Monday, February 09, 2009

Weekend Report

It's a Friday night, people go out partying, clubbing and racing. But I decided to become a good Hindu devotee (ehem2) by accompanying my aunt for a Thaipusam celebration. We walked from Pudu to Batu Caves in the wee hours to commemorate the chariot procession. It took us approximately 5hours. It was tiring, my feet were aching, but during most of my journey I was annoyed with the INDIAN REMPITS. Yeahh, this is the time of the year where you get to see the most of INDIAN REMPITS in action. I HATE them because they were menacing on the road. And the fact that they keep riding their noisy bikes in between the devotees just gets on my nerves. I even swore that if I saw an Indian rempit hitting into one of the devotee and causing injury, I would kick his ass head. NO, I'm DARN SERIOUS. But you rempits should be thankful to Lord Murugan because he didn't allow such a thing to happen during his birthday celebration. @#$%^&*!!!

And this is also the time of the year where Indian trans takes the center stage (or shall I say, road??). Yeahh, lots of them. And mind you, they have boobs and walk so much graceful than I could! Dem.

All said and done, I went home the next day feeling good that I actually gone through the 5 hour journey with no OTHER COMPLAINTS. Well, I was also annoyed with my aunt's friend actually...heck, I don't want to care! She's not important to me!

Come Sunday, I went shopping. Not for myself though. Bought an evening gown for my sister, but fell in love with it anyway. Huhu. Can I steal it for Valentine's? LOL.

The phone went beeping. Apparently, the trip to Malacca that was scheduled to happen is still in question. So, I said, let's go. And so, we shot to Malacca. Reached Simpang Ampat, Corndog decided to meet his ex, although he was twisting the point by saying UniKL has the best food and drink. Heck, we left him there to meet his ex and we continued our journey.

To summarize, it was a short journey. I was a bit moody. Some people just don't know how to appreciate the effort Ammar made to go to Malacca. If it wasn't for Ammar, I would have said no. And if it wasn't because of Melvin, Ammar would have said no too.

I have a curfew, Melvin. And last night, I passed the curfew. Thankfully, my aunt wasn't so moody. Else, I would have blamed the world for all my misery listening to her lectures.

But I am still shaken. What appeared in the pictures we took? A paranormal sighting? Perhaps... And that's for the 6 of us to ponder. But I believe in good spirits. And they were doing a good job by letting their presence be known to us. At least we know that history shall remain in the ruins of A'Famosa...

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Aimar said...

sabar..sabar..jangan bad mood..malvin bengang coz xdpt nk spend masa lama ngn aku..hehe..

wei, letak la gmbr yg ade spirit mencelah tu..

atreyu strange said...

ouhh, xmau. aku takot blog aku xde org nk lawat dh pasni. hahaha. *bajet giler ramai pelawat*

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