Friday, December 19, 2008

Gift of Life

About three weeks ago, my aunt gave me a few copies of the National Organ Donor Registration Form. I'm not sure if she is an organ donor herself, taken into consideration her current health.

I have always wanted to pledge for my organs and tissues to be used for transplantation after death. It is the only humanitarian act of charity that I could possible do when I die to hopefully, save lives. The Gift of Life.

While exploring the 1-page form, I came about the key question to what I wish to pledge.
I wish that after my death:-

a) [ ] All my organs and tissues

b) OR (you can tick more than one)
  • [ ] Kidneys
  • [ ] Heart
  • [ ] Liver
  • [ ] Lungs
  • [ ] Eyes
  • [ ] Bones
  • [ ] Skin
be removed for the purpose of transplantation.
Ahaa. I DEFINETELY would not go for option A! It kinda freak me out to actually allow my eyes, bones and skin for transplantation!

My internal organs would do. *smiles*

* I wonder if someone receives my heart, will that person carry on my emo legacy... Ahaa.
* Anyone who wants the form, you're more than welcome to get one from me.
* I want to stay positive. *smirk*

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Aimar said...

aku mahukan hati kamu.. hahaha..

atreyu strange said...

aimar, hati kamu sudah cukup emo. bg can kat org len yg nk jd emo gak ek. ahaa.

cik bit said...

incik ammar..kita sdg berckp psl donor laa
kalo ko nk ati jen
maksudnya..ko nk jen mati..
ampas pnya bdak..

**aku pon da terjangkit emo kalian

a i n k i n z said...

wes,aku penah tepkr jugak psl menda ni la.
nk form tu bleh?
tp anta bebile je kan?

C i k P i N said...

aa..tade ke option derma lemak???

aku boleh bagi skarang juga tanpa perlu aku menutup mata dulu~


Sweet Thinker said...

wuuu. bgs la kamo.

atreyu strange said...

nok, bile2 je, asalkan anta sblm ko mati la. ahaa.

pin, aku pon rs drg patot letak option tu ehh. haha.

ST, bagus je ke? xmo gak? heh.

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