Friday, January 09, 2009


I imagine a 12-storey building in the middle of a busy metropolitan city. There I stand at the edge of the rooftop, facing the city below me. Hundreds and thousands of cars from miles away hurdles into the city street with junctions after junctions branching at every intersection.

And then I heard footsteps walking towards me. She called out my name and started shouting and screaming. Hurtful words were thrown. I stood there numbed. My feet felt cold, so cold I could not feel it anymore. I dropped to my knees, face still facing the city below me.

Suddenly, she stopped yelling. She begin to plead. And she sobbed. So hard it weakened my soul. So sad it shattered my fragile heart.

I turn to look at her, tears streaming down her rosy cheeks, and I wondered if this is the end of me. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide now. She's close...So close, she cornered me well. Guarding me from running free.

I looked down again. Perhaps... Perhaps, this is it. I shall walk out of this life. I shall surrender myself to the earth. I shall fall. And I shall disappear when I touch the ground below.

But in the moment tears gathered at the corner of my eyes before my decision, I heard a soft, gentle whisper, "Fall, and I will wait to catch you when you fall..."

It was you. My sweetest conversation.

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Aimar said...

Lucky i learnt Silambam..

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