Monday, November 09, 2009

We’re almost there - Banner Concert!

More update on the Banner Concert people!

I heard that last week’s auditions went great! Check out some video from the auditions posted here.

Although submission for banner concert audition has officially closed, you can still join the Sing Along which is still on-going in several places! Check out my previous post for venue and dates or go to for latest updates. The website has also updated some videos taken from the Sing Along booth. Pretty cool I’d say! Maybe I should try one too? Oh, if only I have that much confidence! Shefny, you should tag along! Let’s bring Kamsiah along too! Haha!

By the way, please do me a small favor? Take out your pocket calendar, use a red marker pen and circle around 21st of November. That’s right, that’s the event day of Banner Concert! If you happen to have another event to attend such as Makcik Kiah’s son’s wedding reception or DKNY Perfume Sales or walking at the park with the-boyfriend, PLEASE SCRAP ‘EM OF YOUR LIST! Lotsa excitement waiting for you at the Banner Concert, why would you wanna miss that?! Hehe.

Oh ya, Shefny, you have to come along! Tomok will be there - aren’t you excited already? Haha! Besides Tomok, Bunkface will be there too – so this will be the BIGGEST EXCUSE for me to be there! Other artists that will be performing are such as Shila, Modread, Dafi AF, Mila AF, and Akim AF. What’s more, the FINALS for the Banner audition will be happening right there! Concert goers – this is a must-attend-concert for the month of November! Let’s leave December for Rock the World 9, ok? Hehe.

Besides on stage performance, there will be some activities happening off stage too. I guess the Sing Along booth will be open to public the WHOLE DAY during the event! Psst, some campaign insiders told me that you might just bump into Bunkface at the booth – so watch out, they might be singing next to you! Ngeh3~

What else you may want to know - there will also be Hop on Hop off Bus Sing Along, Hand Prints, Face Painting, and Street Mural… Oh, so much fun!

So, let’s join the Banner Concert this 21st November! Be there at 3 pm so that you won’t miss out on all the exciting activities! If you’re running late, no worries, the event will go on till 8.30pm!

Venue? It’s at the Bukit Bintang area. I’ve prepared a map just in case! *winks*

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