Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Event of the Month: Rock the World 8

20th December 2008 (Saturday)

The Secret Garden, Stadium Merdeka

Expected Bands to Perform:
[Estranged] [One Buck Short] [The Times] [Purevibracion] [Bunkface]
[Republic of Brickfields] [Butterfingers] [Koffin Kanser]
[The Otherside Orchestra] [Laila's Lounge] [Revenge]
[They Will Kill Us All]
[Komplot] [OAG] [Upon Arrival]

Ticket is at RM25. Available at all Rock Corner, Music Valley, Tower Records, Extreme outlet. Also can be bought on the day of event at venue.

~The one in red are the bands I am most looking forward to!

~Not to sure if Zip Zieller is gonna be there because I heard rumors saying they won't be performing.

~Did I mention I HATE Koffin Kanser?


~Anyone care to join me?

* It's been awhile since I last write a clean entry like this.
* I have a feeling this clean entry won't last till tonight. Ahaa~

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