Monday, November 30, 2009

All about you

I have this thing called the 'heart', and it is said to contain 'love'. I cannot touch my own heart (else I could be dead??), but I can feel the love; and this love has been there in the heart since I was born.

I was told to share my love with all the people around me. I kept a portion for my family, for my friends, for the teachers, for the children, for some ex-boyfriends and some for the enemies.

But little did I know that there exist a portion so hard to penetrate; that it has been kept locked secretly deep down the alleys of this heart.

And little did I know the meaning of that portion beating when I am with you, or around you; until recently...

You were unlocking that piece.

I imagine love like a tree trunk with many branches. One branch could be the branch of happiness, one branch could be the branch of sadness, and another could be the branch of failures. But this branches will stand together with the tree trunk to brave through storms and hurricanes, don't they?

I'm not sure if I am making any sense yet. I'm probably still pissed off with myself because I couldn't afford what others can - material. I have none now. I only have this heart, and this love to give on your birthday.

I hope it's a fine birthday gift. I will try my best for this love to withstand the worst test from the person-above-us. We have gone through a lot of pressure and you have never failed to keep me high on my knees, so I'm gonna do the same for you. I will be there for you and will always try to keep you high on your knees.

This love is all I can give, well, at least for now. Happy Birthday, Aimar. May you love me more! Haha! Ok, seriously, I wish for your happiness, your health and WEALTH. Erk.

Much love penetrated,
Atreyu Strange

* Can we go for another round of picnic? This time, WELL-PREPARED and NO IMPROMPTUs.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dummy Mics, T-shirt and a Long Lost Friend

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. We were getting ready for the BIG EVENT. We were just in time when the KLStompers started stomping the street of Bintang Walk. They were messing around with brooms, ladders, bottles, FRYING PANS, tong drums… Gosh! It was so much fun watching them perform and the KLStompers themselves were having so much fun! They were connected, they were collaborating and they were definitely communicating with each other.

Then came along the t-shirts and dummy microphones. The host – Ean and JJ from were giving away Everyone Connects free t-shirts and orange microphones by tossing the items off the stage. I find the mic-throwing a bit dangerous though. I was constantly protecting my head whenever I saw a mic heading my way! Haha!

The best moment of the event was when I spotted my LONG-LOST FRIEND from the crowd. It was an amazing moment! It never had crossed my mind that I would meet a long-lost friend in such a crowd! I tapped her shoulder and called out her name, she looked at me and said my name – and that was it, we were jumping, hugging and crying. We were always sort of in a groupie when we were in Form 6. Ergh! This is still unbelievable!

We still rock, don't we?!

We enjoyed the rest of the show together. We were singing with the large crowds using the dummy microphones like it was big karaoke session! And the boyfriend was trying so hard to get the tossing t-shirts – and yes, he managed to grab two – one for me and the other for himself! He also managed to grab the Everyone Connects’s CD. But what a disappointment – I was hoping that the CD would also have Shila’s version of Through My Window, but no, it was not on it! T_T

Then the rain started pouring. We had to move away from the stage because the rain was heavy. Soon, the organizers started giving out disposable raincoats. We grabbed one each, and when back into the stage area to enjoy the rest of the show. It was a good idea to give out the disposable raincoats, but I wished they could have given it out earlier during the t-shirt tossing session. At least I’m not wet YET before putting on the raincoat. Huhu.

To name a few artists that performed that day; there were Suki, Reshmonu, Tomok, the AF gang, and of course, Bunkface! Some other bands that made it through the auditions are Saving Grace Period (Iwani, I saw your bro and he was having a good time up there!), Madamme, The Rodeo, Basolaye, Rock N Roll John and Marionnexxes (Harimau Malaya terbaekk!!). Aahh. So much fun, so just enjoy some pictures here okay?!

Monday, November 23, 2009


DSC03754.jpg, originally uploaded by atreyu strange.

Look at Falkor today, bcoz tomorrow, he aint gonna be the same.

(testing live blogging via flickr)

* Aku suka kak pah. U suke x? U suke u upload video ok?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Let Down

Dear Kris Allen,

America did not vote you to sound like THE SCRIPT.

Kris Allen - Live Like We're Dying

What a disappointment. You should have at least change some arrangement. What a waste of talent. Sigh~

Gonna sulk at that corner while listening to Lenka - Live Like You're Dying.

Lenka - Live Like You're Dying

There, much better.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lepak-lepak KLCC Park

On Saturday evening, a few members of Sepeket gathered to celebrate the November babes'. It was a rainy day but it did not stop us from lepak-ing at the KLCC Park.

A special thanks to Pejah and yours-truly-husband (cewah Nabil) for the SUPER DUPER SEXY cupcakes that got us all laughing till even-God-can't-stop-us-from-laughing!

The pictures are all over Facebook and I think people are getting more and MORE annoyed, especially NoQ - I'm pretty sure she's gonna say "balik-balik muke korg, xde muke org lain ke?!" Haha! Sori beb, tunggu korg dtg bulan December nanti, ok? Mmuaahh!~

Oh ya, Pini and Pejah - we should be back from Jakarta today, right? Hahahah!! I know, I'm adding salt to injury! Wawawa~

* Banner Concert this weekend, see you there.
* Seat belt, Jen, SEAT BELT! Ergh!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Free Karaoke Everyone!

If I could tag people on a blog post, I would tag CikPin, Pejah, AinoQ and Biha for this post!

As part of the Banner Concert activity, the Sing Along booth at various places has attracted hundreds of people for a free karaoke session at their E-karaoke kiosk! But of course there’s a drill – you gotta sing along to the Through My Window song. The booth has been going around from shopping malls to universities and colleges, and to office buildings!

Check out some random pictures that I grabbed from the Everyone Connects Facebook fan page.

They had one sing along booth close by to my office the other day, but heck, I didn’t go.

For some video from the Sing Along sessions, you can check out Everyone Connect’s website. Anyway, if you think you need to exercise those jaw muscles, you can always head down to the next Sing Along booth happening tomorrow at Lot 10’s Main Entrance. I wish to go, but ergh, I have a more important (rather scary) date to attend to. Wish me luck on that one (although I’m not giving details yet)! I hope I won’t come home crying. Uhuk2.

On a lighter note, some birthday babes will be celebrating their birthday this weekend.

There’s Biha’s birthday tomorrow – Selamat Hari Jadian, semoga kau ketemu lelaki yang terbaek utk diri kau. Ok, tu je. Heh.

Then there’s my sister’s birthday on the 14th, Sharm, the Canadian vampire - Ergh, that sounds so wrong! Birthday present takde, RM 50 cukup la kan? Ahaa.

Also, sharing a birth date with my sis is CikPin – Selamat Hari Jadian, semoga kau juga ketemu lelaki yang terbaek utk diri kau. Aihh~ Oh ya, kek coklat Indulgence jangan dilupai ya! Lalala~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If you see Kay

Where's your toy?
He kept it in a secret place,
He hid it away from those little kids,
Because they wanted to play with it,
No, he won't let them play with it,
Because it is beautiful,
Beautiful yesterday, now and forever.

Where's my toy?
I don't care.
It's up there, in the closet,
But, I really don't care.
Yes, let the little kids play with them,
If it's torn, let it be,
It was beautiful yesterday,
Not now and forever.

I want to win?
You be the judge.
What you say, says it all.
How you act, says it all.

You win, girl.
You win.
Not me.
He likes it.
So much.
He thinks it's beautiful yesterday, now and forever.

But girl, it went down the river.
And I'm glad.
So fucking glad.

But this can't be forgotten, you know?
I can't.

MOVED from my secret lair.
Because I need the world to know.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Birthday Girl Gets More Treat!

This came as a surprise. I seriously thought you have forgotten about it. The moment you said, "Let's go to Midvalley", I did hope a little bit that I am gonna get it.

Tapi you ajak makan plak. Haihh..

But nevermind, I was hungry anyway! And after dinner, you took me to the 1st floor where the store is located.

At that point, I knew that the other wish is gonna come true! Unbelievable! I never had something so feminine like this for a birthday, I swear! The closest feminine gift I had previously is a necklace from my cousins.

But the best part is, I get to choose the one that I want!

Thanks a lot kamu! This is LOVELY. I love the one-tone Turqoise color and the material.. Minimalist! I have been smiling since we were at the store and this smile has yet to fade! Thank you for the birthday dinner at The Apartment, thank you for taking me to Broga Hill, and thank you for this hand bag! Gosh, so many birthday treats! Ergh! This is so unbelievable!

Love you busyuk! Mmuaahh!!~

Monday, November 09, 2009

We’re almost there - Banner Concert!

More update on the Banner Concert people!

I heard that last week’s auditions went great! Check out some video from the auditions posted here.

Although submission for banner concert audition has officially closed, you can still join the Sing Along which is still on-going in several places! Check out my previous post for venue and dates or go to for latest updates. The website has also updated some videos taken from the Sing Along booth. Pretty cool I’d say! Maybe I should try one too? Oh, if only I have that much confidence! Shefny, you should tag along! Let’s bring Kamsiah along too! Haha!

By the way, please do me a small favor? Take out your pocket calendar, use a red marker pen and circle around 21st of November. That’s right, that’s the event day of Banner Concert! If you happen to have another event to attend such as Makcik Kiah’s son’s wedding reception or DKNY Perfume Sales or walking at the park with the-boyfriend, PLEASE SCRAP ‘EM OF YOUR LIST! Lotsa excitement waiting for you at the Banner Concert, why would you wanna miss that?! Hehe.

Oh ya, Shefny, you have to come along! Tomok will be there - aren’t you excited already? Haha! Besides Tomok, Bunkface will be there too – so this will be the BIGGEST EXCUSE for me to be there! Other artists that will be performing are such as Shila, Modread, Dafi AF, Mila AF, and Akim AF. What’s more, the FINALS for the Banner audition will be happening right there! Concert goers – this is a must-attend-concert for the month of November! Let’s leave December for Rock the World 9, ok? Hehe.

Besides on stage performance, there will be some activities happening off stage too. I guess the Sing Along booth will be open to public the WHOLE DAY during the event! Psst, some campaign insiders told me that you might just bump into Bunkface at the booth – so watch out, they might be singing next to you! Ngeh3~

What else you may want to know - there will also be Hop on Hop off Bus Sing Along, Hand Prints, Face Painting, and Street Mural… Oh, so much fun!

So, let’s join the Banner Concert this 21st November! Be there at 3 pm so that you won’t miss out on all the exciting activities! If you’re running late, no worries, the event will go on till 8.30pm!

Venue? It’s at the Bukit Bintang area. I’ve prepared a map just in case! *winks*

Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Birthday Girl Goes For Some Fun

The Apartment, Damansara

To celebrate on the eve of my birthday, we went for a pleasant dinner at The Apartment last night. I love the ambience and definitely love the BEDSEAT that was reserved for us! Thanks kamu, I've always wanted to sit there! I felt so relaxed and calm. It has been awhile since we have a dinner like that, huh? We should do it more often (but at a cheaper restaurant perhaps? haha!).

Broga Hill, Semenyih

And as I have requested several weeks ago, at 5a.m. this morning, we departed from Shah Alam to Semenyih where Broga Hill is located. Funny thing is, none of us remembered to bring a torch light so we ended up following a bunch of old folks on their trail up the hill. Haha.

About 30 minutes later, we're up at the first peak and ready to catch the sunrise. It's really a beautiful place. Definitely worth it to catch the sunrise. The hike wasn't so tough either. I would love to do it again and AGAIN!

I am totally exhausted right now. WE are ALL totally exhausted! So much thanks and love to kamu for making those wishes come true! Last night - The Apartment, and this morning - Broga Hill although I told him it's OKAY if we go there in the next weekend.

Get some rest now. You'll need some energy to do your LAST MINUTE REVISION to face tomorrow's exam horror!

You just made my day.

Signing off,
25 and wiser.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

60 hours and counting down.
Birth certificate shows that I was born in the wee hours of a beautiful Thursday morning, 8 November 198-.

I’m gonna be twenty one two three four ergh, FIVE in 60 hours.

Every year, I only wish for a good year ahead of me. Okay – that’s a lie. I wished for a raise of my monthly salary every year! Haha.

Well, a raise in my monthly salary isn’t something hard to accomplish compared to some other birthday wishes that I had in the past. Those wishes has remained as wishes for as long as I could remember – unless, someone out there would be kind enough to revive those wishes and give me a birthday treat this year. Gagagaga!

So, JUST IN CASE you think I deserve a special birthday treat this year, here’s a list of birthday treats that you could shower me. ;p

A trip to Wiltshire, UK

What are the odds of visiting Wiltshire as a birthday treat? Plenty! I know you think it’s some unexciting place that anyone would say, “Ahh, c’mon! Wiltshire?! What’s there to see?!”. Well, I want to see the this - The Stonehenge.

Prehistoric monument – estimated age at 3100 BC. Produced by a culture that left no written records. Speculation on the reason it was built range from human sacrifice to astronomy. This is more than a history - this is mystery. A strange mystery. Strange. Atreyu Strange. Gaahhh…

Bungee Jumping at Morrison's Quarry, Wakefield, Quebec

My younger sister always claims that she is a Canadian. Be it on Friendster, MSN or Facebook – she will be the Canadian vampire. YES, she claims she’s a vampire too. I know – multiple personality disorder.

And to conform and approve that she is my half sister from Canada, I would like to take her along for bungee jumping at Morrison’s Quarry, Quebec, Canada. Aaahhh.. now you think I’m such a nice sister who takes her sister along for her own birthday treat? You’ve not come to the best part yet!

You see, my sister is acrophobic – she has a fear of heights. What is a greater way to make her pee in her pants if it isn’t bungee jumping! If she wants to PROVE to me that she is indeed a Canadian, then DO WHAT CANADIAN’S DO! Yes, I know, now you think I’m that evil sister who enjoys watching her little sister pee in her pants because she was told to bungee jump. Oh well, who told you I was EVER nice anyway?

Watching her bungee jump would probably qualify as the best birthday treat I’ll ever received EVER. HAHAHAHAHA…..

Buy me a CANON Powershot SX20 IS

If you can’t afford the above birthday treats, maybe this is a relief to your pocket? HAHA.

I think it’s time to change my old and tired digital camera. It’s so worn off- it kept giving me the ‘Format Error’ screen. I don’t dream for a DSLR to come my way, so a CANON Powershot would just come in handy! Maybe if you give me now, I’ll quickly plan the trip to Canada so I could capture my sister’s frightened look and we can laugh at it together! HAHAHA. Okay – enough with the sister joke. Hope she doesn’t read this. *Gulp*

Shower me a DELL Inspiron 13

It’s due. Everytime I bring my laptop out and put it on a table, some eyes would just stare at me! “Which era are you in girl coz I’m pretty sure you need to change that lappie!”, their eyes tells me. No kidding! Intel Celeron, 40GB harddisk space, and 256 RAM card which has been upgraded to 712 RAM recently, doesn’t excite people anymore. Gawd, don't you feel pity already?! T_T

If you think I deserve a new lappie, just to let you know that I have laid my eyes on this beautiful, newly-redesigned DELL Inspiron 13 notebook computer! The specs are IRRESISTIBLE and DELL Inspiron series are said to be VERY RELIABLE.

Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo P7450 (2.13GHz /1066MHz FSB / 3MB)
Genuine Windows(R) 7 Home Premium 64bit (English)
4GB Dual-channel 800MHz DDR2 SDRAM
320GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive

This is a great value for the money YOU invest on my birthday. Haha. It’s starting weight at 1.8kg will definitely help me put off the weight on my shoulder every time I travel between Shah Alam and KL with my lappie. With that size, I could even bring along my DELL lappie to surf/blog during my vacation!

To begin with, let me just give you a special coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 from Dell that would allow you to make purchase of a DELL Inspiron 13 with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption. NO KIDDING. Hurry up, you have between today till 10 Nov 09 to buy me the gift OF A LIFETIME with the coupon code! BTW, here’s the link for online purchase!

Oh JUST IN CASE, I want that Cherry Red – gosh, it looks so stylish! HAHA.

Support UNICEF by joining the Donor Program

I’m breaking the traditions of birthday treats here, ain’t I? Birthday treats are not supposed to be enjoyed by me alone. I like giving. The feeling is equivalent to taking.

On my birthday last year, I signed up to the Direct Debit Donor’s Program (DDDP). DDDP is a donation program for members of the public who are interested in supporting UNICEF in their mission towards improving the health, education and protection of children in Malaysia on a regular basis.

Two months ago, I have even increased my monthly donation by RM10. Not much, but I’m proud of myself for being able to donate even though the past few months I have been hitting rock bottom.

If I could get 1 or more blogger to sign up for the DDDP, I’d be thrilled to know that this post actually helped those children in a way. I’m asking for your kindness to give a treat to these children from as low as RM38 per month, and this is in a way a treat to me because you are supporting my personal effort to get more people to contribute. I am not paid or commissioned for this, it’s just a passion.

If you have any questions about making a donation to UNICEF Malaysia via DDDP, contact UNICEF Malaysia at +603 2095 9154 / 2092 5812; or email

And that, would be the most sincere and touching birthday treat. *teary eyes*

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The All American Rejects

Live in Malaysia

Date : 31 Oct 09
Venue : Bukit Jalil Car Park
Time : 6pm onwards

It has been awhile since I last went to a concert. The opening bands of this concert were actually good - One Buck Short, Pop Shuvit, Disagree with special appearances by Sam Bunkface (SCREAM!!!!!), and Liyana from now-defunct-Estrella.

Unfortunately, the crowd were very less supportive. Almost at every interval when each band stops playing, they were screaming for AAR and were sort of boo-ing the emcee's off the stage. To avoid further embarrassment, I think the emcees tried to spend lesser time interacting with the crowd and very quickly introduces the next band to play.

The result of fast-forwarding the opening acts - the crowd was then left WAITING for AAR to appear on stage for MORE THAN 30 minutes!

The crowd grew impatient, some dude beside me was swearing like hell, a sissy somewhere near me was making some sissy sound (truly annoying!), people were pushing, I was pushed, a guy pushed me - REAL HARD, I felt like screaming back, but he might end up crying - I HONESTLY BELIEVE THIS COULD HAPPEN, so I just prayed a few vulgar lines and wrap myself around Aimar to calm myself. Heh.

When AAR came on stage, everyone around me went crazy, and of course, I went crazy too! AAR gave a very energetic performance that night. What I cannot understand is Tyson's gimmick - he was talking like a drag queen! Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves to every song!

They left us with This Is The Last Song but came back on stage to play a few more tracks. The crowd went from crazy to madness! I did snap some pictures but how unfortunate, I don't own anything close to even a Powershot, so most of the pictures did not turn out well.

It was a great night. I am thankful for the free tickets thanks to Digi! So, even if the management let us wait in the rain for more than 30 minutes among sweat-drenched human, shoving and pushing, I really can't complain much, can I? Hehe.

* It's November - time for much celebration!
* Fly to me Falkor! Spread your ugly wings and fly!

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