Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hair Fix

For more than a month now, I've been wondering what to do with my hair. Snip it off, curl it, shag it, straighten it, you name it - I've thought of it all. I've got to do SOMETHING with my growing hair. Yet, I don't seem to know what I want! Darn it.

I don't like Amy Winehouse's songs, neither do I like the attitude. So, it kinda scares me to think that the time will come when I have a bee hive up on my head like hers! Yikes~

I finally narrowed-down my hairstyle ideas to three:
  1. Cut my hair shoulder length like Nicole Richie. But it might also require some treatment ehh. To leave it soft and shiny! Haha!
  2. Have curls like Emma Roberts from the ear downwards. I've done it before and loved it. It doesn't make me look boring... Haha. Yeahh, I am boring people rite now!
  3. I want Ashlee Tisdale's hair!!! How to achieve that?? Grrrr.... I don't know!! Haha. Perhaps, I'll just end up doing treatment. Just to get back my natural wave with less split ends and NO Amy Winehouse bee hive.

I was also thinking of straightening my hair, BUT with ONE CONDITION - I will not wear my lenses anymore. I will give that hairdo a geeky look - yeahh, back to black-framed glasses. Smart eh? Huhu. But Cik Pin said maintenance of such hair is beyond our salary can pay. Haha. I'll take that as a NO from her.

Whatever I'm gonna do with my hair, I will NOT end up looking pretty and dolled-up for Grammy's like the rest above (EXCEPT Amy Winehouse). See, I AM a realistic person - yes, I am talking to you ST.

p.s. Cik Pin suggested some some hairstyles, but they were just WAAAYYY-TOOOOO-CUTE for me! Haha.

another p.s. I'm not a lesbo - in case you think I've been putting up pictures of Ashlee Tisdale a lil too many times. Oh wait, you didn't think so?? Ahhh. I am intoxicated. Haha.

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callister said...

i will definitely vote for nicole richie..
sweet and neat..

bongkersz said...

just do like me, keep it bald and neat :P

ps: callister, i want to see also :D

callister said...

ala bong..
ko laki bong..
tapi smart gak pompuan botak...

atreyu strange said...

yeahh, i like nicole richie's... but i also like emma robert's. and ashley tisdale's. ergh!! wat the heck! i STILL can't make up my mind!!

hey bong, does it hurt your brain if the rain starts falling on your bald head?? haha. i dont want any haemorrhage!!

Aimar said...

i vote 4 no 2.. u look sexy with that hairstyle..

atreyu strange said...

So, I don't look sexy now?? Aihhh.... Like I said, I'm boring. Uhuk2.

Aimar said...

i mean, MORE sexy la dear..skrg ni pun dh sexy..lg2 bile time ko tutup mulut menahan kesakitan..huhuhu..

BantaL Busuk said...

va va va
syabas bete..
u r officially known as sexy jen

(guling-guling mcm tenggiling)

i vote for Richie's doter.. new style for u aite?

atreyu strange said...

Err... I think I've done the Richie style too. Huhu.

(ta perlu la guling2 camtu. segan ahh jadi mmbr ko. malukan aku jek..)

cik bit said...

saya mau vote jugakk
no 1 please..

apatah no 1..
tp cam cun je..hahhaaa

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