Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka Playlist Sounds Sober Than Yesterday...

First of all, it's the 51st anniversary of Independence Day for Malaya. I won't say Malaysia coz aku dh kena 'sound' ngan mmbr2 from Sarawak! Haha~ Yer2, kmk nunggu sampe 16 Sept baru kmk madah ya samat merdeka sama ktkorg eh. Iboh marah. Huh.

Now, as for todays playlist, I've got a mix of some English songs and some Indonesian songs. It's been awhile since I listen to Indonesian tracks and I've not listen to The Perishers in a while. So, I'm playing a mix of old and new stuffs too.

Here it goes. Too bad, this time, it's NOT AVAILABLE for download. Heh~

1. The Perishers - In the Blink of an Eye
2. The Perishers - Someday
3. Kerispatih - Tapi Bukan Aku
4. Tangga - Kesempatan Kedua
5. Samson - Penantian Hidup
6. Drive - Berhenti Sekarang

2,3 and 4 describes exactly how I feel right now... When will my playlist come back to its rocky edge??!! Aihh...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Night Before

Today is the eve of Malaysia's 51st Independence Day. I am having a lot of mixed feelings today. For one moment, I am happy. For another, I am sad. What is to become of Malaysia? I hope for the best. Will 'the best' be soon?

Meanwhile, let us put our egos aside, and think, what have we done for our Chinese friend, our Iban colleague, our Malay neighbour? Did we treat them right today? What about that Indian lady who use to ride the same bus as you? Have you ever given up your seat to her?

I went to watch kids play at a public pool today. Watching them play makes me happy. And that was when I started reflecting on myself, as an individual, as an Indian, as someone's daughter, as a young lady, and most of all, as a Malaysian.

Sharlinie and Asmawi, I hope you are in a better place. Lord, protect them.

And in case you feel like singing along to Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan (theme song for this year's Independence Day), download here:

Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan

Hmm, I still prefer Keranamu!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


RANDOM choice of word. Haha.

Owh, this is definitely NOT a random playlist. It has became a part of my playlist after Mr Nabil Siott asked for it. I'm like Mr AND Mrs Siott's download machine! Woit!! Time aku busy keje, korg jgn la distract aku cari mende alah ni utk korg! Hampeh~

One Republic - Say (All I need)
Coldplay - Viva La Vida

It's some good tracks.

P/S: I hate it when Nabil Siott asks me to download hip hop songs for him. Aihh..I can't believe I just did!

I love random thoughts

1. I'm listening to Falling Up - Fearless (250 and dark stars) over and over again. I think it's a great song with a great lyric. I don't care if they're a Christian band praising the Lord. We all praise the Lord.

2. I think he got over me. I don't know...I still keep him in my YM list. Does he? I'm sure it's a NO.

3. I love to sulk. I think it's 'refreshing' to sulk once in a while. It shows that I have emotion, like you.

4. Sepeket is going to have a gathering tomorrow nite. Where should I stay tomorrow nite? Pin's or Bit's? Hmmmm...

5. I feel like doing sports. Futsal this Saturday? Mane mau cari kaki...sumer nk blk kampung! Chaitt.

6. I need activity. Anyone going jogging? I need to sweat! I love sweat! It gets my mind off things! Where's Chee Eng when I need him? He knows how to torture me with kicks and punches. Yikes. Chee Eng arrr...come back here la...sister calling hoh...

7. I hate MalaysiaHosting2u! They refuse to believe that their server is problematic at times! They think I'm stupid. Allo, excuse me, do you know Adobe Flex 3?! Stupid programming. I wish I never knew it! Let alone web development. I'm crawling liao~

8. Onto my number 8, and I'm listening to One Republic - Say (All I Need).

9. Should I delete him from my YM list? SNAP SNAP!! Get him off my mind! Shooohh shooohhh!!!

10. Tomorrow is going to be hectic. Like today. Aiya, Dr, I told you dy, your PC problem lah! Alignment lari lintang pukang! Prof Martin, save us tomorrow!!

11. Wan, better get the analysis up and running tomorrow. OR, we die together!

12. I think my tummy is shrinking. I eat very little these days. Is it a good thing?

13. Yesterday, someone scare me about breast cancer. Hmm. I should be careful though. But my aunt is an inspiration. She is a beautiful cancer SURVIVOR.

14. My friend just YM-ed me. She had gone thru the KPLI interview. I hope for the best. She's a great friend.

15. I feel like going to the art gallery. And watch art, silently, interpreting it's deepest meaning.

16. I'm running out of idea.... Should I tag someone? Haha. Ok2, I'll stop ranting here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Time Bosan, Ni lah Hobi Aku.

Tp tak maju2 gak kehebatan aku nih. Chaitt!!

Neway, thanx to Jason Gaylor for the Fresh Foliage art brush. You're THE Art dude!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Download my Current Playlist

Erm. Had been wanting to do this for some time. Just, never had the 'time'.

These are few songs I'm listening to currently. Right click to download, i think. Wahaaa~

Butch Walker - Mixtape
This Providence - My Beautiful Rescue
Falling up - Fearless (250 and dark stars)
Falling Up- Escalates
Falling Up - Searchlights
Billy Talent - This Suffering
Billy Talent - Lies
Billy Talent - This is How it Goes
Billy Talent - Worker Bees


Monday, August 25, 2008


This Suffering Lyric

Like a target drawn across my chest
She's a bullet in Russian Roulette
You said you'd never turn your back on me
(Rescue me, rescue me)
Would you stand by me or bury me?
(Bury me)
Why don't we end this lie,
I can't pretend this time
I need a friend to find, my broken mind,
Before it falls to pieces

Every time you try to leave me blind
You'll never close my eyes
You'll never close my eyes and watch me die

And when she spins the bottle round and round
Every time it leaves me gagged and bound
You said you'd never turn your back on me
(Rescue me, rescue me)
Would you stand by me or bury me?
(Bury me)
Why don't we end this lie
I can't pretend this time
I need a friend to find, my broken mind,
Before it falls to pieces

End this lie, I can't pretend this time
I need a friend to find, my broken mind,
Before it falls to pieces
Every time you try to leave me blind
You'll never close my eyes
You'll never close my eyes and watch me die

Misery won't get the best of me
Cause now I'm calling, yes I'm calling on your bluff

Throw down the cards, I've had enough

Why don't we end this lie
I can't pretend this time
I need a friend to find, my broken mind,
Before it falls to pieces
Every time you try to leave me blind
You'll never close my eyes
You'll never close my eyes and watch me die

End this lie, I cant pretend this time
I need a friend to find, my broken mind,
Before it falls to pieces

Every time you try to leave me blind
You'll never close my eyes
You'll never close my eyes and watch me die

Source: AZ lyrics
Watch the Youtube video here (although it says for the Ontario viewers only, HECk, who caRes!)

Gotta upload the song here. Perhaps tomorrow? Awesome.

Ergh~ I have to STOP being self-pity!
Snap! Who CARES!! It's my f***ing blog and my f***ing life! I can sulk all I want and life would still go on, ain't it?! YESS to this suffering and HELL, watch me DIE.

I feel USELESS rite now..but that's OK.

Did you think of me yesterday?
Do you think of me now?
I thought of you before going to sleep last night.
And I'm thinking of you rite now.
That's ok, it's my fault anyway.

I cannot get over you.
But you're already moving on.
I don't know if you remember me anymore...
That's ok, I'll try to hold on...without a pillar.

You're having fun aren't you?
Without me around, you can do anything you want.
You can chat with her, can't you?
She can console you. She'll be your strength.
That's ok, I'm happy for you.

Darn, I can't stop thinking!
You ARE having fun rite?
Which girl made you happy today?
I'm so jealous of her!
But that's ok, you're not the boyfriend.

I'm NOT O-K!!

Sorry ppl, I think a fly just got it's way into my brain. Sigh...

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I suppose i owe this to NH for tagging me. By the way NH, I am NOT feeling any better! Haha!

I like weekends...
When someone wants to blanja me movie!! Ok - so that happens like, ONCE in a BLUE moon! Sigh~

I like weekends...
When I can stay at home, and think about NOTHING. Oh SNAP, I just broke up for Godsake!

I like weekends...
Coz I don't have to face/listen to my boss! STRESSFUL LIAO~
Owh-wait-didn't she just call me on Saturday and 'chatted' with me about work?? Yikes.

I like hate weekends...
Bcoz I am now single... Need I say more?

I like hate weekends...
Bcoz all my friends balik kampung and I have no one to hang out with, so I normally decide to do my shopping/groceries/lunch-ing/snack-ing ALONE.

I like hate weekends...
It's the time of the week when my aunty asks me to go to another aunty's house and stay there for a night, and that is like, SO LAME, coz I don't know what to do/how to act around elderly people. And I CERTAINLY do not join them for a chat - duhh! And I'm sort of, FORCED TO GO bcoz by not visiting them, it's DISRESPECTFUL and HURTFUL. F***. Typical Indian mentality!

I like hate weekends...
If I have to go back to Kuantan, it means forking out RM300 and poof - by Sunday, I'm forced to withdraw again...sigh~ I hate being the eldest!

P/S: I just got back from Kuantan! Wawawa~ but it's ok, I saw my granny cry as I was leaving, so I guess it's fun for a weekend! Lol. Terrible grandchild I am!

Heck, I think you know the conclusion of my weekends. Aihh...


THOUGH, ONLY IN THE CYBERWORLD. I don't think I want to stick it up anywhere in the real world, be it the window, the balcony, it's just not fun this coming Merdeka. Aihh...

Anyway, there was this fuss abt Kickdefella who decided to raise the flag UPSIDE DOWN bcoz he feels that Malaysia is in distress and this will be his way to protest.

I don't know about him, but as for me, the Malaysian flag should not be dragged along to protest the current government. There are so many other ways to show your protest, but why use the Malaysian flag which ALSO represents the citizens and the Kings? The flag does NOT represent politic, or economy, so WHY protest it?

I won't say that I am sadden or mad by this blogger bcoz there are stuffs that I enjoy reading from him (though heavy for my light-mindedness). I just felt that it was inappropriate. In his later writings, he too said that he does not feel GREAT about putting the flag upside down, but he still STANDS BY his protest.

Another blogger, I Am Malaysian, has also written about Kickdefella's decision to raise the flag upside down. What i don't agree with this blogger is what he feels of Kickdefella's action:

"It may not be the most conventional of ways, but in a way, this action has started to create awareness amongst us."

What awareness?? Well, does it also mean, to create awareness that DRUGS KILL, we should overdose someone, and let the world see him die, then say "See, I told you drugs kill." Or, to say that THIS MAN IS MINE, you should go kill the lady who had affair with your man, then put the blame on someone else? Why do we have to create awareness by doing something negative? Yes, the politic's corrupted enough to even play fair, but NO - WE DON'T NEED THIS KINDA AWARENESS, we are not making the flag pay for our mistakes.

I will never do this to ANY flag. How could you? I can still see Lee Chong Wei running up to Misbun, hugging and crying, how could you raise your flag upside down when you see that?

I love Malaysia. I hate politics. I want the Malaysia I woke up to in 1984 (darn, now everyone else knows my age!). I don't want the POLITICIANS I see in the papers today!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Sore Throat..

I have an ulcer in my throat and it's hurting. Plus the coughing I have to endure, ergh~

This reminds me, my aunt gave some multivitamins to take. She thinks that my body is weak coz I'm always falling sick! Emm, nothing to WORRY here! I'm OW-KAAAYYYY!!! Lol.

Anyway, I don't know when I want to start taking those pills, coz I heard that it makes your appetite bigger, so me don't wanna get fat. Hehe.

And THAT reminds me, I have to go back to Kuantan this weekend coz my granny is around. Now, sure die wan! She's gonna YELLLL at me for being stick-thin! Aihhh~ No la granny, skinny is the next BIG thing. Hehe.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Playlist: Sulk

The list of songs in my current playlist:
  1. Rascal Flatts - What Hurts The Most
  2. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel
  3. Secondhand Serenade - Stranger
  4. Plus 44 - Make You Smile
  5. The Moffatts - Walking Behind
  6. Sugarcult - The Investigation
  7. The Perishers - Pills
  8. Travis - Writing To Reach You
  9. OLP - Somewhere Out There
  10. James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover
  11. James Blunt - Tears and Rain
  12. Daphne Loves Derby - Midnight Highway
  13. Plus 44 - 155
  14. Plus 44 - No, It Isn't
  15. The Fray - Look After You
Soon to add more...

How to Get Over an Ex-Boyfriend

source: Ezine Articles

See my response in PINK.
Some women have a knack for bouncing back from a bad breakup. It seems they give themselves a day or two to mourn the loss of the relationship before hitting the dating scene with gusto. Emm, why am I mourning more than TWO BLOODY DAYS now??? Then they never look back. Their motto: Nothing helps you get over the last guy like the next guy. Ok, so who wants to be the experimental guy? Raise your hands!

Unfortunately, many women can't shake a lost love because they're unwilling to accept that the relationship is over. They replay old conversations in their heads. Erm. They obsess over what they should have done to avoid the breakup. Naaahh, I'm not doing this! They arrange to bump into the guy and convince him he's made a mistake. So, I wanted to give the birthday present. That's nothing, rite? They fantasize about him constantly. They believe that he's "the one," and that the relationship was "meant to be." I think of what's best for me, and that's a NO. They fear that if they let go emotionally, they would have thrown away their shot at true love. He was, and he still is...maybe tomorrow I'll get over it ok? Hehe.

She must make a decision to get over him, and then she needs the discipline to carry it out. She must throw out every material item that reminds her of him. Er, xkan nk buang Kokobe and Bonggo? I love them. Their like my lil babies (only lifeless). And the ring, erm, I just can't... She cannot afford to entertain a single pleasant thought about the relationship. Darn it! Instead, it helps to write a list of the things he did that drove her crazy (the way he kept sniffling instead of reaching for a tissue, for example, or his habit of using unnecessarily big words) and refer to it often. If a friend brings up his name, it's imperative that she change the subject. By all means, she should avoid speaking of him at all. This, I must try...*gulp*

Certain smells (his cologne, or the fragrance of a special food she enjoyed with him) and sounds, particularly music, will bring him back into her head at the most inopportune times. Her best bet is not to remove herself from the triggers, but to immerse herself in them until they no longer remind her of him. Erm, mane nk cari perfume Guess For Men skang...aihh.. I love that scent...

A woman can get over a lost love, but only if she's willing. She must consciously block him from her heart and mind. It's not easy at first, but it does get easier. Once she evicts the guy for good, she can move on to the passion and happiness she deserves.

Wish me luck..

I KNOW this is NOT helping...

but i want to post this anyway!

Em. Should be thankful that the t-shirt printing did not happen. Heck, it's adorable!

Err, should I be quoting the original artist? Yeah, anyway, Jeff Thomas, if you're reading this (like he cares!), thanx for the insipiration.

Hey! I just realized what my header says! "Owkay...I'm a blog rookie. Simply doing this because I cant stop thinking of someone..." Haha. Can't believe this is exactly what I'm doing rite now. The only difference is, this time, I have to get over him!

Em. I think this is a torture. Sigh....


1. Even after our break-up, he was still suspicious of me. Take this for instance: "Ko call lambat2! Aku tau ko msg2 ngan org!" Emm, I'm just too tired to defense myself.

2. Losing the ex-boyfriend is the 2nd hardest thing I have to get over since my granny passed away.

3. I am sorry that I had been a bullshit for a year now. Thank God, the ex-boyfriend doesn't have to face this shit anymore.

4. I had hoped that he would love the gift I bought him for his birthday. But now, even before he knew about the gift, he calls it BULLSHIT. Thanx, what a compliment.

5. A friend said to me, "Move on. You deserve someone better,...and matured". I wonder if that's true.

6. Would it be too late to find out, that the reason why I liked you is because you were immature? And I had a lot of fun bcoz I can finally be myself and don't have to pretend like a grown up.

7. Kokobe and Bonggo will always be the strength. And the ring will be all the memories that's left of us.

8. I can't speak of this break-up in my Friendster, so I'm letting all out here. I hope the ex-boyfriend has forgotten this blog too.

9. I was well-taken care of during this one year period by the ex-boyfriend. Now, I don't have to bother about taking my medicine on time bcoz nobody cares.

10. I don't know if this headache is bcoz of the weather, or bcoz of the tears. Either way, it's hurting.

To the Ex-Boyfriend: I really really DO hope that you love the gift...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Break Up Song

What is the best break-up song? Hmm.. I think it differs for everyone.

Currently, I'm listening to The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel.
I think this song is so sweet. It reminds me of a beautiful ONE YEAR that I had with my ex. But I guess, even angels, grow apart...

I owe him a lot... For a start, a sincere APOLOGY.
But I also owe it to myself. Time to cleanse my weakening soul.

Suggestion of 10% Non-Bumi Quota Receives Protest

(since everyone loves this issue so much, I can't resist to lay my opinion)

When it was first suggested that UITM should accept 10% of Non-Bumis, I thought it was cool. Then, the news came about UITM students going on protest - ok, DOUBLE COOL. I thought that it was cool to exercise your rights as students. And I wasn't bothered the fact that they wanted to keep UITM to themselves.

AND THEN, these UITM students begin to trash-talk the indians and chinese by saying things like they are rich, the have monopolized the economy, they don't wash their butts, they eat BABI, bla bla. NOW I'M PISSED.

Ok, so you wanna keep UITM to yourself? Then, JUST DO THAT. You don't have to trash-talk the non-bumis on your way to protest.

And furthermore, I am pretty much confuse the fact that these 'trash-talking students' are mostly Malay who says that non-bumis are threatening their rights by saying things like "ni je tempat kami org melayu nk study, bla bla". Heck, are you retarded or what?! BUMIs consist of Malay, Bidayuh, Kadazan, bla bla - so don't talk about the MALAY'S RIGHTS ONLY. Like, how retard can you be to not realize that?

You want example? I give you example here. I feel ALMOST SYMPATHETIC that the blogger does not understand/see ANY DIFFERENCES between UITM FOR MALAYS or UITM FOR BUMIs.

Oh ya, and I have a very strong feeling that these 'trash-talking students' are mostly from the PENINSULAR. Bcoz they don't F***ing know the difference between BUMIs and NON-BUMIs. I have to say that ppl of Sabah & Sarawak are very much intact about the difference. But the ppl here in PENINSULAR, they generalize that BUMIs = MALAY. DAMN. You retards.

Now, you may say that I am generalizing the fact that these trash-talking ppl, are ONLY for UITM. Heck?! You want me to apologize?! In your FACE! Who started generalizing?? You or me??

Seriously, I don't care if they want to give or not give that 10% quota to non-bumis. The 10% quota given to non-bumis to enter Matriculation is not fully utilized either. I must say that, WE ARE NOT INTERESTED to be marginalized. We just want good education.


P/S: Blog Noktah Hitam ROCKS.


Just listened to the news at 8pm on TV3. I saw the students marched to protest. What's even more annoying is the report says that the students are feeling threaten because the Malays have rights bla bla... See what I told you?? The MALAYS again??!! STOP BEING RACIST!! I saw some MPP representatives trying to act HERO on national TV, but HECK, you call yourself the student body representatives??!! So, you're suppose to be the SMARTER ones rite? Oh wait - you're STILL a retard!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crashed Server

Yesterday, our office server crashed right after I perform the Adobe Flex installation. I panicked, thinking that Adobe Flex is not a compatible application with Microsoft Server 2008 Standard Edition.

Upon installation, I ran the updates for Adobe Flex and had to reboot the server for the changes to take place. During this reboot session, the server displayed the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and I was unable to boot in Normal Windows. In fact, the server keeps rebooting in a loop. So, I had to boot in Safe Mode and immediately uninstalled Adobe Flex. Later, I tried to boot in Normal Windows, but to no success.

Today, I figured that the Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Server 6.0 might be the cause of our server failure. Therefore, I booted in Safe Mode and tried to uninstall it in Control Panels>Programs & Features. To my dismay, I cannot uninstall the anti-virus software because Safe Mode doesn't support the uninstallation!

So, I surfed the net and came across KAVremover9.exe file to uninstall the anti-virus. It can be found here.

Fortunately, this method was successful and I was able to uninstall the anti-virus. AND WA-LAA, the server can finally boot in NORMAL WINDOWS!!

So then, I found out that the Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Server 6.0 is NOT compatible with Microsoft Server 2008 Standard Edition. The specs here. YIKES! Why the heck did the supplier recommend it then??!! The supplier is NOT gonna have a good day tomorrow...haha~

Rite now, I'm just trying so hard to get my mind off some personal problems. Aihh~

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Moffatts

Lately, I've been listening to songs from the past, well, specifically, The Moffatts. I remember when I was 13, and how crazy it was when they first released Chapter 1: A New Beginning album. The first hit, I'll Be There For You was all over radio and magazines. And then, came I'll Miss You Like Crazy, and the list of singles goes on after that. They were phenomenal back then!

And today, I tried to google each of the members. Hmm..not much news about them anymore. It makes me miss them so much! I watched some videos in youtube, and it was heart-breaking (need i say, again) to see them disband. There were rumors of The Moffatts cutting an album again some time ago, but they remained as RUMORS.

Gosh, they were so HOTT back then! Ooh, and did I tell you that I couldn't decide between TWO hotties Scott and Clint?! Ah-ha. And now I can - SCOTT, YOU'RE HOTTTTTT!!

Current playlist:
The Moffatts - Walking Behind (from the album Submodalities)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Away from Blogging

I've not blogged for more than a week now! I've been so caught up with work and stress that I did not have any time to stop and think for my blog. Huhu~

Anywayz, lately I've been thinking of doing freelance job as a website developer. Actually, I was offered by another freelancer to join him and his team. But then, those guys are SOOO FREAKING EXPERT in the field and their charge rate is HIGH. Unlike me, I'm a rookie so I just thought, maybe I should TRY this out. And to TRY means, I would charge at a LOW rate. Hehe. Anyone interested?

Check out this website (although there are a lot of construction work going on!): culture-wiki. I am currently developing this site for my company.

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