Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Out Of My Way People!

I have a habit of walking fast everywhere I go, even at the shopping malls. Perhaps this is due to the fact that as a teenager, I walk to school on a daily basis and often speed up to beat the school bell. Hehe. Sometimes, if I have extra-curricular activity in the evening, I will go home to take my lunch, a nap, and maybe some tv before I head back to school.

On weekdays, I often take the bus to work. At the last stop, everyone in the bus would get up and push their way out of the bus. I understand it is a rush hour, so people SHOULD BE rushing. But then, I don't know if they really understood what rushing means! Normally, I will be among the last ones to get out of the bus due to my humble-ness and petite-ness...

OK FINE, to be honest, I let them get down first (and win) because I know the moment I get down of the bus, like a fierce tigress, I can OVER-TAKE ALL OF THEM EFFORTLESSLY. Haha. Can't you see that you are in no competition with me? You WON'T WIN even if you get down from the bus first. You're just too slow for my speed. I ALWAYS reach the tower first. So, next time you feel like dashing out the bus door, make sure you speed your way off too. It's kinda funny when you dash for the door, then take little steps to the office. And you're slowing me down.

The same goes to train commuters. Don't dash for the door if you don't really mean to rush once you're out of the door. It's PLAIN ANNOYANCE.

Anyway, this doesn't mean that I don't slow down. I do. I am adaptive to my surroundings. In fact, I walk last if my grandma is around. We all watch out for our grandmas, don't we?

But morons like bus-dashers and train-dashers simply gets on my nerves.

* Have you notice that I now put pictures for each post? I find it as a good blogging habit.

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