Sunday, August 17, 2008


1. Even after our break-up, he was still suspicious of me. Take this for instance: "Ko call lambat2! Aku tau ko msg2 ngan org!" Emm, I'm just too tired to defense myself.

2. Losing the ex-boyfriend is the 2nd hardest thing I have to get over since my granny passed away.

3. I am sorry that I had been a bullshit for a year now. Thank God, the ex-boyfriend doesn't have to face this shit anymore.

4. I had hoped that he would love the gift I bought him for his birthday. But now, even before he knew about the gift, he calls it BULLSHIT. Thanx, what a compliment.

5. A friend said to me, "Move on. You deserve someone better,...and matured". I wonder if that's true.

6. Would it be too late to find out, that the reason why I liked you is because you were immature? And I had a lot of fun bcoz I can finally be myself and don't have to pretend like a grown up.

7. Kokobe and Bonggo will always be the strength. And the ring will be all the memories that's left of us.

8. I can't speak of this break-up in my Friendster, so I'm letting all out here. I hope the ex-boyfriend has forgotten this blog too.

9. I was well-taken care of during this one year period by the ex-boyfriend. Now, I don't have to bother about taking my medicine on time bcoz nobody cares.

10. I don't know if this headache is bcoz of the weather, or bcoz of the tears. Either way, it's hurting.

To the Ex-Boyfriend: I really really DO hope that you love the gift...

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