Sunday, December 14, 2008

Four Months

Everytime I decide to write a decent entry, it will always be followed by an emo post. I don't know why. It's as though my life cannot run from being emotionally distracted. Only yesterday I felt really good in 2 weeks after so much conflict, today I am haunted by my past.

The EX BOYFRIEND is back...

Yes. And this time, I DID NOT INTEND to awaken my past relationship.

So why did he come back after 4 months of silence? He said, he had waited for too long for my apology. Excuse me, but if you HAD BEEN reading my blog, you should know by now the reason why I do not want to be apologetic.

You know, you're so lucky that I replied your text message this morning. And you're also lucky that I picked up your phone call this morning.

You NEVER replied my message before. You NEVER picked up my phone calls before. You've made your point well - you wanted OUT. You wanted to forget me. You were throwing me away from your life. And I understood your signals. And I raised my flags. (It wasn't white by the way. That's just too feminine!)

But today, you said I read your signals wrongly. You were ALL ALONG waiting for the word "I'm sorry" and everything will be back to normal. Well, I am sorry now that I have misread your signals. And I am sorry that I am moving on.

I wished you birthday. I wished you festive. You didn't wish my birthday. You didn't wish my festive. What should I think of you then?

I feel bad that I have not waited for you to this day. I am sure you are hurt. MUCH MORE hurt right now. But you have sent me all the wrong signals. Signals that you HATE me. And it struck me two months ago, to move on because there weren't any point hanging by a moment of silence. I never heard from you...

FOUR MONTHS, is bloody too long. Anymore love left? I beg to differ. (I hope)

* I'd like to remain friends with all my exes. It's called guilty conscious. Ahaa.
* It is exactly four months today.
* I wonder why there's no one at the badminton court today. I miss my wake up calls to the sound of the shuttlecock!
* Nevermind the wake up call, I did not sleep well anyway.
* I'm adding a new label called 'Emo'. Heh.

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cik bit said...

baru paham apa maksud ari yg suram
nsb baik ada sunlight cam aku..
malam kang kita lepak

peja said...

i'm glad dat u m0ving 0n friend..=)

lochoe said...

hehe, mcm tuh ka critanya.. :-) akoo penah buat camnih kat sorg ex..(no contact berbulan lamanya) sbb boosan & kewangan x stabil ms tuh.. kemudian lepas bbrpa bulan aku rindu sgt nak kontek dia..
tapi dia dh tuka no HP, tutup friendster dia..lansung xde cara nak kontek dia.. so aku terpaksa la lupakan dia walaupun dh skrg berapa tahun aku masih rindu kat dia.. huk huk..

apa2 pun tepuk dada tanya selera.. mana lebih banyak, kenangan indah atau kenangan buruk.. timbang-timbangkan.. semoga ex ko x jadi cam akoo.. sedih.. :-(

Aimar said...

lochoe: first time aku nampak kau bagi komen yang menjana minda kat blog ni.. hahaha..

Atreyu: prefer not to comment anything.. u know why..

atreyu strange said...

bit - maaf ler krn x melepak sama kamu mlm ni. haha!

peja - yeahh, i like to move it, move it!! (apakah)

lochoe - ayat last ko tue..erm, ko ingat ex aku sorg je ke yg sedih? huhu. xtau aper yg aku lalui utk 4 bln ni...

aimar - erm. kenape ek?? (suda tau, pura2 mau tau juga!)

kikiey said...

move on gal=)

lochoe said...

aimar - aku dh jadi baik sbb doa atreyu (tapi x taula dia baca apa.. bunyi cam doa qunut ja)..

hehee....pandai ka doa qunut... hahaha

C i k P i N said...

dare u to move~


Najwa_La said...

just na cakap
"been there, done that"
ahaha. neway, U GO GURL!

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