Thursday, August 28, 2008

I love random thoughts

1. I'm listening to Falling Up - Fearless (250 and dark stars) over and over again. I think it's a great song with a great lyric. I don't care if they're a Christian band praising the Lord. We all praise the Lord.

2. I think he got over me. I don't know...I still keep him in my YM list. Does he? I'm sure it's a NO.

3. I love to sulk. I think it's 'refreshing' to sulk once in a while. It shows that I have emotion, like you.

4. Sepeket is going to have a gathering tomorrow nite. Where should I stay tomorrow nite? Pin's or Bit's? Hmmmm...

5. I feel like doing sports. Futsal this Saturday? Mane mau cari kaki...sumer nk blk kampung! Chaitt.

6. I need activity. Anyone going jogging? I need to sweat! I love sweat! It gets my mind off things! Where's Chee Eng when I need him? He knows how to torture me with kicks and punches. Yikes. Chee Eng arrr...come back here la...sister calling hoh...

7. I hate MalaysiaHosting2u! They refuse to believe that their server is problematic at times! They think I'm stupid. Allo, excuse me, do you know Adobe Flex 3?! Stupid programming. I wish I never knew it! Let alone web development. I'm crawling liao~

8. Onto my number 8, and I'm listening to One Republic - Say (All I Need).

9. Should I delete him from my YM list? SNAP SNAP!! Get him off my mind! Shooohh shooohhh!!!

10. Tomorrow is going to be hectic. Like today. Aiya, Dr, I told you dy, your PC problem lah! Alignment lari lintang pukang! Prof Martin, save us tomorrow!!

11. Wan, better get the analysis up and running tomorrow. OR, we die together!

12. I think my tummy is shrinking. I eat very little these days. Is it a good thing?

13. Yesterday, someone scare me about breast cancer. Hmm. I should be careful though. But my aunt is an inspiration. She is a beautiful cancer SURVIVOR.

14. My friend just YM-ed me. She had gone thru the KPLI interview. I hope for the best. She's a great friend.

15. I feel like going to the art gallery. And watch art, silently, interpreting it's deepest meaning.

16. I'm running out of idea.... Should I tag someone? Haha. Ok2, I'll stop ranting here.

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