Thursday, November 06, 2008


I had a Nightmare
Yes. Last night. And I hated it so much. I dreamt of YOU. The YOU who I once kept so close to my heart. The YOU I am determined to forget in November. And that YOU came into my dream, smiled at me, held my hand and walked with me. No, it won't happen in the real world. It was just a dream, I am reminded.

I had a post yesterday, today it's GONE
It was titled "How to BE emo and GET OUT of it". I posted it yesterday, here in this blog. Today, it's GONE. What happened to it?? It's not in my draft, it's not anywhere! Who is answerable to my lost post?? I am beginning to think that someone is seriously hacking my accounts. First, my Fileden account, now my blog? I don't know. I love making assumptions. It calms me down to know it's not my fault...perhaps.

I have an abusive file reported in
I uploaded Straylight Run - Existentialism On Prom Night in my folder, to share with the rest of the world. And today, I saw the file in a folder named as 'Abuse'. The error message I get, "This file is no longer available because it's identical to file banned because of claim." Hmm.. never happened before, but it just did, now.

The Birthday Reminder
That I DO NOT NEED. I was reminded by someone about another someone's birthday. Seriously dude, like I care about his birthday. He doesn't care about us here. Even if I DO remember, it makes no difference. I do not wish to WISH him.

Hoping for a good day till tomorrow night, the day before I get a year older. To start fresh the following day - by going for a jog - with Sepeket!!

NO MORE BUMMERS till then, please!!

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cik bit said...

marilah berjongging..
v6 lake garden ok..

atreyu strange said...

Uhuhu. Cara best utk memulakan hari yg baru!!

Anonymous said...

felt sorry u've experience that jen. just change your password regularly. that'll do. sometime people just report you as abusive because they know you're better then he/her.

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