Monday, November 30, 2009

All about you

I have this thing called the 'heart', and it is said to contain 'love'. I cannot touch my own heart (else I could be dead??), but I can feel the love; and this love has been there in the heart since I was born.

I was told to share my love with all the people around me. I kept a portion for my family, for my friends, for the teachers, for the children, for some ex-boyfriends and some for the enemies.

But little did I know that there exist a portion so hard to penetrate; that it has been kept locked secretly deep down the alleys of this heart.

And little did I know the meaning of that portion beating when I am with you, or around you; until recently...

You were unlocking that piece.

I imagine love like a tree trunk with many branches. One branch could be the branch of happiness, one branch could be the branch of sadness, and another could be the branch of failures. But this branches will stand together with the tree trunk to brave through storms and hurricanes, don't they?

I'm not sure if I am making any sense yet. I'm probably still pissed off with myself because I couldn't afford what others can - material. I have none now. I only have this heart, and this love to give on your birthday.

I hope it's a fine birthday gift. I will try my best for this love to withstand the worst test from the person-above-us. We have gone through a lot of pressure and you have never failed to keep me high on my knees, so I'm gonna do the same for you. I will be there for you and will always try to keep you high on your knees.

This love is all I can give, well, at least for now. Happy Birthday, Aimar. May you love me more! Haha! Ok, seriously, I wish for your happiness, your health and WEALTH. Erk.

Much love penetrated,
Atreyu Strange

* Can we go for another round of picnic? This time, WELL-PREPARED and NO IMPROMPTUs.

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CikPiN said...

haruslah jiwang. aku pun nak menjiwang jugak eh.

clarisseteagen said...

OR.. You could get creative and try out a new style of kissing :)

The lOcked Kiss is really nice. Very passionate. :)

atreyu strange said...

CikPin, aku malu2 jiwang. Ahaa.

Clarisseteagen, ouh yeahh, I'd probably try that later! Erk!~

kenwooi said...

hey.. you're gonna be fine alright?
take care! =)

mimpiyangsempurna said...

sometimes we wonder how big and strong the heart is. cos there's always space for everybody for us to love or hate. and no matter how bad it hurt, it still can be hurt again..

atreyu strange said...

@mimpiyangsempurna, auuwww, that's something beautiful to say! i like it! *winks*

mimpiyangsempurna said...

:) thanks there.. like ur blog.. :)

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