Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Take Off Your Pants and Jacket People!

Because they are back.

Blink-182 announced during last week's Grammy Awards that they are reuniting for a tour and a new album. This calls for a CELEBRATION!!! Hooray!! They've always been my favorite band!

I know my dear friend, Neelam, would be thrilled about this news too. We have complained, sighed and mumbled everytime we think of the Blink 182 break up years ago. We've been dead bored for the past 4,5years! No sound can be compared to the sound of Blink 182. Not Angels and Airwaves. Not +44. Not ANY band!

The band also updated their "smiley face" logo to feature six arrows instead of the previous five, a nod to the fact that their next album will be their sixth.

Can't wait for the album. Despite speculation that this reunion is not gonna work as the music genre has taken a different direction today, I am confident that the loyal fans of Blink 182 will always be thrilled to put our bet on them!

Just a little note to Blink 182, do not disappoint us. Ngeee~

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