Thursday, October 29, 2009

What is a Banner Concert?

After publishing the previous post, someone asked me in Facebook, what is a BANNER CONCERT? How is it different from any other concert? And why the name ‘Banner’?

The idea of Banner Concert was first introduced by Axion, a Belgian BANK. To show their continuous support for the younger generation (which will BANK on them someday), Axion and Boondoggle created a platform for young musicians to get their music on stage. But this musician do not break the ground through the conventional way, it was through an environment where most young bands are already trying to break through: the web. No, not the other conventional way of achieving fame through Myspace – this time it is done by streaming live-gigs in the form of banners! Look at this example by Boondoggle:

Here in Malaysia, Bunkface has also been given their own banner concert. Check out this video below:

Now that you get the idea of A BANNER CONCERT, maybe you can check out other artists that should also receive credits for recording a banner concert at Watch Tomok – your winner (and a favorite) of OIM 3, Modread – the band that was formed through the Hot FM Twisties Bingit competition in 2008 and Shila – she’s ND Lala’s daughter??? She’s good!

And if you want to have your own banner concert, you should seriously upload your solo/band video NOW at for a chance to perform at the Everyone Connects big event happening on 21st November!

Or you could also attend the Banner Concert auditions at the Orange Entrance, Sunway Pyramid on the following date and time:
    October 31: 12.00pm-6.00pm
    November 1: 12.00pm-6.00pm

The finals would be held during the big event. What’s more, you can also join the Sing Along Booths at the following location:

Sounds like so much fun! Can’t wait for D-day! I’m gonna bring you LIVE update! I promise! *winks*

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CikPiN said...

Tomok? Menarik!

atreyu strange said...

Suara dia tak best dowh. Dia gune suara New Boyz dia. Burok!

Dazeree Joan said...

is this you? haha! ;)

atreyu strange said...

Yes! It's me! *But who are we referring to again??* Haha!

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