Sunday, August 24, 2008


THOUGH, ONLY IN THE CYBERWORLD. I don't think I want to stick it up anywhere in the real world, be it the window, the balcony, it's just not fun this coming Merdeka. Aihh...

Anyway, there was this fuss abt Kickdefella who decided to raise the flag UPSIDE DOWN bcoz he feels that Malaysia is in distress and this will be his way to protest.

I don't know about him, but as for me, the Malaysian flag should not be dragged along to protest the current government. There are so many other ways to show your protest, but why use the Malaysian flag which ALSO represents the citizens and the Kings? The flag does NOT represent politic, or economy, so WHY protest it?

I won't say that I am sadden or mad by this blogger bcoz there are stuffs that I enjoy reading from him (though heavy for my light-mindedness). I just felt that it was inappropriate. In his later writings, he too said that he does not feel GREAT about putting the flag upside down, but he still STANDS BY his protest.

Another blogger, I Am Malaysian, has also written about Kickdefella's decision to raise the flag upside down. What i don't agree with this blogger is what he feels of Kickdefella's action:

"It may not be the most conventional of ways, but in a way, this action has started to create awareness amongst us."

What awareness?? Well, does it also mean, to create awareness that DRUGS KILL, we should overdose someone, and let the world see him die, then say "See, I told you drugs kill." Or, to say that THIS MAN IS MINE, you should go kill the lady who had affair with your man, then put the blame on someone else? Why do we have to create awareness by doing something negative? Yes, the politic's corrupted enough to even play fair, but NO - WE DON'T NEED THIS KINDA AWARENESS, we are not making the flag pay for our mistakes.

I will never do this to ANY flag. How could you? I can still see Lee Chong Wei running up to Misbun, hugging and crying, how could you raise your flag upside down when you see that?

I love Malaysia. I hate politics. I want the Malaysia I woke up to in 1984 (darn, now everyone else knows my age!). I don't want the POLITICIANS I see in the papers today!


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nicely wriiten! =)

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