Monday, November 16, 2009

Lepak-lepak KLCC Park

On Saturday evening, a few members of Sepeket gathered to celebrate the November babes'. It was a rainy day but it did not stop us from lepak-ing at the KLCC Park.

A special thanks to Pejah and yours-truly-husband (cewah Nabil) for the SUPER DUPER SEXY cupcakes that got us all laughing till even-God-can't-stop-us-from-laughing!

The pictures are all over Facebook and I think people are getting more and MORE annoyed, especially NoQ - I'm pretty sure she's gonna say "balik-balik muke korg, xde muke org lain ke?!" Haha! Sori beb, tunggu korg dtg bulan December nanti, ok? Mmuaahh!~

Oh ya, Pini and Pejah - we should be back from Jakarta today, right? Hahahah!! I know, I'm adding salt to injury! Wawawa~

* Banner Concert this weekend, see you there.
* Seat belt, Jen, SEAT BELT! Ergh!

5 other story teller(s):

c0co said...

haha cute!!

webmaster said...

Kira ok la tu, dari tak dapat langsung... :D and Happy Birthday!!!
my blog:

CikPiN said...

comel la gadis tudung merah. kim slm! ngee

Mr.Clive said...

ooooo...mcm shedap cupcakes!yum!yum!

atreyu strange said...

@cOco, thanx babe! Love your blog too, eh! Hehe.

@webmaster, diorang mmg rakan2 yg best! *jgn terbang rakan2 ku*

*CikPin, balik tgk cermin, pastu kim slm k. Adeihh.

@Mr.Clive, err.. ni ayat tersirat ke, tersurat je?? Wuwuwu~

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