Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 14, 2009

This day may be argued by most religions, but I always think of it as a day chosen in a year, where couples, married or not, celebrates with the rest of the world. If you chose another day, you'd be the loneliest couple on earth! Ahaa..

I never had anything special on this day before. Probably because I don't have a special someone to celebrate with. I hoped for one last year, but it never came. My ex didn't think it was ANY big deal.

Come this year, I thought, "Heck, he might not care either. Oh well, I don't want to care!"

But I never expected for this to come!

I never had anything given to me on Valentine's day, so thanks kamu! I can't believe I got these lovely cupcakes when earlier that day, I was actually discussing with Pejah about cupcakes! It is flattering! Huhu~

Thank you again kamu. Penang is a good place for a weekend getaway. It was spontaneous, yet it is one of our best moments spent together. I love that place where the Neo guyz left us. It was really nice.

* I don't like people forcing me over and over again when I have declined to accept. It puts too much pressure - to please you or to stay firm with my decision. I hate it. Note that: HATE it.
* It's been too many days. The pain still strikes, but who am I to complain... Shut up, Jen.
* Next time, we shall take the bus. Else, I'll DIE in guilt. Thanks to you.
* I hope you don't regret it. I know I'm almost regretting it...

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Najwa_La said...

pegi penang ye???
wuuu... xna ajak aku. siyott!

ahaha c:

Aimar said...

regret what? i never regret anything.. except what we did at USJ..

sorry about 'an invitation' to be Stella's pilot..

atreyu strange said...

najwa, mmg xnak ajak ko pun! spoil la wei! ahaha~

aimar, ergh, don't mention usj! dem.
and yes, you should be sori. mmg guilt sampai rs cam nak mati dah.

NaBiLSioTT said...

Nak cupcakes gakk...lapaaa nihhhh~~~

atreyu strange said...

sori ar nabil, bdk2 kat ofiz dh tlg abiskan. ko mtk ngan pejah la nnt ek. huhu.

NaBiLSioTT said...

chaiittt..nnti aku mintak bowlcakes kat die...nnti arr..

tinie said...

so sweeettt.... ;))

atreyu strange said...

huhu. thanx tinie... nk kate sedap sgt, xde lah, tp sbb bf yg kasik, ia jd SGT SEDAP. ahax.

*kantoi dah blog aku ngan ko nih! shhhh... jgn citer same asamers lain taw! hehe~

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