Sunday, November 16, 2008

Foot Reflexology (SIOTNeS)

That's for "Someone's Idea of Trying New Stuff". Haha.

Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me to join him for a foot reflexology. And his friend second the notion. Despite being phobic of the thought of someone rubbing my feet, I agreed to join the session. I knew how much you wanted it. Haha.

I don't know about the place we're going to, but apparently, the practitioners do not speak Malay nor English because I'm assuming they're from the mainland of China. Ohh, the only one speaking Malay/English is the lady at the counter coz she's a Malaysian Chinese. Adehh.

One friend even chose which guy practitioner he wanted (like going to a brothel and making a gay-ish pick?? gosh, NO! don't tell him I said this). The other, haha, he was basically IN DEEP SHIT throughout the session.

I was massaged by a lady practitioner. I don't know how a foot massage is suppose to feel, but I felt like she didn't do it all too well. As far as I am concerned, when done by a skilled practitioner, reflexology is deeply relaxing. If they're less skilled, you'll just feel like you've had a very long foot massage. So, I don't know, because I felt a lil too relax. Is this how it's suppose to feel? I thought there was suppose to be some pressure?

And furthermore, she was rubbing my right foot more than my left foot. Is this how it's suppose to be too? Or she sort of sensed that my right foot needed more massage? Well, I don't know, maybe this is a common practice where the practitioner could detect the area with most pressure?

I had so many questions, yet I can't ask her. In fact, my friend showed some sign language to ask her to put more pressure on my feet, and she was replying to us in Mandarin, as though we understood her. And we were just nodding and talking to each other like, "whatever she just said" and "does she know that we're smiling coz she look so dumb doing that". And the fact that she was pointing at my feet while speaking in Mandarin scares me too. I was imagining some reply from her. Could it be that she was trying to say, "Your feet stink like rotten rat!", "You have huge feet dear!", "You never took care of your feet, have you?", "Your skin is so coarse!" or "Your feet is as hard as a man's feet". Yikes!! Those thoughts... ergh!!~

I am convinced by these two friends that my feet would feel lighter. Yet, my feet doesn't feel lighter. Neither is feeling better. Because I could feel some pressure on my right ankle right now. And there's a slight bruising on top of that ankle. Hmm..

I am NOT trying to point out that foot reflexology do you NO GOOD. But I am merely sharing my FIRST TIME experience with reflexology. The ankle does feel smoother. Hehe. But, that's not the point of a massage. Perhaps, I am a new to this kinda stuff, therefore I can't tell the difference. But it sure doesn't feel right for a first experience. Hehe. No offence k. I enjoyed the company, that's what more important. Ahaa. *wink wink*

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cik bit said...

aku tau..mesti amoi 2 kutuk kaki ko..sambil kata bhgian bdan ko sini sana sinun siya sitok x bagus..hahahaha
tambah2 kaki kureng wangi..
arapn je g ngn org2 kacak..hahahaha

atreyu strange said...

wei... kantoi ar. kantoi. ni bwat aku rs cam nk DELETE komen ko nih... ohh. encik robin hood. muahaha~

Aimar said...

g ngn org2 kacak?huhuhu..

atreyu strange said...

incik aimar. sila dptkan penjelasan lanjut dr cik biha yer. ergh~

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