Sunday, December 21, 2008

RTW8 Report

When we arrived at the so-called Secret Garden, we managed to catch the act of three College Band Search winners: Sharpshooter, Harvesting Space Sounds, and err, I think Dance To The Radio. Sorry if I am wrong. I did not pay much attention to them. Hoho. Harsh.

But I am very impressed with Harvesting Space Sounds because they had some influence of Muse in their sound and their vocalist. Congratulations Harvesting Space Sounds, you now have a fan here. Ahaa. (Not that they DON'T HAVE ANY fans yet!) Anyway, anyone found their Myspace yet? I haven't...

One disappointment is (as usual) the bands which performed did not go according to the schedule. After the opening acts by College Band Search winners, they were suppose to kick off with Estrella. But they started with Upon Arrival, which disappointed ME MOST. Huhu.

As usual, I'd like to make a few notes here about the bands that has performed. Not all will be mentioned. Those not mentioned, either I think they were O-K, or I did not watch them because someone had to get a pair of new slippers after his got ripped off during a serious mosh pit! Nahh, I'm just kidding, we got stuck in a crowd jam at the entrance and someone carelessly stepped on his slippers causing it to rip off. Hua3~

Upon Arrival
They are now OFFICIALLY in my list of BANDS I DON'T LIKE. Enough said.

Zip Zieller
Not bad. Impressed me, although the vocalist was screaming. At least, not as bad as Upon Arrival (sorry guys!).

They stole the spotlight (it's only a metaphor, it was still daylight then, hehe), and left us all wanting for more. I wouldn't say it's the best of RTW8, but we all enjoyed it.

I missed about two (or maybe three) songs because of a terrible crowd jam at the entrance. They started right after a break, and since many of us went out of the secret garden, we had to go through a retarded security check before we could get in back. Anyway, Sam was good. Ahaa, I never said he was lousy, have I? Heee... Ok la, I have to be fair, THEY were AWESOME. Some talented youngsters I tell ya..

Koffin Kanser
I know I was pretty harsh in my previous review during their performance at KAMI The Gig. Either they have read my blog (like I am ANY famous) and decided not to scream so much, or the vocalist SIMPLY decided, well, let's bring in Republic of Brickfields and make HAPPY songs for the crowd today! Yeahh, it was WEIRD. He screamed (more like yelling) for ONE song, and then they were just playing instrumental music to the crowd. No more screaming, and that was it. Next band!
* I bet fans who had started FIVE mosh pits then were disappointed too.

Bittersweet/The Times/Estranged/The Otherside Orchestra
All were bringing good music on stage. Bravo guyz!

HATE them. Need I say more?

One Buck Short
They have so much experience, so they know their stuff pretty well. By the way, I did not SEE them perform. I was just LISTENING to them from a distance. We were a lil tired then, and thought we'd just listen to them from the car parked outside of the Secret Garden. And even from a distance, we know they are giving a good show.

I've heard them before and I never really liked them. So, I don't have much say about them but according to Ammar, he's disappointed. Hmm.

By the way, I heard there was a slight hitch when Radhi performed. Something about his unbuttoned shirt? Too bad I missed their performance due to unforeseen circumstances (hint:slippers). Heh.

Ohh, and I love the MC. He was a joke himself. No offense dude, I'm simply making a point to say, you're a natural at cracking stupid, laid back, unintentional jokes!

* did not snap any picture from RTW8 to prove you my existence at the venue. heh.
* i have a dooodolls now! and it has yet been named.

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Aimar said...

Seronok kamu menyindir ye..huh!

atreyu strange said...

that reminds me, i should put a link at the word 'someone'...

UPDATED!!! muahaha!!! (gelak kejam)

cik bit said...

da tau crowd mcm 2
nk gak pakai slipa..
pakai kasut sudaaa..

Anonymous said...

ko ni x rock la....revenge pawn all bands that night...semua band lain kene own...

ko ni mesti x gi rock the world kan? dengar dari luar je....pastu pandai2 bagi review

Anonymous said...

patut la..nama pon dah atreyu...


Anonymous said...

ko ni budak2 budak2 kan...

ko x dengar sepultura ke? sbb tu ko kutuk koffin

atreyu strange said...

Dear Anonymous Moron,
I don't know if you're a bitch or an asshole. Either way, you're PATHETIC.

Cibai, kalu ko perasan, aku mmg TAK LAYAN KK, Revenge DAN YANG SEWAKTU DGNNYER.


Sila KENALI blogger, sblm Encik/Cik Cibai komen aper2 yer.

Aimar said...

hai Anonymous..

tak gentle la beb komen tak letak nama.. mau sound letak la nama.. minah ni dtg kot RTW.. aku rasa kau je yg tak dtg.. ko tak percaya aku leh tunjuk kau gambar tiket dia..

Setiap orang ada pandangan masing-masing.. minah ni berani utarakan pandangan dia kat blog ni.. siap tulis nama dia lagi kot.. kau mana berani.. utarakan pandangan tapi tak letak nama.. giler pengecut.. potong bagi anjing la beb.. silap-silap anjing pun tak nak kau punya.. hahaha..

kikiEy said...


paling benci anonymous ni.
lantak la nk benci band apa pn,
apa ko kisah?

ak pn xsuka revenge tu.

atreyu strange said...

pergh..ammar, giler lucah. haha.

kikiey, name blog ko pun dh pari2indie, sah la ko xkan suke revenge. huhu.

masing2 ader taste in music, mane mungkin semua same. hrp semua maklum, especially si anonymous yg bakal kena potong itu! erk~ haha!

psst, kikiey, byk siot pic2 rtw ko!

Anonymous said...

pergh...perang2 best ni...............kite tgk sape menang

Anonymous said...

x ske x semestinye kiter kena ckp band 2 teruk.. kenali sape koffin kanser sblm ko nk kutuk assholes.. bitch moron.
x ske x semestinye teruk.
kenali saper koffin kanser.
ingt ni.. kenali dowang dulu..

Anonymous said...

mcm babi... ni anak2 citer the fucker kami la ni.. mcm sampah. ape x tau nk ckp bnyk.
ko kenal koffin x? aku besar ngan dowang.
support local scene trademark kowang kan.
ptuih3. pkai bju aku anak indie tp ape xtau. ptuih3. carik knoledge sape koffin sblm ko kutuk die babi.. laknat. ptuih3 ank kami...

Iced Latte said...

oi!..RTW da abis da..aper nk bising2 dish..

Anonymous said...

kpd aimar di atas...
klu ko brani sgt, ko bgtau aku kat gig mane kiter nk jumpe.
bia aku tale ko sampai mampus babi.
bgtau je gig mane ko nk jumpe aku..

Aimar said...

seperti aku ckp before ni, setiap org ada pandangan masing-masing.. kalau tak setuju ngn pandangan orang lain, tak perlu la nak maki-maki.. kita mengamalkan demokrasi.. bebas bersuara.. tak yah la jadi rakyat mentaliti kelas ketiga..

by the way, aku akan ke Youth09 weekand ni.. jumpa aku di booth Satria Neo ye.. sila ambil pass anda di link Youth09 kat sidebar blog ni.. Jumpa di sana!

Anonymous said...

nnti aku dtg aku carik ko. babi.
mentaliti kelas ketiga. ptuih..

The Rockstar said...

Hi, Im Izzy the drummer for HarvestingSpaceSounds. You can check our myspace/facebook page. We are still in the studio recording for our EP. EP will be out hopefully middle of this year. Thanks!

atreyu strange said...

Izzy! Let me be the first to get the EP, owkay? Ahaa~

*seriously - can't wait!*

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