Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey perempuan wanfarahmalek

Mode: Takmau berkias-kias kat blog.

You seriously think you are gonna stay YOUNG forever? Just because you are what, 22 this year, you seriously think you're not gonna grow older?

I won the Samsung Corby. So, you think you got a Corby and want to give it for free? Yeaahh, I know, after all the phone is only RM699. And I also know, I ain't a rich-and-spoilt kid like you. My dad is a lorry driver who drinks and hits on his wife and kids. And now, he is NO LONGER MY DAD. I pay rent for the house my mum lives in. Pay fees for my brothers education. What do you do for your family? NOTHING, I BET. Berlagak dengan kekayaan won't bring you nowhere. When you DIE, you DIE alone.

You seriously think I like PINK??!! Haha. Bodoh ke ape, aku pun tak tau! If you didn't know the post is an indirect entry to a contest, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don't make stupid conclusions, okay? Nanti you dah jadi dokte, I takut u buat conclusion bodoh2.

Aku bajet One Malaysia?? Yuck. Too start off with, I don't even like that term One Malaysia. You must be someone who doesn't know politic AT ALL. OMG, I need to laugh at YOUR FACE.

Tak suke itam? Tapi ko masuk jugak jenguk2 blog ni.

Ok lah, nak pegi dating dengan ex-boyfriend you.

Oh wait, HE WASN'T YOUR EX, WAS HE???!!!

If you tak jeles, you DIAM, ok?

* There are plenty of search engine that you can use to search; whatever you think you should search for.
* This entry will be up for about 24 hours, or so, because wanfarahmalek is bad for me and all of you, readers. Really. It's worst than an old disease.
* Eh, jangan la buat private blog tu. You takut org search utk you, ke?
* Sori bai, wa ta reti nak kaver2 sbb kau tu dah mcm taik aku tgk.

Update 9:10 PM:



Anyway, it's not difficult searching for deleted posts. Lol!

psst, alang2 korg SATU RUMAH dah jenguk blog nih, klik2 la Nuffie yg sedang tdo tu! MUAHAHAHAHA..!!
* The boyfriend feels it's unfair for him if I delete this post since I've never deleted my hate entries towards him before, haha. So, I've decided not to!

Friday, January 29, 2010

OMG OMG I can't stop saying OMG!

Sweaty palm. Cold feet. And I can't stop saying OHMIGOD.


I mean, who, WHO would have thought that a FREE SAMSUNG CORBY would come FALLING ON MY LAP??!!!!! Ok - let's not make it fall (for real).

I'm still in shock. And I seriously have to stop saying OMG for the 999-th time now!

Congrats to Sabrina and Jackie. Eh, Jackie same team with me lor. Haha!


Thank a zillion to NUFFNANG and SAMSUNG for making this happen to me!!!

* Wait up for the Corby-Show-Me-Off entry! Haha!
* Someone is gonna hate me more! In your face!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Groupies on the Loose each passing day, I see more and more of

"Menentang tindakan Individu A yang mengatakan bla bla bla ..."

or "Menentang penderhaka B yang mengutuk bla bla bla..."

or "I hate Toot Toot.."

or "We hate Toink Toink.."

on Facebook.

Notice how you and all your friends wants to be part of something there? But do you also notice that there's so much talking, so much insult, so much drama in those group pages, yet, NOTHING IS MOVING? Everyone comes in to mengumpat, add some insult here and there, preach about religion, morale, WTF like your knowledge on religion, morale issue has been accepted by the Almighty. Why? What's the point?

To prove yourself a Malaysian? I.e. by talking and not actions.

To prove that boleh-land boleh take someone down on Facebook?

Sampai kena troll with Obe pun, diorg masih teruskan. Lol.

Screen cap courtesy of Obefiend, so wth, ain't gonna use any blur effect on this!

Seriously, I think it's not that they didn't notice they are being trolled, but they just DON'T KNOW WHAT TROLL MEANS.

Lame. Sick. Insane.

So friends, save your sanity, stay away from groupies like this. It's not only lame, sick and insane, but an insult to your intelligence.

* Dah la. Tanak ckp byk. Nnt ade org bukak group/fan page I Hate Atreyu Strange mcm Obe dah kene tu. Seriously, is he THAT worthy?! LOL!
* Watch what you have to say in Facebook. Someone might just start a hate group for you. Thank God that I am sane and will not do that to anyone. *evil grin*

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MLM: When will they stop harassing me?

With reference to MLM: Katakan TAKNAK.

A girl claiming to be a friend's friend called me last night. I thought something bad had happened to my friend. This girl (let's call her Christina) quickly introduced herself and said,

I was told by Catherina that you're a very ambitious and a business-oriented kinda person,

To which I instantly chuckled and reacted upon,

What lie did she tell you??!!

Truth is, I smell MLM right under her breath! And fact is, I was told of

An internet business opportunity which includes networking and we think you should be our partner too!

*cough cough*

Christina insisted to meet up and discuss our future partnership. I asked her to describe the business over the phone, like,

What do you sell? What service are you offering?

Yet, she said she will explain everything when we meet face to face. I disagreed. I told her I wanted some information before deciding to meet up because I don’t like wasting anybody’s time especially mine. She said that they do have a website but information about the business is only for members. Non-members would not be able to view. Again, she insisted to meet up. And I insisted for more information over the phone. From the tone of her voice, I knew she was growing impatience towards me. I couldn’t hold it any longer either, so I asked,

Are you doing multi-level marketing?

She kept quiet. She must have not prepared a script for this. I asked again. Then she asked,

Why? Do you like multi-level marketing?

Wrong question babe, wrong question.

No. I have no interest at all if it is MLM and we can save your phone bill if you admit it is MLM now.

Surprisingly, she did not disagree NOR admit it. She just said,

Internet business opportunity which includes networking.

Oh heck, if I am not wasting her phone bills, she is wasting my texting time with the boyfriend (it’s night and the only time we have to text one another), so let’s wrap it up!

I’m not interested.

But we haven’t met yet to discuss?

Ouhh, that’s because I just realized how much I despise (hate) "internet business opportunity which includes networking". It comes 2nd after MLM in my scorn list, you know.

Kene menganjing baru paham kot.

Ouhh, so you’re not interested?

Nope. Not interested! Thanks for calling. Tell Catherina, she can erase me from her phonebook. Bye!

And I hung up the phone.

I wanted to text Catherina and ask why didn’t she call me herself, but soon realized that I don’t have her number because it was lost in the other phone! Like seriously, why does A COMPLETE STRANGER has to be the one calling me?

Ouhh well, won’t need it anymore.

Foot Note: There have been a few fairly successful Multi-Level Marketing companies over the years but for the most part MLM companies succeed only at making the founders rich while filling participants’ garages with boxes of unsellable and sometimes unuseable products. Ref.

p.s. Joining MLM may be cool. But being friends with Jen (a.k.a atreyu strange a.k.a. me!) is uber cool. And yes, I created that phrase. Uber cool. Cool, huh?

p.s.2. Names have not been changed to not protect the individuals identity.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rundown: Color Me Corby Carnival

As promised, this is the wrap up post of the Color Me Corby Carnival which has taken place on the 16th of January, 2010 at Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park. Here's the entry I wrote to gain entry to this carnival.

Everyone was really excited. When I got my goodie bag, I was pretty disappointed that I did not get the orange t-shirt. I got a white t-shirt instead. Haha. Ok, that was A LIE. C’mon, WHO DOESN’T WANT TO BE IN THE ORANGE TEAM AT THIS POINT???

So anyway, we were divided into four teams; the distinction by Samsung Corby colors. Introducing;

Lucky thing they provided breakfast for us. I was starving; hence the empty sandwich box in the picture below. Haha.

I took part in the first and second game. First game requires us to tie a balloon around the ankle; then charge towards the opponent team and try to burst their balloon by stomping on it; to which the organizer later decided hands can be used as well. I sustained a slight bruise on my knee, nothing major.

So as you see in the picture above, we have the yellow team going against the pink team and a red shirt - oh shhiaaattt, forgot to introduce! Introducing our excellent emcee of the day:

Next game is tarik tali in the water! We lost in the first round, but won the second round. Super excited about getting wet (although I did not bring any change of clothes!).

Then, off we go to the wall climbing section. I did not try this game though coz I thought, “LET’S LEAVE IT TO THE PRO BEBEH!!” And our team managed to grab THREE, I repeat, THREE BALLOONS when suddenly the organizer decided to change the rules here. (Team Yellow, take note here; as you are not the only team that FEELS you were judged unfairly).

BUT you know, being the modest, kind, calm, gentle, soft-spoken and peaceful team that we are (stop puking, will you?), we just abide by the judge’s decision and let loose. Besides, we gotta show Nara yang sibuk kontrol macho sana sini that we're such cool people. Ohh, such an adorable team we make! *giggles*

I believe that the final game is the most awaited game. Oh c’mon, who doesn’t want to hurt another being in a game of PAINTBALL??!! That’s plain quack, quack, chicken and duck quack! Almost everyone in my team wanted to play. Although I was picked to play, I decided to switch my place with another team member. Seeing some disappointed face is what I dislike most especially when we’re suppose to enjoy the moment. As they say, “Giving is better than taking”. And it DOES feel better. *Gosh, I'm so adorable - haha!*

So, at the end of the day;

Orange team went home with a brand new Samsung Corby each.
Yellow team went home with much bruises; mentally – so I’ve heard.
Pink team pretended like nothing happened.
White team was missing in action.


We went to have some fun playing archery, flying fox, and kayaking! After all, it’s FREE ADMISSION BEBEH!!! And a great way to mend a broken heart for not winning the Samsung Corby. Gaaaahhh!!!


Pictures credit to:
Shahroll Photography, Vivien S., Nuffnang Fan Page, Google Image Search.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haiti Earthquake

Until I stop thinking about the Haiti earthquake, I can't begin to write a jovial blog post like the Corby Carnival summary, or the LG phone contest. Every where I turn, it's about the disaster that shook Haiti. I seriously feel very uneasy about this.

I guess those entries have got to wait until I sort my head out.

I'm gonna dig something out tonight. No, not the taik hidung.

Until then, please, please, please, kamu jangan nakal DONATE HERE.

************* Update 22/01/2010:

So anyway, after digging in the closet, I found this dress that I've bought for my sister's college dinner or something. She NEVER wore it. In the last minute, they changed the theme, so red wasn't an option anymore.

Sorry for the bad picture quality. But I assure it's one heck of a dress for the evening!

So, I'm gonna put it up on sale here. Let's see if anyone wants to buy it. Price tag was at RM 50 and so is now. You can bargain with me, but just bare in mind that ALL PROFIT will be donated to the Haiti Fund that was set up by UNICEF. So, if you think you want to help in someway or another, let's just leave it at RM 50, okay?

You give the RM 50, you get the dress, and some 100 children in Haiti gets one packet of Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) each so they don't die.

Do we have a deal here?


* Interested individuals can leave your trail in the comment section below, or reach me via e-mail at atreyustrange[at]
* COD in Klang Valley only. Postage to other states will be on me!
* Copy this url: and drop it everywhere you go to help me spread the love!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Color Me Corby Carnival

WHITE team went for fun to WIN.

But we

Helmi, Razi and Suria - nice to meet you guyz. Flying Fox jadi tempat lepas geram.

Okeh, nak pergi lari2 masuk bilik, peluk bantal dan nangis puas2.

Jangan kacau.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Susah aku, susah lagi mereka

Pagi tadi masa nak keluar rumah, aku seperti biasa bagi mak aku RM50 untuk belanja mingguan. Aku dah angkat beg nak blah gi kerja, adik aku cakap, "Akka, I need to buy the PBSM pants."

Mengeluh kecil. Dalam hati.

"How much?"

"Should be around RM30", mak aku menyampuk.

Mengeluh lagi. Dalam hati juga.

"Ma, I only got RM40. No more money in the bank. We buy the pants next week. I try to borrow from someone later." Dalam hati terfikir the boyfriend. Tapi hutang kereta beliau harus setel dulu. Tak boleh.

Pini, kau mesti boleh tolong aku kan? Thanks! Hak hak hak..

But that is least the point yang aku nak highlight dalam entri nih.

Aku nak mintak bantuan korang semua sebenarnya. Bukan untuk aku. Untuk rakan blogger. Aku dah lama mengikuti blog dia. Banyak informasi menarik, terutama bila dia memberi nasihat. Kadang2 sependapat, kadang2 aku tak setuju 120%! Tapi aku SANGAT jarang meninggalkan komen. 100 kali visit, 2 kali komen. I stalk the blog, but am a silent reader.

Baru-baru ni ada satu entri bro Megat yang betul2 buat aku tersentak. Buat aku fikir masalah aku di atas tu takleh nak compare LANGSUNG dengan masalah dia.

Bagi yang tak pernah mengikuti kisah bro Megat, beliau mengidap satu penyakit yang sangat sukar diubati. Sakit apa? Persoalan yang bagus. Kerana beliau sendiri masih tidak mampu menjawab. Yang pasti, keadaan kesihatan beliau telah banyak memberi impak kepada pekerjaan beliau sehingga dipaksa untuk berhenti kerja. Kalau dah sakit, kena berhenti kerja pula, mana nak cari duit? Takde duit, macam nak bagi duit belanja anak-anak? Makan bagaimana? Rumah pula?

Walaupun aku dilanda macam2 masalah keluarga, aku tahu masalah dia memang jauh lebih teruk dari aku. Aku baru dicabar untuk 8 bulan. Beliau dicabar Tuhan hampir (atau lebih?) 2 tahun. Dia sakit, aku tak sakit. Dia tak bekerja, aku bekerja. Memang tak adil kalau aku mahu mengeluh panjang pun.

Aku pasti entri itu adalah jalan terakhir untuk beliau meminta bantuan dari rakan2 blogger. Dia TAKNAK isteri dan terutama anak-anak yang suffer! Dia seorang bapa. Dan dia seorang bapa yang bertanggungjawab. Aku benar2 respek bro Megat dan mahu membantu sebab aku PERNAH mempunyai seorang bapa yang bertanggungjawab.

Tapi, nak belikan seluar PBSM adik aku pun takde duit, ni kan pulak nak memberi sumbangan kepada bro Megat. Bagaimana mahu tolong?

Nasib baik ada plan baeekk punya yang dimulakan oleh Ir. Hydir!

Setiap blog yang meletakkan ribbon yang macam kat sebelah tu akan secara tidak langsung menyumbang RM1 kepada bro Megat. Letak kat sidebar ke, mane2 yang visible selama seminggu sehingga 17/01/10 dan pastikan kita maklumkan kepada Ir. Hydir menerusi blog entri beliau.

So, aku letak ribbon ni untuk seminggu dan harap dengan RM 1 ni anak dia dapat enjoy makan pisang goreng yang panas2 dengan kawan2 kat skolah!

Korang taknak tolong ke? Nak tolong, baca sini.

Kalu korang ada duit terlebih-lebih, masukkan terus sumbangan yang berjuta-juta lemon tu ke akaun bro Megat ye!
No Akaun CIMB – 0123 0015 4575 21
No Akaun Maybank – 1010 7541 8124
Nama Penuh – Faisal Amirul Othman
Korang takut aku tipu ke? Aku tak paksa tapi dah ada banyak gila testimoni dari rakan2 blogger bro Megat. Plus, ia sangat mudah dilakukan. Cuma letak ribbon kat blog dan inform. Tak perlu pun tulis blog entri macam aku nih. Aku tulis pun sebab aku terfikir nasib diri sendiri. Uhuk2..

Psst, taknak tolong aku ke? Kwang3~

p.s. Nama sebenar bro Megat adalah seperti di atas. Megat hanyalah nama pena.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

1Malaysia, 2Standards

When a certain someone and his konco-konco is unhappy with a court decision, he explicitly allows demonstrations to protest against the court decision and you do not see it as being a threat to national security. Tell me, isn’t that double standard?

Too much emphasis has been put on the ‘Allah’ word controversy. Wake up my dear Muslim friends; show me prove that it has been spelled out in the Holy Quran or Hadith that other religions cannot use the word ‘Allah’, when it is only a translation of the word God from Arabic language. Can’t you see that these people are messing with your minds?

This is an embarrassing moment for Malaysians, wait, let me rephrase that.

This is an embarrassing moment for the Peninsular people. That’s right, for the Peninsular people. Why? Because Christians in Sabah and Sarawak has been using the word 'Allah' in reference of God since God-knows-when! I’ve heard it myself. My uncle uses it. My aunt uses it. Are the Muslims there confused? Do you hear any Muslim politicians from Sabah and Sarawak going against the court decision as well?

The controversy is the talk of the nation right now. But my friends in Borneo are just shrugging and worst, laughing at us. Media from around the world has also begun to take interest in this issue. Several religious groups has also commented and responded to this controversy.

But why am I, a Hindu, taking such an interest in this issue you may ask? Well, for a start, I am a Malaysian who wants peace and harmony despite of all our cultural diversity. Plus, I am pissed off with the blah-dee government which seems more interested to divert the rakyats attention to some so-called national sensitivity rather than spending more time to assess and rectify the economic situation. Gula 1kg naik 20 sen, roti Gardenia naik 30 sen? Korang letak 1.5kg gula dalam satu bungkus roti ke??!!! @#$%^&*!!!

In before the kepala lembu protest.

* I do not know much about Islam, but I do my homework to learn and respect another religion. Do you?
* 1Malaysia? We are back to square one!

Monday, January 04, 2010

How NOT to solve a Rubik's cube

I was in the bus this morning and I sat next to a girl who I’d suppose is in her early 20s. In the course of the bus ride, she took out a nicely done Rubik's cube from her bag.

And that was when I remembered I left the Rubik's cube at home! THE END.

No lah.

As I was saying, she took out the Rubik's cube. She moved the cube around and stared at it as if studying the cube. Then she started pushing the cube left to right, top to bottom, etc etc etc..

I tried to study her moves. I tried to digest the method she was using.

Damn, this is some difficult method that she must be using!, I thought to myself.

Ten minutes later, the cube is not solved - yet. Although, it was AMAZING that she had solved one face of the cube!

I stared at her in amazement. She must think that I am bedazzled. Well, I am. I was so bedazzled; I wanted to tell her, Aiyo tanggechi, if you blindly do like this, until WHEN oso you won't solve it la! Go youtube and find the MANY methods on how to solve a Rubik's cube la tanggechi!

Come to think of it again, I wanted to grab the cube from her and solve it for her! But my stop is only a minute away from my thought, so I canceled my ego thought because my record is at 2 mins 17 secs. @#$%^&!!! UBER SLOW compared to all these blah-dee-pure-awesomeness people!:

I envy them. Let me just stab myself repeatedly now...

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Hi 2010

Happy BELATED New Year.
I just want to have a good life.
But a new year is not gonna make it happen.
I am.


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