Thursday, February 26, 2009

GSC, TGV or Cathay?

Currently, there's a poll on the GSC website like below:

I'd go for their caramel popcorn! Woohoo!

One reason why I don't watch movies at TGVs is simply because they have LOUSY popcorns. It often taste plain and sometimes stale.

But I have many friends who keep taking me to Cathay, especially the one at Cineleisure. What's so nice about that cineplex? Most of them say it's the seats and the big screen. Aaaa... popcorn sedap tak? Ngeee~

So far, the result of the poll is as below. Maybe the popcorn isn't the attraction at all. But what good is a movie without popcorn???!! Sigh~

* Who wants to join me for a movie this weekend? I know you want to watch Geng so bad! Ok la, aku teman. *takmau ngaku sendiri mau tgk* Haha~
* I can't believe someone who majored in Psychology could not understand FAMILY VALUES. WTF.

2 other story teller(s):

Aimar said...

i prefer Kit Kat compare to popcorn.. huhu..

*kan bagus kalau ada cinema yang boleh smoking sambil layan movie.. They should build smoking area..huhu..

atreyu strange said...

Nak smoking, baik kamu tgk DVD jek.. Cehh.

Eh, let's go watch movie this Sunday! *so you can't smoke for two DAMN hours! yeahh!!*

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