Thursday, December 04, 2008

Goodbye Dr Stankov

Within a short period of only 4 days, I have developed a strong emotional bond with a 67 year old man who happens to have the same hairstyle as Mr Colonel; who also writes mind-disturbing journals on militant extremism.

He thinks it's because of his white hair. I think it's his personality. And as much as I HATE to say this, my heart felt heavy when you said your goodbye, Dr Stankov.

OR perhaps, I saw my grandma smiling through you.. Perhaps..

* I know how much my friends in the real world and cyberspace miss me. Ahaa. I'll be back to KL tomorrow, okay?
* Tonight, I'll get LOTS of chocolates!!... And Jack Daniels for my dad...ergh~

4 other story teller(s):

Aimar said...

and Jack Daniels for me too!

I was thinking to follow Kecik's advice.. ngee~

peja said...

yeye..dpt cekelat!! =p

C i k P i N said...

na cekelat banyak taw..
kite wat parti cekelat la!!

cik bit said...

windu ke??
xde la sangat kott
aku slalu je dgr sora ko kt tipon..
rindu cokelat??

yessss..ehh YESSSSSS

itu yg aku tunggu22..ngeee :D

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