Friday, December 26, 2008

The Wallet

Got tagged by Ammar. Ahaa, your personal blog got busted here and now!

Here it goes.

1. Snap the picture of both inner and outer of your wallet.

2. Introduce your wallet brand, price, and where you bought it.
It's a MilkTeddy. Got this for RM15, I think. You get this plenty in shopping malls. I got mine in Kuantan Parade, I think. Haha.

3. Take out what ever is inside your wallet ( at least 5 pictures).
ROCK THE WORLD 8 TICKET - very, very important to highlight; for an anonymous moron who needed proof.

4. Snap a picture of your wallet with yourself.
I know, I know. Why not a photograph of my pretty face? It didn't specifically say FACE, did it? Ahaa. So, my hand would do.

5. Tag 5 other persons.
Ammar and CikPin had tagged all my friends from the real world, so I'm left to tag people from the cyber world. I'd like to tag Bob, Kickdafella, Kak Yasmin, Abg Khir, and Uncle Mahathir. Haha. LIKE THEY CARE.

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Aimar said...

where's ur organ donor's id?

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