Thursday, November 12, 2009

Free Karaoke Everyone!

If I could tag people on a blog post, I would tag CikPin, Pejah, AinoQ and Biha for this post!

As part of the Banner Concert activity, the Sing Along booth at various places has attracted hundreds of people for a free karaoke session at their E-karaoke kiosk! But of course there’s a drill – you gotta sing along to the Through My Window song. The booth has been going around from shopping malls to universities and colleges, and to office buildings!

Check out some random pictures that I grabbed from the Everyone Connects Facebook fan page.

They had one sing along booth close by to my office the other day, but heck, I didn’t go.

For some video from the Sing Along sessions, you can check out Everyone Connect’s website. Anyway, if you think you need to exercise those jaw muscles, you can always head down to the next Sing Along booth happening tomorrow at Lot 10’s Main Entrance. I wish to go, but ergh, I have a more important (rather scary) date to attend to. Wish me luck on that one (although I’m not giving details yet)! I hope I won’t come home crying. Uhuk2.

On a lighter note, some birthday babes will be celebrating their birthday this weekend.

There’s Biha’s birthday tomorrow – Selamat Hari Jadian, semoga kau ketemu lelaki yang terbaek utk diri kau. Ok, tu je. Heh.

Then there’s my sister’s birthday on the 14th, Sharm, the Canadian vampire - Ergh, that sounds so wrong! Birthday present takde, RM 50 cukup la kan? Ahaa.

Also, sharing a birth date with my sis is CikPin – Selamat Hari Jadian, semoga kau juga ketemu lelaki yang terbaek utk diri kau. Aihh~ Oh ya, kek coklat Indulgence jangan dilupai ya! Lalala~

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CikPiN said...

ceh. aku punye ucapan copy paste dari ucapan bit. ye, bagi kau coklat indulgence yang aku dah makan separuh. haha

atreyu strange said...

Hah, kalu ko kasik aku kek yg separuh mkn, aku gigit2 tiap biskut Famous Amos bg separuh, baru bg kat ko! Bluwek!

lizz said...

oh, dah lame x karaoke.hehehehe

Anonymous said...


atreyu strange said...

pe mslh kau anonim?

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