Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Apologies, Hopes and Dreams

We live through ups and downs. So, it is not fair to judge if a year is more devastating than the other or vice versa. It is fair to simply say "LIFE ISN'T FAIR". Huhu.

Like a tradition, before the year ends, we take a moment to reflect on our life for the year, and I often find myself burden with guilt. Ahaa, proven guilty is a proof of misbehave! Guilt kills. Therefore, I would like to apologize to several people.
  • Mum. For not being a better child. I love you. I'm sorry for everything I couldn't do/provide.
  • Any friends who had been offended by my words/behaviors/actions, sorry! I'm sure I didn't mean any of it!
  • The ex-boyfriend. I'm sorry for leaving you. You don't deserve me. I don't know if anyone ever deserve me.
  • My beloved cousin, I didn't know I was putting you into so much trouble. You must hate me for that. I'm so sorry. You're still the cousin I adore.
  • Grandma, I'm sorry if I still bring tears to you even though you're in heaven. I'm trying my best grandma.

I don't make resolutions when New Year arrives because I don't believe in them. Resolutions are bound to break, just like rules. In fact, I find a friend's resolution interesting - to fulfill last year's resolution. Stylo Milo I tell you! Haha.

Therefore, I choose to only hope and dream. Huhu. The list as following:
  • I hope to have a fatter paycheck. Ahaa. Who doesn't??
  • I dream of changing job. It's due.
  • I dream of a stress-free life. This would NEVER happen!
  • I hope the satan dies, if possible in the first quarter of '09. Yeahh, watever you think of me.
  • I hope my brother would perform his best in SPM. Oh wait, that's not mine to hope for! Dem you bro!
  • I dream of getting married, heck, I mean, boyfriend. Haha.
  • I hope to donate blood. Failed several times before due to unhealthy blood. Fingers crossed this time.
  • I hope to visit my favourite country. Fingers crossed - again.

Not much of a list eh? BEAT IT. I don't really take a New Year seriously. Every morning is the beginning of something new.


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