Thursday, August 14, 2008

Suggestion of 10% Non-Bumi Quota Receives Protest

(since everyone loves this issue so much, I can't resist to lay my opinion)

When it was first suggested that UITM should accept 10% of Non-Bumis, I thought it was cool. Then, the news came about UITM students going on protest - ok, DOUBLE COOL. I thought that it was cool to exercise your rights as students. And I wasn't bothered the fact that they wanted to keep UITM to themselves.

AND THEN, these UITM students begin to trash-talk the indians and chinese by saying things like they are rich, the have monopolized the economy, they don't wash their butts, they eat BABI, bla bla. NOW I'M PISSED.

Ok, so you wanna keep UITM to yourself? Then, JUST DO THAT. You don't have to trash-talk the non-bumis on your way to protest.

And furthermore, I am pretty much confuse the fact that these 'trash-talking students' are mostly Malay who says that non-bumis are threatening their rights by saying things like "ni je tempat kami org melayu nk study, bla bla". Heck, are you retarded or what?! BUMIs consist of Malay, Bidayuh, Kadazan, bla bla - so don't talk about the MALAY'S RIGHTS ONLY. Like, how retard can you be to not realize that?

You want example? I give you example here. I feel ALMOST SYMPATHETIC that the blogger does not understand/see ANY DIFFERENCES between UITM FOR MALAYS or UITM FOR BUMIs.

Oh ya, and I have a very strong feeling that these 'trash-talking students' are mostly from the PENINSULAR. Bcoz they don't F***ing know the difference between BUMIs and NON-BUMIs. I have to say that ppl of Sabah & Sarawak are very much intact about the difference. But the ppl here in PENINSULAR, they generalize that BUMIs = MALAY. DAMN. You retards.

Now, you may say that I am generalizing the fact that these trash-talking ppl, are ONLY for UITM. Heck?! You want me to apologize?! In your FACE! Who started generalizing?? You or me??

Seriously, I don't care if they want to give or not give that 10% quota to non-bumis. The 10% quota given to non-bumis to enter Matriculation is not fully utilized either. I must say that, WE ARE NOT INTERESTED to be marginalized. We just want good education.


P/S: Blog Noktah Hitam ROCKS.


Just listened to the news at 8pm on TV3. I saw the students marched to protest. What's even more annoying is the report says that the students are feeling threaten because the Malays have rights bla bla... See what I told you?? The MALAYS again??!! STOP BEING RACIST!! I saw some MPP representatives trying to act HERO on national TV, but HECK, you call yourself the student body representatives??!! So, you're suppose to be the SMARTER ones rite? Oh wait - you're STILL a retard!


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Sape punye blog mengarut ni..

atReyu stRanGe said...

weird. ko bc gak blog 'mengarut' ek. sape yg mengarut ntah...

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