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veni, vidi, vici - KAMI the gig summary

I tried to google if anyone has written a review on KAMI The Gig which has taken place on the 18th of October, 08. Only few has reviewed, like milo skilos and hafreze. I think ET has written something too, but I still couldn't access his site. I bet he is pissed off too. Huhu.

Anyway, I too, like many others who enjoys free gig (we love the sponsors, don't we?) took the opportunity to join in the crowd on that WONDERFUL Saturday. I guess everyone were a lil worried that it might rain, but it did not, at least not until Love Me Butch performed – not that it was a terrible performance. But that was just drizzles, nothing heavy.

I’m not going to talk about all the bands that went up stage and played because I don’t recall most of them. Haha. Only few bands caught my attention.

Laila’s Lounge
By the time I got there, it was almost 4pm, I think, and there they were, Laila's Lounge, up on stage, singing the time of their life. Ok, let's not exaggerate. And of course, when they played Mawar Khayalan, the crowd went WILD. Ahh, should NOT exaggerate. Heck, I loved it anyway!

Koffin Kanser
Koffin Kanser DEFINITELY caught my attention. NOT because I liked it, it was because I WANTED THEM TO STOP. Yikes. No offence fans.

The Aggrobeats
Ska is always nice to listen to. It makes you sway~ Aaaaa…

Kugiran Malaya
I didn't like the vocals. But I LURVEEEEE DJ NAS-T!!! Why? Coz he's NAS-T!!! Ok, seriously, he was tremendously good at turntable. Aaaa, being the apprentice of DJ Fuzz, what would you expect? Hehe. Oh ya, guys, you should consider replacing your vocalist.
He is no good both for live music, or studio records. Yikes. No offence.

Seven Collar T-Shirt
DISAPPOINTMENT. I think it was terrible. Sorry guys, but Saiful (I think that’s his name, the vocalist?), you gotta sing it right >>
to the melody. Aihh… ‘Faith’ was a total let down. They ruined their own song.

Pop Shuvit
HANDS DOWN, their live show was AWESOME. I don’t really listen to this music genre, but their performance was very, very impressive. Probably because they have more experience compared to the rest of the pack. I didn’t expect myself to be this impressed by their performance.

Meet Uncle Hussain
Aaaaaa…who could EVER HATE MUH’s performance!! I deem MUH as the MOST AWAITED BAND to perform that night! What do you think? Well, at least I was waiting for them! By the way, Lan (vocalist – I hope I got his name correct too), you sounded like you were out of breathe at some stage, heck, your vocals were still ASTONISHING. MUH lived up to MY expectation of good live show.

The crowd at KAMI the gig was pretty much what you’d expect for a FREE show featuring most of your indie darlings. Disturbing young kids, secondary school girls bearing it all, boys showing off their spongebob boxers, decent young adults having a good time with friends, adults… Ooh, I especially love looking at what they wear to the gig! You get all kind of fashionista at the gig!

Oh ya, does anyone here know if Harmacy and Estrella performed? I think I missed them. Hmm, too bad.

All said, the gig was my remedy to purge stress and negative thinking from my body and soul.

Thanks Pini, for tolerating my extreme passion for indie music that night!

P/S: Did I mention that Zahiril Adzim (Boy, KAMI The Movie) smiled at me because I was practically STARING at him (coz he is such a 'washing machine') in the crowd?? Owhhh… that was momentary but sooooooo shu-weeet!! He didn’t look that HOT on screen, did he? Auuwwww~

P2/S: 'Washing machine' is a jargon in my personal dictionary. Will send it for patent when I have enough money. The meaning? Hehe. Only few knows.

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hafreze said...

haha, i like your statement about Koffin Kanser, seriously dude, I'm thinking the same as yours.

Pop Shuvit, walaueh. they so damn cool! they played real tight, I love them.

atreyu strange said...

huhu. did you realize that the crowd were screaming "we want more" after they played their last song? i was so scared that they might get up there and play again! haha~

cik bit said...

hahaha..nengok muka aloy buat aku mau tunjal kpala bliaw saja..bgamna keadaan teman2 sperjuangan ko ke gig itu??apakh mereka menjaga ko dgn baik??lebih tepat..apa izwan jaga ko leklok??

atreyu strange said...

sumer group pic yg aku ader, aloy mesti FOKUS kamera. pening aku nk pilih pic. kang org kate aku syok kat dia plak. pdhl...haha. tp xpe, naseb baek dia model yg kiut. (psst, sila jgn kabarkan kpd izwan)

cik bit jgn risau, aku telah dijaga dgn penuh kasih syg oleh incik izwan kite tu. ahaha. (psst, sila jgn kabarkan kpd aloy yer! hua3~)

oh ya, sblm ko tnya pasal sorg lg tu, NO KOMEN. muahahaha!!~

Extremist Thinker said...

mane lg gmbr. nk rembat skit letak kat belog.

atreyu strange said...

ko rembat jek gamba AKU tanpa segan silu. aku x kesah. hua3~

tgk ar nnt, kalu aku ter-rajin, aku pass kat ko yg len ek.

Extremist Thinker said...

wokey beb! thx!

cikPin said...

apsal name aku disebut di bhgn terakhir je??

aku pon na interprame hugak!!

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