Friday, November 28, 2008

Strange is Writing

I've been trying to write an entry, but there's just too many things going in parallel right now. Anger, stress, joy and laughter, all in a bundle, thrown onto a petite body and soul like mine.

So, for the time being, let me distract you to this page here. I write them during my spare time. Some writing are as old as 4 years, some are still fresh. And it sometimes reflect how I feel, what I am going through, or what I see in others.

I've only posted a few up to today. It takes some time to search for my older writings. Some were destroyed by virus attacks on my lappy so I have to search through my cds to see if I keep a copy of my writings somewhere.

Someone told the world that he liked what I have written. But soon that world had to be erased. Ahaa. I am sorry if some do not understand what I mean here (Yeahh, I feel sober now). I am full of personal stories. After all, this is a personal blog. I hope you don't hate that blog. It may not be great, but it's my personal writing too.

I'll be writing an entry for this blog when my mind is clearer. It's time to balance off my writings with a decent entry soon.

* I hope to have a good weekend.
** Some people are just plain lucky. But I believe this is karma.

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Aimar said...

Nak aku tulis balik ke entry yang aku padam tu?

atreyu strange said...

takyah la wei. aku dah announce kat dunia nih. ahaa.

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