Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If you see Kay

Where's your toy?
He kept it in a secret place,
He hid it away from those little kids,
Because they wanted to play with it,
No, he won't let them play with it,
Because it is beautiful,
Beautiful yesterday, now and forever.

Where's my toy?
I don't care.
It's up there, in the closet,
But, I really don't care.
Yes, let the little kids play with them,
If it's torn, let it be,
It was beautiful yesterday,
Not now and forever.

I want to win?
You be the judge.
What you say, says it all.
How you act, says it all.

You win, girl.
You win.
Not me.
He likes it.
So much.
He thinks it's beautiful yesterday, now and forever.

But girl, it went down the river.
And I'm glad.
So fucking glad.

But this can't be forgotten, you know?
I can't.

MOVED from my secret lair.
Because I need the world to know.

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