Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Day Late

Erm, isn't that the same title as a song by Anberlin? Hmmm..

Anyway, I turned a year older (and hopefully wiser) yesterday. Ahaa. Thanks to my family and friends who called and had sent me sms to remind me that I am getting older and the time has come to get a boyfriend, bla bla. Haha.

I started my day by getting some fresh air. Intended to jog, but erm, Bit, those lil kids has NO IDEA about jogging, do they?? Haha. Well, I don't mind all that because what's more important is being with friends, and having a good laugh. And thanks for the blackforest cake. Mmuaahh~

I don't mean to sound pathetic or anything here, but I am not a person who gets many gifts for her birthday. Really. I remember a few birthday gifts though. Like the necklace my cousins bought me last year. It was very beautiful, and when I wear it, friends thought that it's a gift from a boyfriend. Huhu.

This time around, hmmmm... I think the cake can be considered as a gift right? I'm not grumbling, really. Because I've always told myself that the best gift is not given. It's when I make someone happy, like Stella's boyfriend who was at one point, became much more emo than I am. And UNICEF. Yes, UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund. Yesterday, I went to Midvalley where UNICEF had a booth, and I have signed up to the Direct Debit Donor Programme (DDDP), a donation drive launched by UNICEF to help support programmes that focuses on education, child protection and fighting AIDS/HIV. By pledging only RM38 monthly which is done through a standing instruction from my bank account, I think I can make someone else happy too. A pat on my back.

To spoil myself and to get myself a birthday gift, I went looking for a giraffe in Sunway Pyramid today. No, not a REAL giraffe, a soft toy. I want to replace Bonggo and Kokobe. Those two, are teddy bears. This time, I want something different. If I couldn't get a giraffe, I'll get something else to hug, but not teddies. Perhaps, Patrick Starfish? or Mr Burton! Ahaa. I'll hunt again next week! I'm not desperate for one, so it could take some time before I get a nice one to cuddle at night. Hehe~

Looking forward for Madagascar 2!!!

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cik bit said...

hepi beday jen
aku da nyanyi ari 2..
xpe laa..kurang2 kita da ajr kanak2 2 bersenam..aku pon tatau aaa
diorg 2 tau ke x jogging 2 hapa..hahahaha

BantaL Busuk said...

joging= melihat tasik terbentang luas
joging= memakai kasut sukan dan baju tido mlm tadi
joging= mengepau mokcik, bun, roti dan muffin di Alamanda

itula takrifan joging yang aku nampak dr kaca mata kanak-kanak itu

Sweet Thinker said...

ep bday gak! huhu!

Anonymous said...

kalau jen bgtau awal2 ari tu aku leh order anak giraffe tok jen. spongebob x nak ke. cam best je leh kembang kempis.

atreyu strange said...

adik aku ader spongebob, nnt dia ckp aku tiru. hehe. xpe wei, offer masih VALID lagi ni. bg la, bg la, bg laaaa... ehehe~

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