Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Reason for Everything, the Effect of Decision Making

Remember how you felt when you just broke up and you have no idea why the other half decided to call it quits? Remember how everyone else disagrees yet you decided to date Mr Casanova?

Why did your other half make that heart-breaking decision? Why did you agree to the date?

There must be a reason behind every action, whether good or bad is another question/issue.

Once in a while, we all make bad decisions. I have made several bad decisions, taken wrong paths and turning at points of no return. All with a cause. And all with a reason.

Yet, making the right decision doesn't guarantee you a positive closure either. There is no warranty for taking the right path. No way to tell if the right decision IS RIGHT.

Sometimes, we are offered a "second chance" - to make an alteration to our decision for a better closure. Most of the time, we live with the decision we make.

How do we handle a bad decision then? Fall into depression? But for how long? I know I am an emo person, but I also know when it is time to get up and move on.

So, just how do we get up and move on?

Just remember, there is A REASON FOR EVERYTHING. And I ALWAYS believe, it is for a GOOD reason.

* I am putting no sense, am I? I've thought so. Sigh~

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