Sunday, November 30, 2008

Positive Thinking

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” - Winston Churchill.

It is the end of November.
The month where I share my birthday with many of my friends.
It is the month I vow to start fresh with my life.
The month I told myself that I should leave a completed chapter, and move on to a new chapter.

And to open a new chapter, I shall start by being POSITIVE.
Believe that there is a good reason/cause for everything that went wrong.
And for all the bummers we had a day or two days before our next birthday, it is simply to complete and summarize a year from your life.
It also reminds us that there will be much to come ahead.

You are living TODAY. Not tomorrow.
And a good preparation for tomorrow is to be POSITIVE.
If this has been a difficult year, turn it around.

Some consider the subject of positive thinking as plain nonsense.
Others feel it is the denial process of hypocrites.
But it is never wrong to think for the best.
It is also never wrong to be confident with life.

* My decent entry ends here. The next few line may cause some stir.

To a good friend,
Even if she deserves you, you DON'T deserve her.
It's plain BULLSHIT for her to hurt you today.
It annoys us to see you this way.
Even if she regretted her actions.

BUT, we also know that it takes time.
Just leave this chapter at some point, okay?
This announcement is brought to you by: KECIK AND JEN.

To ST, NH and who-ever-else, forget about lady doctors! I'm here. Ahaa. *mereng*

4 other story teller(s):

Najwa_La said...

Jen, u dunno me
but im a gud fwen of his
well, to tell u d truth
it annoys me a long time ago
hearing stories from him
what im saying is
i agree...

C i k P i N said...

i waited for u in ma living room wit all the 'totos' and 'tilams' and pillows and hot milo so dat we can have pillow talk..(erk~)

but u sent me sms saying u wanted to mery go round d KL.. how cud u!!!

p.s lagi skali tomyam pak ali.. or else.. kete org laen yang akan jadi mangsa..hahhahahaha~

atreyu strange said...

Najwa, we should meet so we could knock his head together. Ahaa.

CikPin, sori eh. Aku kene kidnap mlm tu. Naseb baek drg tak mintak tebusan ngan ko. Kalu tak, gadai itu Fairuz laa!! Heh~

cik bit said...

hahaahaha..pkran aku menjadi nyata ropanya..

pin: lain kali ko suh dia byr booking bilik umah ko..maka dia akn pulang ke sana utk redeem..

jen: aku pon +ve

najwa: aku nk join sama ketuk kpala dia

kwn jen yg d perkatakn: MOVE ON!!!jgn d bazirkn masa lg

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