Monday, November 10, 2008

Open Source CMS

What is a good open source CMS to build an interactive portal to share files, upload/download files, has a discussion board (forum), multiple sections and sub-menus, and has a blog-like content?

I've just got a domain that I am planning to share with my friends, to build a portal for the Cognitive Science community, especially for all those who are struggling to understand or even define Cognitive Science.

I know my way around Joomla, but I am still open to try out other types of open source CMS. Or perhaps I should code my own?? That's going to be difficult, but GOOD for my portfolio eh? Hmmm..

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NoktahHitam said...

Good for your CV/ Resume not for portfolio.

After a few years, Joomla is still buggy. Do you think you have what it takes to debug your own CMS? Unless you love working day and night, then why not.

Work smart. Dont reinvent the wheel. Understand Joomla, write a few component or plugin. That would be good for both your portfolio and CV.

atreyu strange said...

Damn right Joomla is buggy! And yeah, I had to fix some bugs.

Grrr...resume? Ok laa...ahaha~

Sweet Thinker said...

taukey besar dah turun! hehe!

atreyu strange said...

Owh, yes! The guru has spoken!~

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