Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Birthday Girl Gets More Treat!

This came as a surprise. I seriously thought you have forgotten about it. The moment you said, "Let's go to Midvalley", I did hope a little bit that I am gonna get it.

Tapi you ajak makan plak. Haihh..

But nevermind, I was hungry anyway! And after dinner, you took me to the 1st floor where the store is located.

At that point, I knew that the other wish is gonna come true! Unbelievable! I never had something so feminine like this for a birthday, I swear! The closest feminine gift I had previously is a necklace from my cousins.

But the best part is, I get to choose the one that I want!

Thanks a lot kamu! This is LOVELY. I love the one-tone Turqoise color and the material.. Minimalist! I have been smiling since we were at the store and this smile has yet to fade! Thank you for the birthday dinner at The Apartment, thank you for taking me to Broga Hill, and thank you for this hand bag! Gosh, so many birthday treats! Ergh! This is so unbelievable!

Love you busyuk! Mmuaahh!!~

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