the rest of the world enjoys dancing in the rain. If she is really a friend, she will understand what you want her to understand. If she cannot take criticism, something wrong somewhere la!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


What an empty feeling... I've not been concentrating on ANYTHING since morning. Maybe I should stop this feeling. No, not maybe. I should.

I wish you knew me better than this. At least I'm not the one who swee-... nevermind.

I'll be fine tomorrow. If not tomorrow, maybe Saturday. If not Saturday, maybe Sunday. If not Sunday, maybe not any other day.

* Ida, I need a ride to Muar.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Semasa di kolej satu ketika dahulu (takde la lame sangat yer), datang je awal bulan, aku akan menunggu arahan member serumah untuk membelikan beliau majalah REMAJA. Kalau tiada arahan, aku akan offer sendiri untuk tolong belikan.

Nape aku beriya benar belikan beliau REMAJA? Sebab aku sendiri tak sabar nak baca REMAJA! Haha. Takdelah. Aku tidak taksub membaca REMAJA kerana majalah itu suka copy paste artikel dari majalah CLEO. Aku lebih senang membaca CLEO. Lagipun, kalau REMAJA copy paste, sah-sah dah kene lalu censorship. Apa barang baca majalah camtu! Takde syiokk la bai! Haha.

Setebal-tebal REMAJA tu (tebal lagi make-up Anita Sarawak), aku hanya akan mencari satu mukasurat.

Muka hadapan REMAJA.

Yeahh, itu adalah mukasurat yang paling seronok untuk dilihat! Macam-macam kaedah photoshop yang akan digunakan untuk mencantikkan gadis yang memang dah kurang cantik semulajadi. Kulit muka jadi licin macam kulit buku. Rambut jadi sihat menawan (Sunsilk tak bley lawan la wei!). Hidung jadi mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong. DLL lagi. Seronok betul duduk mengkaji sudut mana yang kena photoshop sambil puji2 kehebatan staf REMAJA yang begitu teliti melakukan masking, layering, levelling, DLL.

Ahh, dah ada orang bising. Yer, memang CLEO pun banyak photoshop gambar. Tapi, agak susah lah nak detect sebab tanpa segan silu aku katakan, staf CLEO memang lebih hebat dari staf REMAJA. Bongkak bongkak. Kenyataan pahit yang perlu anda telan. Tak kira! Telan gak!

Eh, jap. Aku nak tarik balik kata-kata pada perenggan di atas boleh? Huhu. Aku baru perasan, pada mukasurat 75, majalah CLEO bulan Mei 2009, ada sedikit kecacatan pada perut ramping-pumping cik model tu. Bagi pembaca lelaki, jaga tatatertib anda ketika menatap gambar di bawah.

Aduhhh!! Mana pi pusat hang???!!!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Malam tadi, ada kenalan lama yang mesej aku. Aku tak kenal sangat dia nih, tapi sejak mendapat no telefon aku, suke betul ajak aku keluar. Terus terang cakap, aku cuak bila ada orang yang kurang dikenali tiba-tiba teringin sangat nak berjumpa aku. Aku tau la aku ni peramah, mesra, periang, suka berkongsi ilmu aku sebagai seorang Research Scientist yang mempunyai degree dalam bidang Cognitive Science dengan CGPA 3.36 *giler menganjing*. Tapi tiap kali orang yang kurang dikenali mengajak, aku berfikiran serong. Orang ni nak ajak join MLM ke?

Ergh. Aku SANGAT tak suke Multi-Level Marketing.

Mengikut pengalaman sendiri dan ahli-ahli Sepeket, sape2 yang join MLM, secara tidak langsung akan kehilangan kawan sedikit demi sedikit. Kalu tak hilang pun, menyepi atau pura-pura lost contact. Yang tinggal, upper management, downline dan member networking. Itu kawan juga. Tapi kawan yang punya niat dan kepentingan masing-masing.

Ketika aku masih menuntut ilmu di menara gading (giler skema), ada beberapa kawan aku yang join MLM nih. Nak cari duit lebih kata mereka. Aku paham, tapi aku sangat TAK SUKA dengan cara mereka mendapatkan modal mereka. Menipu sini, menipu sana. Duit PTPTN member sendiri digunakan. Yang lagi teruk, ada yang sanggup mintak dengan KAKAK kepada member sendiri dengan alasan mak ayah kat kampung nak gadai tanah sebab dah tak dapat sapot keluarga. Watdefak. Mungkin mereka tak kisah menipu sebab mereka rasa boleh pulangkan wang tu bila dah ada downline. Ahh, whatever, bila korang tipu je, aku dah hilang respek.

Cara kotor untuk mendapatkan downline membuatkan aku lagi menyampah, menyumpah dan err... ape2 lah! Sebijik kereta Celica ditayang2 depan restoran macam milik sendiri. Diwar-warkan pada budak-budak mentah bagaimana MLM telah mengubah hidup dia dari moto kapcai ke Celica. Ditekan-tekan jika mereka menjadi downline, 4 atau 5 bulan lagi you boleh la beli RX8 atau Fairlady idaman. Padahal, kereta Celica yang sama itu digunakan oleh ahli2 MLM yang lain untuk mengumpan downline masing2!

Aku tak berniat jahat nak kondem MLM yang tengah HOTT dan TOPP nih. Tapi, pengalaman mengajar aku supaya berhati-hati dengan mereka yang menjaja MLM. Kawan makan kawan. Tak pun, kawan makan kawan kepada kawan. Eh, paham ke?? Haha. Sori la kalau aku ada pembaca di kalangan famili ceria MLM. Jangan la tutup tab ni wei!

Aku juga ada kawan yang sudah berjaya mendapatkan kereta mewah idamannya hasil dari MLM. Tahniah! Cuma, aku harap kau fikirkan masa hadapan kau. Aku pasti kereta itu dibayar secara ansuran. MENIPU LA SANGAT KALAU CASH. *Ke kete kompeni??* Sampai bila boleh cari downline? Yer, aku tau, kalau cukup downline takyah cari dah. Duit masuk je tiap bulan. Tapi, apa jadi kalau downline quit? Ajak hasben kau berfikir sejenak, oke? ;)

Alamak. Niat aku untuk menulis entri pendek sudah menjadi panjang. Poin sebenar aku adalah untuk memberi amaran kepada mereka2 diluar sana yang sedang mencari downline.


Kalau kau carik jugak, aku suh Aimar potong kasik anjing. Teruja sebentar.

* Apsal aku makin berfikiran lucah nih?? Sape ajar? Sape?? Sape?? SAPE???!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Cik Pin dan Tomok

Bukak tv, nampak Tomok. Bukak paper, cerita Tomok. Bukak internet, Tomok LAGI. Bukak radio, dengar lagu Rihanna - ergh, tak suke. Bukak seluar, fiuhh! Naseb baek Tomok takde! Haha~

Ok la, kepada Cik Pin, TAHNIAH. Tomok dah menang walaupun kau tak undi sesen pun! Yer2, aku tau, dia BUKAN Tomok yang dulu. Dia dah hebat. Dah cool. Dah macho. Dah tinggi. Dah ensem. Rambut dah emo.

Dan dah pandai curik2 buat middle finger.

Erk. Lalala~

* Bukan aku photoshop yer. Tade mase i! Salahkan Kak Hanim yang bukak KOSMO! Online pagi tadi! Lalala~
* Tukar nama la Tomok! Macam nama kucing jek. Shah Indrawan tu kan sangat stylo milo.

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