Monday, August 11, 2008

The Moffatts

Lately, I've been listening to songs from the past, well, specifically, The Moffatts. I remember when I was 13, and how crazy it was when they first released Chapter 1: A New Beginning album. The first hit, I'll Be There For You was all over radio and magazines. And then, came I'll Miss You Like Crazy, and the list of singles goes on after that. They were phenomenal back then!

And today, I tried to google each of the members. Hmm..not much news about them anymore. It makes me miss them so much! I watched some videos in youtube, and it was heart-breaking (need i say, again) to see them disband. There were rumors of The Moffatts cutting an album again some time ago, but they remained as RUMORS.

Gosh, they were so HOTT back then! Ooh, and did I tell you that I couldn't decide between TWO hotties Scott and Clint?! Ah-ha. And now I can - SCOTT, YOU'RE HOTTTTTT!!

Current playlist:
The Moffatts - Walking Behind (from the album Submodalities)

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