Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Once a Corn Dog, Always a Corn Dog

"Out of 10 stories he tells you, DO NOT believe 11 of it" - Anonymous dude.

Ouhh, I wasn't gonna talk about corn dog. I am just hungry right now. Huhu.

The corn dog I am gonna blab about is the corn without the 'R' and no dogs harmed. Ahaa. Conman.

I have a friend who had previously con me with his story. His fooling strategy was well-arranged, it almost looked like he was innocent. Yet, I let that episode slip away as I believe in a reason for everything.

Yesterday, I realized that I am almost his con victim again, this time involving money. He played and hid it quite well for almost a month now. Last night, his strategy begin to fall apart. And he begin to stutter on the phone.

To the conman,
Deny as much as you want. Deny ALL OF IT if you need to. But we all know the truth. One con story can be our misinterpretation of your 'good-heartedness'. Two con story; is NO COINCIDENCE.

You've put on a good show, I am amused.
It's time to let the red curtain fall.
I, shall take the bow.

* I still regard you as a friend, because I believe in "second chances".
* Oh wait, this is your THIRD. Dem.

4 other story teller(s):

cik bit said...

sapakah pelakon handalan nih??/

Aimar said...

Voted bedtimestorie's post of the year.. ahaks~

C i k P i N said...

best antagonis character goes to...

atreyu strange said...

And the Best Antagonist goes to...



* aku pun rs ni post paling menarik, tp utk bulan DISEMBER jek sudaaa...haha.

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