Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The All American Rejects

Live in Malaysia

Date : 31 Oct 09
Venue : Bukit Jalil Car Park
Time : 6pm onwards

It has been awhile since I last went to a concert. The opening bands of this concert were actually good - One Buck Short, Pop Shuvit, Disagree with special appearances by Sam Bunkface (SCREAM!!!!!), and Liyana from now-defunct-Estrella.

Unfortunately, the crowd were very less supportive. Almost at every interval when each band stops playing, they were screaming for AAR and were sort of boo-ing the emcee's off the stage. To avoid further embarrassment, I think the emcees tried to spend lesser time interacting with the crowd and very quickly introduces the next band to play.

The result of fast-forwarding the opening acts - the crowd was then left WAITING for AAR to appear on stage for MORE THAN 30 minutes!

The crowd grew impatient, some dude beside me was swearing like hell, a sissy somewhere near me was making some sissy sound (truly annoying!), people were pushing, I was pushed, a guy pushed me - REAL HARD, I felt like screaming back, but he might end up crying - I HONESTLY BELIEVE THIS COULD HAPPEN, so I just prayed a few vulgar lines and wrap myself around Aimar to calm myself. Heh.

When AAR came on stage, everyone around me went crazy, and of course, I went crazy too! AAR gave a very energetic performance that night. What I cannot understand is Tyson's gimmick - he was talking like a drag queen! Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves to every song!

They left us with This Is The Last Song but came back on stage to play a few more tracks. The crowd went from crazy to madness! I did snap some pictures but how unfortunate, I don't own anything close to even a Powershot, so most of the pictures did not turn out well.

It was a great night. I am thankful for the free tickets thanks to Digi! So, even if the management let us wait in the rain for more than 30 minutes among sweat-drenched human, shoving and pushing, I really can't complain much, can I? Hehe.

* It's November - time for much celebration!
* Fly to me Falkor! Spread your ugly wings and fly!

3 other story teller(s):

iyouwe.info said...

wah! so good u went!
nanged u!
Nang this to know how i drink human blood!!

xox `Lyng` xox said...

Was there too! Checked out my blog for photos. :D

p/s : clicked on your ads.

CikPiN said...

memang tak payah merungut.digi memang terbaik.

**nasib bek aku tak menat AAR.. haha

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